Monday, June 26, 2006

At Grandma's House

We recently took a family trip to Oakland, Nebraska to visit my great-grandmother on my Mom's side. Here are some photos from the trip...

Mom and Grandma Laurel looking at family photos of our ancestors. Grandma had saved many photographs and it was so enjoyable to look at all of them! Many were on their original cardboard mats.

Me and Grandma Laurel

Time for Music! Dad and Ryan played their guitars, Leah played guitar and fiddle, Mom played hammered dulcimer and my Grandma's old pump organ, and I played fiddle and hammered dulcimer. We all began playing our 'folk' instruments about two years ago and we are still in the category of beginners, maybe advanced beginner, but none-the-less we still have a LONG way to go!!! But we had a great time and our Grandma enjoyed the music - and that was the most important thing!

Ryan and Leah