Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Kidding Adventure

Before we went on our trip, Primrose kidded with one sweet doeling, and we had one doe left to go. We didn't have a due date for Prairie (we didn't even know she was bred until a couple months ago when she started showing signs she was pregnant!) so we were keeping a close eye on her.

After several false alarms, she finally went into real labor last Friday. It went slowly which isn't a surprise for a first freshener. I was checking on her frequently and started to get a bit concerned as the contractions were intensifying, yet labor wasn't progressing and something didn't seem right. The timing of all of this ended up perfect as Ivan, Leah, and Abel had already planned to come over that evening for dinner and arrived just when things were getting concerning. Leah has a lot of experience with mal-presentations during kiddings, and I was so glad she was there.

It took a lot of work, but my amazing sister figured out the tangle of kids inside. One was breech, the other was facing the right direction, and they were tangled up together trying to come at the same time. That clearly wasn't going to work! She eventually got them separated and pulled the first kid. A tiny buckling!

 One safely here, one more to go!

We were hoping that now Prairie would be able to have the second kid on her own (still in the breech position), but after some time with still no progress. Leah went in and found out that one of the kid's legs was wedged downward. Once that was sorted out, she helped deliver the big doeling.

The 'audience' :) This was Abel's first time seeing an animal birth and he was fascinated and excited to see the goat kids born and learn how to walk. (Dad and Mom were explaining to him the process as things went along.) We were glad he was able to be there for it! 

They are so cute 

It is difficult to tell in the photos, but the buckling is so tiny - about half the size of the big doeling!

After a kidding like she had, Prairie needed antibiotics so now I learned how to give injections which is actually kind of neat to do. :) Other than that, they are all doing well. Now kidding is finished for the year, and we are enjoying all the cute and playful kids!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Vacation - Part 2

Now for Part 2 of our trip! After a leisurely early morning reading on the front porch, we headed for the Creation Museum. We spent two days there and really enjoyed our time! It is such an encouragement to see so much evidence for Creation - we know the Bible is true, and to see how perfectly God designed the universe and all it contains and how it testifies of His power and wisdom in creating it is awe inspiring. What an incredible God we serve!

"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made . . . . " Romans 1:21

Near the entrance to the museum

Ivan, Abel and Leah looking for the fossils in the wall. Abel is interested in fossils and dinosaurs right now so really enjoyed these parts of the museum

Looking at fossilized dinosaur eggs

So thankful for the infallible and true word of God!

I love old Bible manuscripts! As the sign shares, when Saddam Hussein ordered all Torah scrolls destroyed, this fragment was saved from destruction

This Lucy display is a favorite of mine, and Abel liked it a lot, too

We were also able to go to the Live Astronomy session with Dr. Danny Faulkner and the Planetarium show which was amazing! Both of those were some of our favorite parts of our trip.

One of the many informative displays and signs

The Allosaurus - this was new since Leah and I were there last and it was neat to see!

Looking at the Allosaurus fossil head

At one of the Ark displays

During our time at the museum, we also enjoyed lunch with Laura and Emily one day which was so nice! Plus we had a fun evening at their apartment talking and playing games. We were able to have many encouraging conversations together as well . . . what a blessing to have them both as friends! (Thank you both so much for your hospitality and the great time together!)

It's zipline time! Something Abel was looking forward to!

Leah watching her guys on the aerial course

Abel enjoyed this and did great!

These people are so much fun. :) I love watching them together as a family!

Racing down the floating bridge

A traditional sister picture - we had such a wonderful time together on this trip! So thankful for my sister!

A pair of geese and their gosling that were in the gardens

The waterfalls in the museum gardens were beautiful

It was fun to pet the Wallaby!

And Leah got a hug from it. :) It liked the neck scratches she was giving it!

Time to visit the Dino Den

The insect room was interesting - what a diversity of insects God created! Abel liked it a lot and spent quite some time in there. So much that the rest of us went and sat down outside the room to wait for him. :)

Leah explaining to him the beetle life cycle

We got to the zoo right at camel feeding time!

Feeding the . . . Zorse? I think that is the one this is!

Their little family enjoying the gardens and watching two ducklings and fish down in the water below

On our last day there, we finally had an evening that wasn't storming so when we got back to the farmhouse after our second day at the museum, I headed out for a much enjoyed walk exploring the property. The owners had said that at the back of the acreage, you could see the Ark so that was what I was in search of!

It was so beautiful and peaceful out, and I loved that time to soak everything in and have some alone time to think and pray. And take some pictures. :)

Love views like this! Wish you could hear the crickets and the birds singing as well . . . there was quite the chorus to enjoy!

Me a little hot and sweaty, and happy :)

The Ark!

There were SO many wildflowers blooming in the fields! It was a treat for the eyes

I thought the barn looked like a face. Can you see it?

That night the sunset was glorious! I couldn't capture it well in photos, but here is a glimpse . . . .

Abel out with me taking pictures of it as well

The clouds after it had set

Reading my Bible in the morning . . . it was peaceful!

