Monday, July 14, 2008

Perfect Vacation Get-Away

Where: Beautiful, hot and humid central Missouri

Attraction: Two lush green bean rows ready for picking

Food: Available (provided you like it raw :); Types offered: Green beans (that's obvious!), onions, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.

Enjoy the sounds, the sights, the smells!
Experience the wildlife!

Absolutely free! We will not charge you a
thing for this once in a lifetime chance to pick green beans.

(This wonderful idea came to me while picking 29 lbs of green beans with Leah yesterday late-afternoon/evening. :)

In all seriousness, we are so thankful for the abundant production of green beans! We had hoped to have enough to put up to last us through the year and also have enough to share with others . . . this is certainly happening, and we are grateful to the Lord for this!


  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    This made me laugh out loud! You could market this as a perfect 'back to nature' vacation with free tent camping spaces! I really think you are on to something here!!

  2. As hard as all the work is picking and snipping and freezing or canning...I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from laying up food for my family from the bounty of my garden. I am not canning much this year..but I have always loved seeing all those jars of canned beans on my counter after a long day! Beautiful!

  3. How funny! I must say, you do make it sound like quite an attractive "holiday"!! :)

  4. Wonderful idea, Philothea! ;)

  5. I would definitely agree with you, Mrs. BB! There is something so very satisfying about putting up food for ones' family. I love everything that goes along with harvesting and preserving (though it does get tiring at times :).

    So, I am not the only one who thinks canned goods are beautiful! :) What all are you canning this year?

  6. Want to come for a visit, Natasha? :)

  7. Actually lots would take you up on your offer to have fresh produce like you have.

    I have heard of stories that now they are giving fresh produce to the needy and one church on the mainland was doing it and bagging it up and giving it and a young mom looked blankly at it.
    They have discovered that they do not know how to cook it.

    That is so true of so many, my parents gave this young couple I was friends with a huge bag of fresh garden peas and she put it down in the basement, she didn't have a clue what to do with them.

    I couldn't believe it as I grew up with vegetable garden and eating all kinds of varieties of vegetables but so many have not.

    One fellow grows just to give to the needy and he also will look up recipes on the internet during the winter months to print out and then he puts them in with the produce they recieve.

    That is something we must think about when we do things like giving to others, do they know what to do with it, cook it,etc.

    Also I am hearing so many that say their parents have vegetable gardens but they don't know how to start for themselves, no idea whatsoever.

    I know that I depend on my dad when I am helping out there to find out about things, ask him and watch and listen.

    Here they are allowed to grow flowers and vegetables and put up stands and sell them.
    Unfortunately you have to chain your money box down to not get stolen, its no longer safe anymore.

    We used to be able to buy, open up the box and take the correct change we need. Or leave an I.O.U. if not right amount and no change or not enough in the box and pay it another time we have it.

    I used to buy flowers from this local stand down the street from us and what a lovely bouquet.

    You could really do business selling your beautiful flowers you grow and the bouquets you make.

    People are really getting back to more nature and wanting fresh and homemade items and buying locally.

    We have to laugh when it comes zucchini time as tons are begging others to take their zucchinis as they are overwhelmed with too many.

    My mom has taken some into the senior recreation she goes to 3 times a week and they are thrilled to recieve fresh produce as they no longer live in houses many of them and so no land.

    That is another thing that is such a need; land available with water useage as many do want to grow gardens and don't have land of their own to do so.


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