Thursday, July 31, 2008

On a Mission

Armed with a glass of soapy water and an old knife to knock insects into the glass (they'll let me get a lot closer with the knife as opposed to a hand!), I headed out to the garden. Over the past few days striped and spotted cucumber beetles, once not found in the garden, made their appearance in large numbers. A great many of the beetles met their demise along with a few squash bugs. There were significantly less pests seen this morning than yesterday which was nice (I had caught and killed a lot yesterday morning.)

On the way out to the garden, I had the delight of enjoying the intricacies of many, many spider webs. The dew was heavy this morning (we have 93% humidity right now), thus the webs were easily seen (by the eye anyway - not so much through the camera lens! :)

"The LORD is gracious and merciful; slow to anger and great in lovingkindness. The LORD is good to all, His mercies are over all His works. All Your works shall give thanks to You, O LORD, and Your godly ones shall bless You." (Psalm 145:8-9)


  1. PhilotheaJuly 31, 2008

    I hope the spiders help diminish the pests you are finding on your garden. I'm sorry you are having to deal with so many pests, but your lovely garden must be very tempting to them!

  2. Sounds like fun! ...Hmm...I'm not sure if I want that to sound sarcastic or not. :) I'm glad you're getting rid of the little critters - squash bores in particular. :) The spider web is beautiful.

  3. How did you come to know which bugs are "the good bugs" and which ones are "the bad"? Did you google for pests or do you have a good gardening book? I have ants eating my comos plants, again, and after five google searches I'm ready just to pull the plants up!
    Do y'all have japanese beetles?

  4. The spiders have certainly been helping with pest control, Philothea! There are quite a few of them that have taken up residence in the garden. I used to not especially care for spiders, but now I have grown to have a great appreciation for them! :)

  5. It was fun, Amber! ;) :) Yes, I too, am very glad to be getting rid of at least some of the pests!

  6. Hello, Ashley! I do have several gardening books that I use to identify pests (though, all the years back in 4-H and taking entomology classes has helped too!) The library has also been a good resource for me. And, yes, I have made great use of the internet! Here is one website that has been helpful to me:

    Two books that I can think of right now that I have used are:

    --The Joy of Gardening
    --The Reader's Digest Vegetable Gardening

    I have never had a problem with ants, so I am unsure what to do for them. Perhaps put a sweet ant bait out near the plants with something (not sure what) that would be toxic to the ants? I am sorry that you are having to deal with the ants!

    Yes, we have had Japanese beetles in large numbers earlier this year. The great majority of them were found in the green bean rows, but I did find some in other locations of the garden. What I did to get rid of those was to hand-pick them early in the morning (they do not move as quickly then!) and then step on them (I know that sounds gross! Sorry about that! One could, of course, use something else to kill them that was just the easiest for me. :) Due to taking those measures, I have not seen any of these beetles for quite some time now. One thing with hand-picking these beetles, is that they will just drop when feeling threatened. . . so you need to make sure that a hand, glass or something is underneath of them! :)

    I hope that that helped answer your questions, Ashley! And I hope that you are able to get rid of your ants!

  7. Yes, that is the mistake of people spraying tons and killing what they believe are the bad bugs. But there are many good bugs that are very helpful in the garden.
    I ask my dad is this good or bad bug? He will come and take a look and let me know.
    He is my place to go for information.

    I was absoultely amazed at how tough those spider webs are. I was out in the garden and there are always strings of webs all around alot and I tried one and it was so tough it wouldn't break, it wasn't a web, just one line strung amongst plants in our garden. I told my dad, it won't break.

    I don't like spiders as I live downstairs and so there are spiders that get into my place and bite me at night.
    And then I'll go to wash my hands in sink and there is the biggest spider ever sitting there. Scares me lots. I am not good with them at all. Or seeing them running long the ceiling or the flying spiders that fly.

    You are brave, Sarah.


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