Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Busy Two Days

Girls group on Thursday went very well! Our two hours together were brimful with studying the life of Ruth and making Apple Streusel Muffins together (this was quite an involved baking project!). And as always, we enjoyed our time together!

Then on Friday, three of our little friends spent the day at our home. Children are so very precious, and Leah and I loved the hours we spent with these dear children! We spent our time together

~ making chocolate chip cookies ~

~ drawing ~

~ reading books and telling stories ~

~ playing "Kitten wants a corner", freeze tag, an
d a tossing game (the games were all played outdoors - it was a beautiful day!) ~

~ and in between the different activities, I worked on getting our laundry caught up, and the oldest girl was quite excited to help me hang things out on the line ~

The chickens also afforded quite a bit of entertainment for the children, and they enjoyed tossing corn to the chickens for a treat. The littlest girl especially enjoyed watching the chickens jump in and out through the little door in the coop. Her whole face would light up as she exclaimed in her adorable lisping voice: "It came in da door!" When watching the chickens eat, she turned around with a huge smile of delight as she pointed, laughed and said "The chicken wait his turn!" This came from seeing a chicken standing behind another one that was eating . . . she interpreted this to mean that it was being patient! So cute! And while she watched the chickens, her older sister went feather hunting in the coop with the aid of her brother and was quite thrilled with her findings of crisply colored gold and black and white and black feathers.

Another highlight of the day was hearing the songs that the girls sang for us. One was "Jesus Loves Me" and the other was a song that they had made up together in which the oldest girl sings "Who made the ______?" - the blank was filled in with things such as the sky, leaves, eyes, you, and mommy. After she asked the question, the littlest one would exclaim "God did!" It warms my heart to see the love that is growing in their hearts for the Lord.

When their Mom came to pick them up, we had the joy of holding her littlest girl (she is 8 months old) for awhile. She is fascinated by the outdoors, so I brought her back to see the chickens, and she seemed to enjoy them. :) All in all, we had a very wonderful and special day!


  1. It's fun to see the world with a child. They are fascinated by things we find familiar and they are delighted by things we take for granted. I miss having young children around--my youngest sibling is ten years old and nearly as tall as I am. So glad you could cherish your time with your young guests.

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with your girls.

  3. Y'all covered allot of ground while watching the children didn't you! Baking cookies holds an attraction for younger (and older) children that I have yet to figure out. Maybe it's just being able to be involved... I'm not sure.
    I'm so glad you and Leah had the opportunity to watch the children!

  4. Oh Sarah, what a precious time you would have had with the dear children! Isn't it encouraging to see their simple faith?

    I think it is sweet that those children had a nice day just doing 'the simple things'. So many children nowadays don't know how to play/work outside. The TV and computer games seem to be the only ways some children are occupied. So sad. :(

  5. Dear Sarah,

    What a fun two days you had, and what sweet dresses the girls are wearing!

    I'm so glad to see how others are raising their children to the glory of God. It's very encouraging.



  6. It looks like you had a nice time! What a blessing for these children to have you and your sister to spend time with them! :)


  7. It is indeed, Amy! Similar to you, my youngest sibling (Leah) is only two and a half years younger than me, so it is always a joy to be able to be around others’ young children!

  8. Baking does seem to have a strong attraction for children, Ashley! I have been surprised at the youngest girls’ rapt attention during baking. She is only three, but seems to be fascinated by it! The older two seem to enjoy it also, and we always have fun together in the kitchen!

  9. It is very encouraging to see the simple faith of the children, Natasha! One can learn a great deal from these precious little ones.

    I would agree . . . it is quite sad to see so many children whose only idea of fun/pleasure is sitting in front of a TV and computer! The children that we watched the other day rarely watch movies or spend time on the computer and have been blessed with parents who do a great deal with them. As a result, their young minds are so active and creative and they take pleasure in the simplest of things. What a blessing!

  10. It is an encouragement to see others raising their children for the Lord, Marqueta! It is always a blessing to me to be able to watch and observe parents who are truly working to train their children in righteousness. I have learned a great deal from their examples!

    By the way . . . I loved the little girls’ dresses too! So sweet! :)

  11. We had a wonderful time with the children, Joy! :) Thank you for your kind words!


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