Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recipes, Anyone?

The yellow squash and zucchini plants have been producing abundantly as of late, and we have been enjoying some of our favorite recipes using these vegetables. However, being one who likes to try new recipes, I was wondering if you all had any to share that utilize yellow squash and zucchini (and any that use cucumbers would be nice also!). The next two weeks are my cooking nights and I thought it would be fun to try some new dishes, so if you would like to share, please feel free to do so!

On a different note, this morning Mom, Leah and I went to help a friend with some work that she needed done. After that was completed, we had the opportunity to visit a bit and play with her children which was a delight! Children are very precious, and I am so thankful for the ones that we have the joy to be around! The time this afternoon was especially sweet as one of the girls was quite cuddly . . . one can never tire of little arms giving hugs.

The green bean harvest has been (and will be!) continuing, and tomorrow we will all be heading out to Ryan's place to do a bit more haying. I am sure that we will have a fun time together . . . despite the forecasted 90 degree temperatures!


  1. How beautiful! I love the sound of the dulcimer, and you play very well! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely song. :D

  2. Thank you, Maria! And I am glad that you enjoyed the video. :)

  3. My family just recently was discussing the wide variety of fruits and veggies God has made, and several of my siblings expressed their preference to stick with the tried-and-true common foods, like green beans, corn, and potatoes, instead of trying all sorts of new things. I, on the other hand, like to eat both! Do you think squash and zucchini can fall under the uncommon category?

    Zucchini recipes can be hard to come by, can't they? My mother just tried a REALLY good one this week, and I shared the recipe here:


    It's yummy!


  4. Hmm . . . I think that many types of squash might fall into the unique and uncommon category, Amber, but zucchini seems to be fairly well-known and widely used. I, too, enjoy growing and eating the common vegetables, but enjoy a number of the ‘uncommon’ ones also. I would like to venture into growing some of the more unusual vegetables, or at least, ones that are not the ‘usual’ home gardening standard! :) What types of vegetables do you all grow?

    I would agree, the variety in God’s creation is amazing!

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! It sounds very good . . . my family has already decided that it is definitely one to try! :)

  5. I was given a cookbook by a friend whose family did up a cookbook of Zucchini recipes.

    If you would like some, I could email a lot of them to you as it would plug up the comments.

  6. If you wanted to e-mail some of the recipes, Kathleen, that would be wonderful!


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