Friday, September 26, 2008

Predator and Prey

I was hoping one of these guys would move into the garden! This particular spider built its web partially attached to the pea trellis, and last night captured one of our most prevalent pests at this time (grasshoppers). Spiders are such fascinating creatures, and it has been quite interesting to observe this one! From the detail of the web to the brilliant color patterns of the spider itself, the hand of the Lord is seen.

"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made . . ." Romans 1:21a


  1. I am glad you can be thankful for a spider. Not every recognizes the service that they provide for us in eating bugs.

  2. Yes, spiders do a great deal to control the pest population, Amy! :) Though, I have to say that some spiders I have difficulty appreciating! (Such as the brown recluse spider . . . it is poisonous and likes dark closets and living under beds - it is not very pleasant to find one of these!)

  3. Oh, so they are actually sipposed to be in the garden! I always find them as I'm zomming full blast across the yard on the lawn mower!

    When we consider that spider webs are able to catch an insect, such as a grasshopper, in it's seemingly fragile threads, it makes one sit back and think about how the Lord created these creatures. His creation is full of amazing and beautiful things!

  4. Yes, these particular spiders are supposed to be in the garden, Ashley! :) So much so that they are named "Garden Spiders". :)

    I would agree, the Lord's creation is full of amazing and beautiful things! And the more I discover and observe His creation, the more in awe of Him I am. The intricacy and detail is amazing! Such as what you shared with the fragile threads of the web being able to catch a big grasshopper . . . amazing! Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. That is a beautiful photo! [smile] What kind of camera do you use? Our camera recently gave out on us, and hence the lack of photos that I've taken on my blog, (I'm glad for clip art:). Thankfully we were able to order another camera and it just arrived in the mail today! I'm excited about that. :) It's funny but just before our old camera went out, I was taking photos of spiders around our property, (in hoping to do a post about them :) we have had so many this year, they seem to be everywhere. I was amazed at how many different kinds there were just around our house! Spiders certainly are interesting!

  6. Spiders are such interesting creatures, Emily! That is wonderful that you find enjoyment out of them, too. :)

    My camera is a Canon . . . though, I cannot remember offhand what model! Enjoy your new camera! :)


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