Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In the Corn Patch

It has hereby been decided that the vine crops are not alone in being some of my very favorite vegetables to grow . . . sweet corn has now joined the ranks! Every morning's trip out to the garden has included walking down the corn rows and inspecting the plants.

Through doing this, I had the delight of observing the plants when they first broke through the soil, of seeing them reach knee high and then stretch their slender green leaves higher and higher as their stalks thickened and gained height. Seeing the tassels first begin to develop deep between the leaves brought even more excitement. . . day by day the tassels grew more visible until they broke forth . . .

Several days ago, it was noticed that thickening was developing down where the ears will grow . . . this thickening soon began to have little leaves growing from it and this morning, for the first time, the silk was seen . . .

All the signs of a bountiful crop of sweet corn . . . if I can just keep the deer and raccoons out of it that is!


  1. That is some BEAUTIFUL corn Sarah!

    All that warm weather must be doing some real good.

    Is this your first year growing corn, or has your family grown it before?

    I'll pray that the critters are kept at bay so you can enjoy a rich harvest.

    Praise the Lord of the harvest for all the blessings He brings into our lives!

  2. Oh I love sweet corn!! It is exciting to watch each days progress in growth and the corn so much so because you can see visible improvement every day!
    I hope you have a wonderful crop of corn and that the "critters" don't find it!!

  3. Thank you, Ray! The warm weather does seem to have done something as the past few days the corn has grown considerably . . . it amazes me how quickly it changes!

    To answer your question, my Dad worked in his Dad’s corn fields when he was a boy (though that was field corn and not sweet corn) and my Mom grew sweet corn in Wisconsin before I was born . . . but this is our first time growing it here in Missouri and my first time ever. Thus the excitement!

    Thank you for the prayers! I, too, pray that we will have an abundant harvest, but have been reminding myself that the Lord knows best. He has already blessed us with so much garden produce for which we are very thankful . . . yes, indeed, praise Him for all of His many blessings!

  4. I love it, too, Ashley! Corn on the cob brushed with a bit of butter . . . delicious!

    That is one thing that I have enjoyed about the corn is how you can actually see it growing and changing! Is your family growing any this year? Do you can it or freeze it? I am going to try canning it . . . if we are able to harvest any that is! ;) The raccoons (I am hoping!) should not be too great of a problem as Dad and Leah trapped for them this past winter; the deer however are abundant around here this year. But if all the animals (including all the little corn pests!) leave the corn patch alone, in only about 20 more days we should be enjoying fresh from the garden sweet corn! :)

  5. Well Sarah, it doesn't look like we're going to have any corn this year. :o( We have one stalk that is might be as tall as I am but everything else is just a little over knee height tall. There are ears on it all but the stalks are dry and the ears small.
    Last year we ate as much corn during the summer as possible!! It was great!! Done on the grill, boiled, whatever, it was terrific! I think we did freeze a bag or two of ears.
    I do hope everything works out for your corn!! :o)

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your corn, Ashley! Do you have any idea why it did not grow tall? Is it due to the lack of rain that you all have had? Some of our corn is only about knee high too, but I think that is due to fertilization issues.

    It certainly does sound like you all enjoy corn! :) I am sorry that you will not be able to harvest any this year, though. Maybe next year will be better for you!


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