Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Broken Sewing Machine . . .

This past Monday during the last sewing lesson that I teach for the day, one of our sewing machines broke, and I was unsure how to fix it so set it aside to have my Dad or Ryan look at it later. But then, I forgot all about it until this evening . . . I mentioned it to Ryan, and he took a look at it, figured out what needed to be done and then fixed it! What a blessing!

Now thanks to him both our machines are up and running again. :)


  1. Brothers can be such blessings (and machines can be such frustrations). I'm glad your sewing machine is up and running again.

  2. What a blessing it is to have siblings who can figure the problem out and then fix it Sarah! What would we do with out them?

  3. Way to go big brother! What a blessing it was to have your machine fixed and it cost not a cent! GOD is good!


  4. How useful these men are when machines go wrong!
    I have a small giveaway for my 200th post this week!

  5. Yes, Amy, brothers are indeed blessings! (And not just because they can fix things! :)

  6. I would definitely agree with that, Ashley!

  7. It is very nice, Heart 4 My Home, to have the machine fixed without having to bring it to a repair shop and pay to have it fixed!

  8. It is amazing, Elizabeth, how men can so often figure out how to fix mechanical problems! :)

    Thank you for letting me know about the giveaway!

  9. Praise the Lord for Brothers! I know how you feel! Our surger is broken right now and it is so hard to sew without it! We've been waiting till it gets fixed! I am glad your machine is listening to you! I think your brother needed to talk straight with it! *jk*



  10. Yes, indeed, Ashley! Brothers are such a blessing!

    I hope that your serger is able to be fixed soon!

    Hugs in return!


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