Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Home!

This past weekend was the Pelc Family Reunion so our family made the trek up on Friday and returned home yesterday . . . though we were gone for only three days, much transpired during that time! From the beautiful drives, to the wonderful visits, to visiting the old homestead, it was a special and enjoyable trip. When wading through the hundreds of photos taken during the trip, I decided to do a few posts about the weekend instead of one big one so . . . enjoy! :)

As mentioned, we left this past Friday morning and drove to Norfolk, Nebraska, where my Dad's family lives. The drive was pleasant as the day was beautiful! As usual, for the first leg of the journey, we took a route that our family loves . . . avoiding some of the interstate driving and instead taking a highway through the country. This drive goes through the hills of Missouri and winds through farmland, cropland, Amish country, orchards and more. It was a bit interesting during part of the drive as our speedometer quit working for a time and read 35 miles per hour regardless of how fast we were going and 20 or 25 miles per hour when we were stopped! It did eventually begin working again (at least for a time . . . more on that later. :)

Upon arriving in Norfolk, we were greeted by Grandpa and Grandma Pelc, Aunt Chris and Aunt Marci (two of my Dad's sisters), and one of our cousins, Nicholas. We very much enjoyed our time visiting with them! During our stay there, I was able to give Grandpa and Grandma their quilts, and we also had the opportunity to take a photo of Ryan, Leah and I with our grandparents.

We were not able to stay there very long as we needed drive several more hours to O'Neill, Nebraska where we would be spending the night. We left looking forward to being able to see them again the next day as they, too, were going to drive up for the reunion (it is about 2 hours or so from Norfolk to where the reunion is held.) We were just leaving when Dad noticed that one of the tires was rather low on the truck so we headed to a gas station to fill it up with air. Once the tire was back to the needed pressure, we drove to O'Neill and how beautiful the drive was! We passed the below farmstead and as it was so picturesque, I snapped a photo as we drove by . . .

We were blessed to enjoy a beautiful sunset as we neared our destination for the night. With the lack of humidity in the air (of which Missouri has a great deal!), the sun was much brighter than what we are used to . . .

The sun reflecting off of the beautiful Elkhorn River

We made it to our hotel, brought in our luggage, and then headed to bed eagerly looking forward to the reunion the following day.

To be continued . . .


  1. Beautiful photos Sarah.

  2. Dear Sarah,

    Your grandparents look so happy with their quilts! And the scenery was very "eye-watering", as our family is longing to move to Missouri in the near future!

    Thanks for sharing this,


  3. Lovely countryside! I agree that your grandparents look very happy with their quilts! What a blessing such a gift would have been to them.

    Looking forward to reading more of your trip!

  4. I can't wait to read more of your trip! The pictures from your drive make me yearn for fall and I can only imagine the beauty of the surrounding countryside!
    Your Grandparents look like they are so happy to have seen y'all again!

  5. Thank you, Amy! My Dad took the first photo. :) He is a good photographer!

  6. How exciting that you all might move to Missouri, Marqueta! Is there a particular location you were planning to move to? Missouri is a beautiful state, and I am sure that you would enjoy it!

    I am sorry that I did not clarify it well enough in the post! But the photos shared were taken in Nebraska . . . though areas of Missouri’s landscape are quite similar to the photos. :)

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment, Natasha! And yes, it is lovely countryside! I love traveling through Nebraska. :)

  8. Well, there is more here for you to read now, Ashley! ;) Enjoy! Fall should not be too terribly far away for you all . . . have your leaves started changing yet?


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