Monday, August 25, 2008

A Harvest of Corn and Memories

The anticipated day finally arrived as last evening some of our sweet corn was ready to harvest. Most of this corn growing experience has been entirely new to me from planting the corn, hilling it, caring for it and then finally picking it . . . the only thing that I have done with corn before is to husk it and eat it! :)

I can remember back many years ago, as a little girl, sitting on our big, old front porch husking corn with Ryan and Leah for Mom. How fun it was to pull back the husk and see the kernels inside! That was definitely the part that I enjoyed the most! However, I did not have much patience for removing all the silks. So many times while working on one ear, I would run to Mom and ask her if it was good enough. She would generally respond with something like "You are doing a good job, Sarah! And it looks like you have just a bit more to do." So back to the porch I would go and work on that ear until Mom gave her approval. What wonderful memories I have of these times!

Mom shared with me last evening, that back when we were little, she would watch for sales on sweet corn at the grocery store just so she could buy some to give my brother, sister and I the experience of husking corn. And she was always so patient with us while our inexperienced hands labored at the tasks she gave us! With whatever we did, Mom did not mind the messes we made, nor how many bean plants were pulled when helping her weed, nor how many little silks still remained on the ears of corn, as long as we gave it our best effort.

Now, many years later, I found myself sitting on our little front porch husking corn (the old porch is long since gone). Only this time the corn was grown in our own garden, and Mom did not hear little feet running to her with the anticipated question of: "Is this good, Mommy?" As the pile of husks grew next to me and the ears in the bowl increased, I could not help but
smile as all these special memories flooded back.

While I can remember the experience of husking, I had forgotten just how very, delicious sweet corn is! Oh, and the smell of it while it was boiling! Mmm . . . (Granted, coming fresh from the garden makes quite a difference. :) It was about like eating candy, and the ears that I had picked and prepared quickly disappeared!

Enjoying the corn last night sure made all the effort put into keeping the deer away worthwhile! Unfortunately, I had not considered using preventative measures against corn earworms, though. (There was at least one in every ear that I had picked.) Due to them, our crop will not be as large as what I had hoped, but at least we are still able to eat some corn! And some is much better than none! Especially when it is this good. :) All in all, this corn growing experience has been quite enjoyable! And even with the bugs and deer, corn remains one of my very favorite vegetables to grow. (And eat! :)

Looking back and considering all the gardening memories that I have (such as what was shared in this post), I see that my love for vegetable gardening began with and grew from the experiences that my Mom gave to me. She actively involved me (and my brother and sister) alongside of her in the garden that she had. Because of her willingness and hearts desire to have her children work with her and learn, I grew up helping plant, weed, water and harvest. How thankful I am for her investment in my life in even an area as small as this!


  1. What a neat post Sarah! I think produce from ones own garden is more tasty because you worked hard to make it grow!
    What special memories you have from your childhood! Those are things that you too can pass down to you children. I used to love listening to my Grandparents (and my parents now) talk about their childhood or early adult years. It's history... family history. Anyway, I think I've deviated from the content of your post! :o)

  2. Yes, corn is one of my favorites to grow as well! It is soooo yummy! I'm glad you got a good harvest. Next time, you might want to try putting mineral oil on the silks of the ears to help with the ear worms. I think that has helped mine.


  3. Ah, yes. We need to sell some frozen blueberries so we have enough room in our freezer for corn for the winter.
    My Dad loves fresh corn and eats it every night when it is in season. We have a large patch and sell corn at our roadside stand. I have memories of sitting at the picnic table with my siblings to husk laundry baskets full of corn. One year we posed for a picture with us holding the corn to show it coming out of our ears. Another year my younger siblings had a corn worm eating contest. I was inside steaming and cutting corn, and only heard about the excitement outside.

  4. You can definitely tell when the end of summer is rolling around- as brings the corn picking season!! They make good memories of summer and a good growing up experience. And, corn makes a good meal to come into at night when the chores are done!
    - Rebecca

  5. That's some beautiful corn Sarah! Way to go.

    Praise the Lord for His provision and bounty.

  6. I would agree, Ashley! Everything tastes better when you are the one who puts the labor into making it grow!

    Aren’t memories wonderful! I am so thankful for the things that my parents did with us to make such pleasant memories. I, too, love listening to my parents and grandparents tell of their childhood and onward! Hearing stories about my grandma teaching in a one-room schoolhouse on the isolated plains of Nebraska, about my grandpa’s years in the Navy as a young man, about my Dad growing up on a farm in Nebraska and all his many adventures!, about my Mom’s growing up in a tiny town in Nebraska and her summer jobs of hoeing bean fields and de-tasseling corn, and then of course how my parents met, etc. . . . all these experiences and more make for very interesting stories of which I never tire of hearing! So I do not mind your deviation from the original post in the least, Ashley, as I very much understand where you are coming from! :) Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thank you for the advice about using the mineral oil, Hannah! After discovering the worms, I did some research to find out what I can do next year to prevent them, and I had read about using mineral oil. But then one wonders, does it really work? So hearing from you that it helped was a blessing! I have also read that vegetable oil would work, too, and then there is also an organic spray that one can use . . . so I have lots of ideas for next year! Thank you again for sharing!

    If I remember correctly, you all have harvested all your corn now? Were you able to put up any?

  8. How fun to raise and sell corn, Amy! Your family business of raising and selling so much produce must be wonderful! It sounds like you have many good memories. :)

    A corn worm eating contest!? I think I would have found myself located elsewhere during that event. ;) Those things are disgusting, and I cannot even bring myself to begin to imagine actually eating one!

  9. Summer is beginning to reach its end here in Missouri, Rebecca! And along with the corn picking, our unseasonably low temperatures have made it seem even more that way.

    Growing up on a farm, I am sure that you had much experience with raising and harvesting corn and all the fun memories that go along with that! :)

  10. Thank you, Ray! :)

    Yes, indeed, praise the Lord!

  11. That is so wonderful that you were able to grow your own corn Sarah! I too have wonderful memories of husking sweet corn with my family when I was little. :)

  12. Aren't memories such as those wonderful, Emily!? Did you all grow corn this year in your garden?

  13. No, I don't think we ever did grow corn in our garden. :) There were so many farmers who grew it near our house that we just got it from them. :)

  14. What a blessing that you were able to get corn from the neighboring farmers, Emily! I am sure that you all enjoyed it. :)


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