Monday, June 16, 2008

A Bit of This and That

Sewing lessons went very well this morning and afternoon . . . I love my times with all the girls on Mondays! One of my students is beginning a new project (a lap quilt) which is going to be a fun, yet challenging, project. :)

This past Saturday while Mom, Leah and I were visiting an elderly friend in a nursing home and running errands, Dad and Ryan did a bit of errand running themselves. They picked up some things that Ryan needed for out at his place and some of the needed supplies for our goat pen. Prices are climbing so quickly (as if you all had not noticed that!), and even though it will be a bit before we actually begin work on the goat pen, we wanted to get everything we needed before prices rise any higher.

Our chicks are all doing very well . . . they enjoyed their romp in a small outdoor pen the other day:

Their wing feathers are pretty much all in, and they are beginning to get their little tails and also feathers across their shoulders. They are so cute! And very much enjoying flying! One flew from the bottom of the pen all the way to the top (it is a good thing that it is not open on the top!)

I think that the time outside tired them out a bit as it was much easier to feed and water them the next morning . . . well, at least they were not bouncing off the walls (and ceiling!) of the brooder like usual!

The grass is always greener on the other side :)

Saturday morning, before we headed to town, I took a walk and had the pleasure of seeing these:

Butterflies are such beautiful and intricate creatures!

One of Leah's blooming Asatic Lilies.


  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2008

    Oh my goodness! Look at your little feathered eating machines!! They hardly look the same as they did just two weeks ago! They really look more like chickens now! Can you still tell the cockerels from the pullets (is the purple dye still visible)? Do you think the little cockerels start testing their voices soon?

    What a lovely photograph of a butterfly. Truly breathtaking. Butterflies--another member of God's exquisite creation that, perhaps, continued from the garden of Eden to remind us of God's eternal love and forbearance. Leah's lilies look so healthy! How beautiful! How good of you to share these photographs with us!

    How many goats do you plan to rear, and what breed? Will you use them for meat, or milk, or breeding stock (or some combination of these)?

    I have never attempted a lap quilt. I hope you will share more about that project if you are able. I was just recently truly blessed to purchase a wonderful new sewing machine--a replacement for my 20 year old second-hand machine. I had many opportunities to practice patience when trying to sew with that exceptionally cantankerous machine!! I do so enjoy sewing, and with this new machine there is so much more I can do. Most of my sewing is directed toward modest clothing for my own use (usually by modifying commercial patterns), and I do some sewing for charity. My new sewing machine has several quilting attachments and special quilting feet, and I look forward to exploring that new world soon enough!

    It is truly wonderful that you are passing on your sewing abilities to others. Your efforts will bear such fruit! Those you are teaching will be able to provide for the clothing and other textile needs of their families and pass along the knowledge they have gained to their others in turn!

  2. The chicks do seem to be growing fast, Philothea! So far none of the cockerels have tried to crow . . . it will probably be awhile yet before they begin that. The dye is still slightly visible, but we can tell them apart fairly well without it as they are a bit bigger than the pullets, their heads have a broader, fuller appearance, and their combs are also larger.

    I am glad that you enjoyed the photos of the butterfly and lily! It makes it so much more enjoyable to be able to share with others through photography some of the beauty around us.

    The number of goats is still a bit undecided, though we are thinking around three does and a buck. We are getting Boer’s and plan to use them for meat which means that we will be breeding. We have talked about getting a dairy goat (I would love that!), but we know no one who would be able to milk for us which would then make it so that we would not be able to travel. Thus, at this time in our lives a dairy goat will have to wait!

    That is exciting about your new sewing machine! I am sure that you will get good use out of it and have fun with all the attachments. :) My mom taught my sister and me how to sew using her old machine until it broke. Because of that we got a new one and then later, when we decided for me to begin a sewing business, my parents surprised me with my own machine which also had quilting feet and options with it. Quilting is so much fun! I am sure that you will enjoy it! I began teaching myself how to quilt about two years ago and quickly grew to love it.

    Thank you for the encouraging comments regarding the sewing lessons! :)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)