Thursday, November 30, 2006

Deer Hunting

Deer season came and went with not a great deal of excitement here. Ryan went hunting several times, but alas didn't get any deer. No deer, meant no butchering thus our November wasn't as full as it usually is. One evening, Leah and I went with him hunting out at his land. (Just to watch, not to hunt =). Ryan had made a straw bale blind that had room for three people in it. There were three openings to look out of. One large center one which was where he sat and then one small one on each side of the blind. We sat for hours in the chilly weather watching and waiting. Time went by and finally Ryan said, "I see one..." He had caught a glimpse of a deer through the trees, but it disappeared without coming any closer to our blind. Evening was approaching quickly and still no more deer in sight. We finally called it a night, and even though we had no meat to bring home, what fun we had together!

Looking out of the straw blind

Family Time

This past Sunday, before the cold front moved in, we spent a wonderful afternoon and evening out at Ryan's property.

Dad and Mom on the way out to Ryan's property

The weather was simply beautiful and we all had a marvelous time. When we first got to the property we picked up trash in the ditch next to the road. Working together we had an enjoyable time and completed our task quickly. Once that was done, we needed to do a bit of work to get set up for the dog training which included pounding three poles into the ground as markers. Dad and Ryan did this work and it sure was fun listening to them! They both then went squirrel hunting and after quite awhile with no squirrel's in sight, Mom, Leah and I went for a pleasant walk.




Friday, November 3, 2006

The Blessing of Children

Today has been a busy day with bread baking and house-cleaning. As I write, supper is in the oven and it smells so good! A mother recently asked me to sew a dress for her daughter with a pattern that she had found. I was happy to do it and the project promised to be fun as the dress was adorable!

Earlier this week the dress was completed and this afternoon the mother and her three young children came to our house to pick it up. They were also able to stay several hours, and while the mothers visited, Leah and I played with the children which was so enjoyable!

This girl (and she's wearing her new dress :) loved playing with the old wood-burning cook stove. (It had been found in the basement of a house that my grandparents bought many years ago). We also have many other antiques, some of which have been passed down through the family, and the children were so curious about them. Thus I gave a brief 'history lesson' about pioneer life, 'cattle kickers', cream cans, ice hooks, hay hooks, etc. They loved it! As did I. They also enjoyed "sewing" with my treadle sewing machine and kept taking turns for the longest time!