Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mending a Rug

Our family is one that if something breaks, we generally try to fix it (note the "try" - we are not always successful! :) before buying a replacement. Such is the case with a rug that we have had for who knows how many years. This particular rug is made of 'cords' that are wrapped around in an oval and then sewn together. Several years ago some of the strips began falling apart so we resewed them, and they have held together rather well since then. But over the past few months, many more of the seams began separating until it came to the point that it needed to be repaired! Yesterday Leah and I worked for quite some time sewing it up using heavy duty thread. After several hours of labor and a few sore fingers later, the rug is as good as new again (or close to that :) and is back in use in our entry way. Hopefully it will hold together for awhile now! :)


  1. Evening,
    If only more people thought like your family Sarah, the world would be a cleaner, better, more loving place!

    Have a beautiful evening,
    Miss Lila

  2. I hope that you have a wonderful evening, too, Miss Lila! :)

  3. I bet the "fabric" was difficult to force a needle through! How "bad" does it become before you fix it?! :o)

  4. We have several rugs like that one. :) My sister JoAnna does a wonderful job sewing them together when they need repaired.

  5. It was a bit, Ashley! :)

    Usually we decide to fix it when the separations are getting fairly noticeable (with how stiff the rug is even if some of the seams are separated it can be difficult to tell, which is nice! :)

  6. They are very nice rugs, aren't they, Emily?! We like them a lot! That is wonderful that JoAnna is able to fix your family's rugs when it is needed. I am sure you all appreciate that! :)


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