Monday, August 18, 2008

They're Up!

With hope is a seed planted carefully beneath the soil . . . the hope that that tiny seed, while appearing completely lifeless, will produce in the end a bountiful crop. The seed is planted, watered and the gardener waits . . . eagerly looking forward to the growth of that seed (or seeds :). And underneath the soil an amazing process is taking place. The lifeless seed begins to absorb the life-giving moisture. The hard outer shell softens, and the seed begins to grow. Little by little it sends its roots downward into the prepared soil, and the stem and first leaves push their way upward through the soil until at last, the surface is broken, the leaves spread and soak in the sunshine. A new living plant has begun. As it continues its growth and if it is properly cared for, it will eventually produce a bountiful harvest.

Over the course of this past week, I have had the opportunity to experience part of this satisfying process. From planting last week on Monday to this past Saturday morning seeing the first plants break through the soil. The beets were the first to appear followed shortly thereafter by the lettuce, and the areas where the beans and peas were planted were beginning to have the characteristic 'bumps' in the soil indicating that the seedlings were pushing their way to the surface. Yesterday, the majority of the beans spread their first leaves, and the peas began to show themselves, too.

The hope continues, looking forward to the promise of a harvest. A harvest not only of produce, but the harvest of many lessons learned and experiences gained . . . and those not only related to the physical act of gardening, but also ones that relate to my spiritual life. In gardening, there are so many opportunities to apply what is learned to the life of a follower of Christ. The parallels found are amazing . . . which would explain why in Scripture the Lord so often uses the analogies of things such as the sower, seeds, fruit, fertilization, harvesting and watering.

So embarks another 'season' of gardening, and I am anticipating what lies ahead!


  1. Hurray! They're up! Isn't that the most wonderful feeling? Good spiritual lesson, too, Sarah.

  2. Oh it's so much fun to sit and watch the seedlings appear! To see something that you have planted and watered come to life, gives one such a feeling of satisfaction.
    Happy Gardening!! :o)

  3. It is a wonderful feeling, Amber! I just love seeing when they first come up. :) I hope that your planting went well for you!

  4. It is so fun to watch, Ashley! I am sure that you know the feeling. ;) Were you able to get your pansies planted? I hope that they do well for you!


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