Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Bit of This and That

Yesterday afternoon, utilizing blueberries from our freezer (my Mom had put some up earlier this year), I was able to make one of our favorite blueberry desserts . . . Blueberry Buckle. (Do you all have any favorite recipes that utilize blueberries? If so, please feel free to share! :) It was a pleasant treat after scurrying around doing outdoor work in an attempt to beat the rain. It was forecasted to begin raining last night and then to continue through Friday. It was not expected to begin until late last evening, but when little pop-up storms and showers began dotting the radar in the afternoon, Dad decided that work on the roof of the coop needed to stop so that we could get everything put away and also get the roof covered with tarps to keep the rain out. So while Dad worked on the roof, Leah and I hurried in carrying the unused lumber to our other barn and the tools to the house. Once our jobs were complete, Leah helped Dad with the roof while I made the dessert. :)

Other than that bit of excitement, yesterday was a rather uninteresting day of sewing, laundry, writing, weeding and other such regular tasks. Though, I did discover more plums! I guess that was a bit exciting (at least to me! :)

Crushing plums

The plums found yesterday produced 2 cups of juice, and I am hoping to at least find enough plums to make a half batch of jelly. Only 3/4 cups of juice left to go for that!

The plants from the spring garden are reaching their end . . . in the above photo is the last of the zucchini and yellow squash, though, the tomato plants are still producing a few tomatoes. It looks like due to tomato borers that we are actually going to have fall tomatoes, too! Earlier this year, when the tomato plants were about half-grown, several plants began wilting. The cause was found to be borers so Leah and I cut the plants off below where the worms had entered. Two of the plants had only little stubs left after this surgery was completed, but slowly and surely, they began to send out little shoots and grow again. And then the other day, we discovered that they are flowering! Thus, the worms ended up being a blessing in disguise. :)

The corn has finished its course and all the ears have either been eaten or put up in the freezer, save for a few tiny, badly worm eaten ears. Perfect timing, too, as the raccoons found the corn the other night . . . I do not mind in the least at this stage, though! :)

I had thought that the pepper plants were also finished producing, but the spell of hotter weather that we had over the past week seems to have triggered them to grow, flower and begin producing more peppers! I am glad of that as so far we have not harvested many and our winter store of chopped peppers in the freezer is still quite small.

Well, that about sums up my uninteresting news! ;)


  1. Very nice 'uninteresting' news! I enjoyed reading, anyways!

    It must be nice that your pepper plants are producing more fruit. My pepper plants have failed rather dismally; they flower and then the flowers, tiny peppers and all, drop off. I'm going to try again next year, anyhow!


  2. Well, I am glad that you enjoyed it, Anna! :)

    I am so sorry that your pepper plants did not produce for you! That is an interesting problem to have . . . I tried to figure out what could be causing it, but unfortunately was not able to find much! Are the little peppers rotting? Or are they firm? If they are rotting, I would guess that it is probably a fungal disease or some such thing. Of course, knowing what is the problem would not be much of a help to you now! Hopefully next year your peppers will do well for you! At least you have big, juicy tomatoes that are just about ready to be enjoyed! :)

  3. Sounds like y'all are beginning to fear up for fall Sarah. Isn't it wonderful to see all of the produce you harvested in the freezer awaiting your winter uses?!
    How neat that the Tomato plants kept growing after they were trimmed down. Ours are still producing tomatos although they are much smaller than they have been (they're still great for fried green tomatos!).
    I found your "uninteresting news" very interesting!! :o)

  4. One of our family's favorite blueberry recipes (best with fresh blueberries but fine with frozen) is a salad that we have sometimes for Sunday dinner. Mix equal parts of sour cream, blueberries, mini marshmallows, drained pineapple (crushed or tidbits) with a half part of coconut. My younger sisters usually make salads on Saturday as part of our Sunday dinner.

    Another simple way to use blueberries is to add them to a Spinach salad with sliced almonds, mandarin oranges, red onion, or whatever else you fancy. Yum!

  5. We are readying for fall, Ashley! I am looking forward to this season as it is one of my favorites. :)

    Fried green tomatoes? I do not recall hearing of those before. . . would you mind sharing the recipe? They sound good!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing those blueberry recipes, Amy! They sound good! :)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)