Monday, September 1, 2008

A Different Sort of Monday

Mondays are usually quite straightforward for me: clean the house in the morning, teach sewing lessons all day, take a break before chore time and dinner, and then spend the evening together as a family. This Monday was a bit different, however, as all but two of my students had other plans for today (due to it being a holiday). So besides those lessons, much of the day was spent doing deep cleaning and a bit of organizing of areas that had become cluttered . . . nothing too exciting. :)

And for all of you who wondered about the peas and trellising in the photo in the last post ;) . . . the trellis is finally set up now! Dad and Ryan have been quite busy, so today I decided to try putting it up myself. The first thing that needed to be done was to take down the trellis (it had been used for the cucumbers which I pulled out last week), and then it was stake pounding time! Ryan had told me that we had a post driver and where to find it, so I lined up one of the posts and managed to drive it in (I was actually surprised at how easily the post went in!).

I was just beginning to start on the second post, when Dad left his work and came over to help me. He asked me how I was planning on setting up the trellis (with a bit of a puzzled look on his face), so I explained what I was envisioning . . . he then asked "So, did you mean to put the post in backwards?" :) I had not thought to even think of frontwards and backwards to a post so long as it was right side up and in the ground! Dad was so kind to pull out the post, re-drive it in, line up and put in the other two posts, and then Ryan helped him in setting up the cattle panel. How I appreciated their thoughtfulness! Leaving their work to come help me with the task that I had undertaken; and I know that it looks much better than if I had done it myself! (at least the posts are all facing the right direction! ;)

So that is one more thing to cross off my quickly growing 'to-do' list!

This coming month looks to be one packed to the brim with many different things going on including our annual trek up to Nebraska for our Family Reunion. Busy, busy, busy days ahead!


  1. The trellis looks great, Sarah! I still haven't put ours up yet, but I guess we don't need it until the peas are above ground, anyway. :)

    My Monday are also usually planned the exact same way; clean all morning, teach all afternoon, and spend time with family in the evening. I'll be thinking of you on Mondays!

    Hope your family reunion goes well. Will you be able to blog while you're gone?

  2. Thanks everyone for the tips on trellising peas! I am trying my fall crop on tomato cages. =D They did not produce very well at ALL in the spring w/o a trellis, however, the weather could have played into that too.

    Anyways, thanks again for the advice!


  3. I still can't get over the fact that you are on your second garden for the year, Sarah!
    This may sound strange but our cucumbers just started coming in and the green beans are going strong. No ripe tomatoes yet, there are a lot though and I can always bring them inside to ripen, like I do every year when the frosts start hitting...we are still picking a lot of broccoli and are getting a few zuccini. :) Ok, enugh said.

    Your garden looks great, I'm glad 'your' men were able to help you. :)

  4. Thank you, Amber! :)

    That is interesting that our Mondays are so much alike! :) I will be thinking of you on Mondays too! How many lessons do you teach?

    No, I will not be blogging while we are gone as the days are always quite filled while at the reunion! Wonderfully full. :) But you can be sure that I will have much to share once we get back!

  5. You’re welcome, Hannah! :) I hope that your peas produce very well for you this fall!

  6. Mmm . . . fresh cucumbers sound very good right about now, Leah! :) I am sure that your days have been full with putting up all your garden produce! What date do you normally receive your first fall frost? Ours generally comes around October 20th, but of course that can be quite variable year to year. :)


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