While Leah and I finished packing up, Ivan and Abel went in search of the Ark, too. The also went creek exploring! Here the wanderers are returning!

Me after taking the picture of them

Between traffic and storms and frequent stops, the drive home seemed to take forever, but at last we reached our home state and saw the Arch!

Not long after this, we hit the lovely St. Louis rush hour traffic and then got into the edge of a severe storm which gave us lots of rain and quite a lightning show. We crept along and finally got out of traffic and the storm. The rest of the drive home went smoothly . . . except when Ivan had to swerve hard to avoid hitting someone going the wrong way on the interstate! Yes, the wrong way!

Right after we saw him there was an accident up ahead (appeared to be someone else who had swerved to avoid him), and then cop cars came flying down the opposite side of the interstate, we are guessing they were on their way to stop the guy going the wrong way. Needless to say, we were thankful for God's protection and that we made it home safely!

The skies after a storm are always neat to see

And thus concludes our trip! It was probably one of the most refreshing and relaxing vacations we have had, and it was so much fun to enjoy it all together!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Vacation ~ Part 1

Last week, Ivan, Leah, Abel and I took a much enjoyed trip to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum! It was Leah's and my second time going and their first. It was a special birthday trip for Abel, and while he knew we were going on a trip, he didn't know where. It was hard to keep it a surprise, and we unintentionally let things slip several times on the drive, but thankfully, he didn't figure it out!

We had been looking forward to this for months, and finally, the day arrived for us to head out. We were up early, packing my van and then before long, were on our way to Kentucky!

The drive was pleasant and seemed to go by quickly which was nice! Playing Auto Bingo helped with that, and we had a lot of fun looking to find the objects on our boards and seeing who could get five in a row first and who could be the first to get every one. Needless to say, there was much laughter during the couple of hours we were playing this as we searched for some rather hard and/or humorous things!

Abel while we were playing the game

We got into some rain when we neared Kentucky, and the mist rising from the trees was neat to see

Instead of staying in a hotel, Leah had found this cute little farmhouse (with some of the original old woodwork and hardware!) on 95 acres which was to be our 'home' during our trip. We loved staying there! It was so homey and relaxed, and for us older ones, the peaceful early mornings spent on the porch reading were really nice. One of my favorite parts of the trip!

The cozy living room

My room

For Abel's birthday, my parents had given him a ring toss game, and we had many hours of fun playing it together in the evenings!

Go Leah!

Relaxing on the porch the first evening there. As I told Ivan and Leah, it felt a bit strange to be able to sit for so long and relax without having the feeling of "I should go do ______" This vacation was such a refreshing time!

The view from the back of the house with 95 acres to explore. We didn't get to do much of that due to the weather, but some of us did a bit later in the week

The first evening, we sat on the porch and watched this storm roll by. Loved hearing the thunder rumbling and the lightning flashing

The next day, we were off to see the Ark! And, to meet up and spend the day with our good friends, Laura and Emily. We were all excited and looking forward to what the day would hold! The forecast had called for rain all day, but the rain came at perfect times when we were either driving or in the Ark so we were able to do all we had wanted to.

A family photo in front of the Ark . . . pictures can't really show how impressively huge it is!

Abel and I . . . it was special to be able to enjoy this trip with him! (And Ivan and Leah, too, of course. :)

The architecture of the Ark is very impressive! As is the Creation Museum. There are so many interesting and informative displays of historical and scientific evidence of the worldwide flood of Noah's day, for Creation, and much, much more. (I didn't take many pictures inside of the Ark this time, so if you would like to see more about it, you can visit this post from our last trip there.)

Emily and Leah

One of the 'Kind' displays in the Ark. This one, the Ape kind

We got a behind the scenes tour to the fourth deck of the Ark! There we got to see some of the equipment used to build the Ark, got to go up into the 'sail' of the Ark (not sure what it is called :), and went out on the outside deck. This was definitely a highlight!

Out on the top deck! Laura and Emily know a lot of people that are a part of the ministry and arranged this special tour for us, and our 'tour guide' was so kind to take us on the tour, share about the construction of the Ark with us, and made it a lot of fun for Abel, too.

The view from the top

It was neat to see everything down below

It was so good to see and spend time with Laura (and Emily!) again! We had great conversations . . . plus lots of fun, too. :) And as always, our time together was an encouragement!

Taking a break in the petting zoo

Abel's favorite part here was reading their names on all their collars

It was fun to treat Abel to a camel ride which he enjoyed!

Sluicing for fossils and sharks teeth. He found some neat ones and came home with a bagful!

My special nephew sporting his new hat :) Love this boy so much!

And a further out view so you can see more of the Ark

After our day at the Ark, Laura and Emily joined us at the farmhouse for pizza and ring toss. We had a great time together!

At the very close of the day, a family game of dominoes. None of us had played this before, but it was at the house, so we learned how. We ended up playing it just about every evening which was fun! Now we want to get our own set of dominoes. :)

And thus concludes part 1 of our trip! With part 2 coming soon . . . two days at the Creation Museum, exploring the property, and the trip home!