Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Change of Plans

Well . . . the 20% chance of rain yesterday sure changed to 100% in a hurry! It was forecasted to be hot and sunny yesterday, but while I was out hanging laundry on the line in the morning, clouds began to roll in, the wind picked up, and the air had a cooler, fresher feel to it. A sure sign of rain on the way, and rain it did! For most of the day in fact. Needless to say our plans to bale hay yesterday changed. The hay should still be usable, but it will not be as high of a quality as it would have been since it has been rained on now.

Last evening we had our family music practice (which we try to do every Wednesday nigh
t). We had a wonderful time together! I love playing music with my family! The evening started off with Mom and I playing our dulcimer duet that we have been working on (with this particular song, I play melody and she the harmony).


The song we are doing together is the most difficult one that I have learned on the dulcimer so far, but progress is being made! I finally memorized the song a few days ago which has been nice . . . music memorization is certainly not my strong point. Even with playing the piano for around 18 years, I have only memorized one song during that whole time (and I did try!). At least fiddle and dulcimer songs are easier to memorize than piano songs.


After the duet practice, Dad and Ryan got out their guitars and Leah and I our fiddles. And with Mom on the dulcimer, we began running through our songs: Amazing Grace, Come Thou Fount, Blessed Assurance, Only Trust Him, and Just Over in the Gloryland. (In addition to these songs that we play as a family, we are also working on individual pieces). It has been so fun and enjoyable to play music together!

While the above photo of me was not taken last night, at least it shows me playing an instrument! (Leah took the photo last week while I was practicing).


  1. You play the dulcimer? How neat! I really like that instrument. I can play the piano, but I am trying to learn the guitar.

  2. Yes, I do play the dulcimer, Amy, and love it! It is a beautiful instrument and after hearing one for the first time when I was 12 or so, eagerly hoped for the day when I could have one of my own. I am so thankful that the Lord opened the doors for me to purchase one!

    That is wonderful that you are learning to play the guitar! It is another beautiful sounding instrument. :) Are you using a certain method and/or learning materials or learning by ear?

  3. Keep practicing at your playing, Sarah. It looks as though you are doing very well.

    I personally can't play anything on the piano well unless I actually memorize it first! So at the moment I can play bordering on seven tunes from memory and know some more pretty well so that I can play them from sight (in a sense). And these keep changing! One day I can play one tune from memory, the next day I can't. However, they are only simple tunes... my father says that some pianists know all of Beethovens Sonatas from memory. :o

    I really want to learn the violin. My mother is looking into violin lessons for me at the moment. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a violin for my birthday.

  4. Isn’t it interesting, Jerusha, the differences in people when learning music?! So do you play be ear then? It sounds like you are doing a great job with learning the piano! I am sure that you would very much enjoy playing the violin. :) We have found it to be a somewhat difficult instrument to learn, but definitely worth it!

    Beethovens Sonatas are long! I cannot imagine memorizing a piece like that . . . not to mention more than one!

    Thank you for your comment, Jerusha, and for the encouraging words! :)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)