Monday, June 30, 2008

Favorite Authors

I was recently tagged by Jerusha to do the below book meme . . . enjoy!

Who is your all-time favorite author and why?

How about favorite authors? :) I cannot choose an all-time favorite as I glean so much from many different authors’ writings.

Who was your first favorite author and why? Do you still consider him/her to be among your favorites?

Laura Ingalls Wilder . . . As soon as I learned to read, I began reading the Little House books. I loved the family life and lifestyle portrayed in them. In fact, I still read some of these books on occasion!

Who is the most recent addition to your list of favorite authors, and why?

Christoph von Schmid (The Basket of Flowers and Rosa of Linden Castle) – I read very little fiction, but when coming across these gems, quickly grew to appreciate this author’s writings. These two books in particular encourage so much in regards to godly womanhood. The young ladies portrayed in them display virtues that stir the heart to aspire to the same.

If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth?

It is difficult to say favorite authors, as most times, I read only a handful of books from a particular author, and sometimes only one. So the authors listed here, I do not necessarily endorse all of their works. In listing some of my favorites*, I am also including my favorite book from that author and a bit of what the book is about. That should make it a bit more interesting than just reading names. :)

-Virginia Fugate: On the Other Side of the Garden

This book is an excellent one that is directed towards married women, but is applicable to the unmarried also. It teaches regarding the different roles of men and women (men as the leaders and women as the help-meets), what a scriptural wife is, a heart of submission, and more. This book has challenged my thinking, taught me so much, and given me wisdom in how to better be a godly young lady and daughter to my father. It is one that I read fairly often simply to refresh my heart on the principles that I am striving to apply.

-Dave Hunt: An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith

Yet again an excellent book! This book covers a lot of ground including things such as the sufficiency of Scripture, humility, knowing and loving God (not the touchy-feely, emotional type of love so prevalent today), giving thanks in all circumstances, dying to self and living for Christ, and growing in Christ versus stagnation. This book was very convicting for me (especially Part 3) and is again one that I read from time to time.

-J.R. Miller: Homemaking

I have been reading through this book again, and it greatly renews ones’ focus! It is such an encouraging book and paints a beautiful picture of godly home life. It teaches regarding the roles of the husband, the wife, the children, the brothers and sisters, and it gives insight into what the home life should be like and how it should be centered upon the Lord and His Word.

-Elizabeth Rice Handford: Me? Obey Him?

This book is again directed towards wives, but it is applicable to any woman striving to grow into the godly woman that God desires her to be (for example, the principles can also be applied to the father/daughter relationship). The focus of this book is upon submission. It answers such questions as “Why did God command a wife to obey her husband?”, “What do the Scriptures say about a wife’s obedience?”, “But what about the problems?”, “What if the husband leads in what I believe is the wrong direction?” This book made a great impact on my life and helped me to begin to understand what true and scriptural submission is.

-Christoph von Schmid: The Basket of Flowers; Rosa of Linden Castle

I already shared a bit about these books above (I cannot choose a favorite between them. :) If you are looking for literature that encourages your walk in obedience to the Lord as virtuous ladies, I highly recommend both of these books!

-Christmas Carol Kauffman: Hidden Rainbow

This book is written as told to the author by those closely involved with the story. It relates the spiritual journey of John and Anna Olesh from the beginning of their married life in devoutly Catholic Yugoslavia, to eventually becoming believers in Christ along with their growing family, to the persecution and severe trials that they endured because of their faith, to their immigration to America. When reading this book for the first time, my heart was greatly affected. Not only because of this couple’s deep abiding faith in the Lord in enduring all that they did, but also in Anna’s character - her love, support, submission, and cheerfulness in adverse situations.

What are some of your all's favorite authors and books? I would love to hear! :)

* As with most books, I do not necessarily agree with all of the statements in the ones listed above.


  1. I enjoyed reading about some of your favorite books and authors Sarah! I haven't heard of some of the ones that you mentioned, I will definitely be looking them up! Thank you for sharing!

    I was also was tagged by Jerusha to do this, hopefully I can post on it soon as well. :)

  2. You're welcome, Emily, and I am glad that you enjoyed it! I look forward to reading your favorite authors. :)

  3. I especially like the author that wrote A Basket of Flowers. It was fun reading what authors you like.

  4. Welcome back to the 'blogging world', Under Southern Skies! It was good to hear from you again. :)

    Christoph von Schmid is a wonderful author! I am glad that you also have found and appreciate his books. :)

  5. The latest good book that I read was Barbara Kingslover's (sp?) "Animal, vegetable, miracle". The book is about a family's decision to eat locally or food that they have raised themselves for one year. It makes one think about how much of our food has to travel long distances. Good things to think about with gas prices and food prices growing higher!

  6. Welcome to my blog, Mrs. BB, and thank you for commenting! That book sounds quite interesting. Thank you for sharing! Gas and food prices are one of the (many!) reasons that we decided to expand our garden and to begin raising (or preparing to raise :) some animals.


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