Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Times

Yesterday afternoon, Leah and I had a wonderful time playing with the children of one of the families that we home church with. Hide and seek was the game of choice this time which is always fun to do, but yesterday it was especially so! When the three year old hid, it was generally in a rather obvious place as she thinks that if she cannot see us, that we cannot see her :) . . .

Hiding underneath the blanket that was on the bed

We'll walk around asking aloud things like: Is she behind the door? Is she in the closet? To which she'll verbally answer 'no'. :) When we finally 'guess' right, she'll jump up and laugh so happily, that you cannot help but laugh with her.

After Leah and I played several rounds of this with the two oldest girls, I spent some time with their eight-month old little sister who is such a sweetie! She was in quite a cheerful mood yesterday (which is rather normal! except for perhaps when her mommy leaves the room :) and was laughing, smiling, 'talking', and waving. Needless to say, I greatly enjoyed that time with her! Children are indeed a great blessing from the Lord, and how thankful we are for the precious ones that we have the opportunity to know!

On a different note, we had our first freeze of the season last night with another harder one forecasted for tonight (27 degrees!). So last evening, I picked the few remaining peppers and all of the tomatoes that were still on the vines . . .

Now we'll be able to enjoy tomatoes for at least a little while longer. :)


  1. Thanks for another great post!

    I know what you mean about playing with the younger ones! Sometimes it can seem SO obvious and silly but, when they start laughing or get an excited smile...It was worthwhile!Amen to children being a blessing! How can you help but love them???!!!!

    How nice to go out to your garden and grab what you need or will need! Unfortunately, we don't have a garden,but maybe someday we will have one!

    What do you grow in and have grown in your garden?

    Lots of hugs!!!! The Lord bless you!

  2. Hide and seek with little ones is so much fun Sarah! We have been "teaching" Sawyer how to hide and I love stomping around and trying to "find" him!! He has such a cute giggle!! :o)

    Do have plans for those green tomatos?

  3. Dear Sarah,

    How fun! Hide and seek is a favorite around here, too! Do you know the poem "I'm hiding, I'm hiding, and noone knows where, For all they can see are my toes and my hair"?

    And I'm glad you were able to save some produce-it looks like either green tomato salsa or relish is on the menu, eh?



  4. I have picked the last few pounds of our tomatoes today, and made a huge cauldron of lovely rich soup for the freezer. So good to have our own produce in Winter.

  5. Sarah,
    What fun times! I enjoy playing hide and seek with my younger siblings:). I understand what you mean about hiding in obvious places-it is so much fun!
    What are you going to do with the green tomatoes? Some people make green tomato salsa, and I wondered what you do.

  6. You're welcome, Ashley, and thank you for your sweet comment!

    It sounds like you have had quite a bit of experience in the hide-and-seek department! :) I am sure you have wonderful times with your little siblings, not to mention all the other little ones that you have the opportunity to know and spend time with. :)

    I hope that someday you will be able to have a garden! It is so enjoyable and also quite satisfying to be able to provide food for one’s family. So far we have grown (and plan to continue to grow :) green beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, parsley, oregano, basil, turnips, radishes, onions, potatoes, beets, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, pumpkins, acorn squash and sweet corn. Lots of things! :)

  7. I can just imagine you playing hide and seek with Sawyer, Ashley! What fun! And just think of all the special memories he will have of playing with ‘sissy’. :)

    Plans for the green tomatoes? So far all I have thought of doing with them was to let them ripen indoors . . . do you have any ideas? If so, I would love to hear!

  8. I have never heard the hide and seek poem before, Marqueta, but it is quite fitting! Thank you for sharing! What wonderful times you and your children must have as you play games such as this together.

    I had not thought of making green tomato salsa or relish with the tomatoes - what a great idea! Thank you for the suggestion! :)

  9. That is wonderful that you had so many tomatoes, Elizabeth! Would you mind sharing your soup recipe?

    I would agree, it is a blessing to still be reaping garden produce during this time of year!

  10. I am sure your younger siblings love when you play hide and seek with them, Anna! It is quite fun, isn’t it?!

    Green tomato salsa is a good idea to use the tomatoes for! I have never done anything with green tomatoes before (other than just letting them sit and ripen over time :), but with everyone's suggestions, I might just try to do something else with them this time! :)

  11. Yes, children are a blessing from the Lord, and they are especially cute when they are in they're three (though I also love babies). If I played hide and seek with my little sister, my big brother would drag her off and hide her somewhere really clever and then she'd doubtless give the game away with her giggling!

    In Christ,

  12. Oh, it sounds like you have so much fun with your siblings, Anna! What a blessing!


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