Wednesday, March 7, 2007

An Update on Life

It has been awhile since my last journal entry as I've not had much time to write, and also my website was down for a couple weeks as we were transferring it to a different hosting company.

Winter finally decided to make its exit and I am more than ready for spring! We had one of the longest, wintriest winters that any of us remembers for here in Missouri. About six weeks with snow and ice on the ground and the great majority of those days had temperatures that stayed below freezing. The past few days have had temperatures in the 50's and warmer weather has stirred the 'gardening bug' in me. The garden will be quite a bit smaller this year as the duck pen is now covering part of it, but I am still greatly looking forward to having a garden - no matter what size it is! The garden will also be part of our girls group as we are planning on teaching the girls how to plant seeds, tend a garden, and preserve the produce.

Girl's group continues to go very well and everyone is learning so fast! The photos below is from the day when we made potato soup. For some of the girls it was their first time to peel and cut up vegetables - they were quite excited! Many of the other steps were also new experiences for them. As with everything that the girls have made so far, the soup was delicious. This week we will be in the kitchen again and will be making a cake from scratch.

Last month I finished piecing the top of my Meadow Lily quilt and here is a photograph of it. Not the greatest photo, but it gives you an idea what it looks like. The next step is to mark the quilting designs on it, layer it with the batting and backing, and then quilt! I am planning on hand quilting, which will probably take me a long time, but I am excited about it!

The first week in February, I added another day for teaching sewing lessons so now am teaching both Monday and Tuesday. All the students are doing very well! Some of the projects that we are working on now are skirts, pillows, a patchwork quilt, and a bag. I've also been staying very busy sewing for others which is a blessing!

February 24th, we celebrated my 21st birthday and we had a wonderful day. How thankful I am that God placed me in this family! He has used Dad, Mom, Ryan and Leah in many, many ways to help train and guide me into a closer more obedient walk with Him. I look forward to another year to continue striving towards being the godly young lady that my Lord has called me to be. I have a long way to go, but thanks be to God for his mercy, amazing grace, discipline and teaching that helps all His children walk more closely in His steps.