Friday, January 23, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a busy day for all of us, but we made sure to get outside a bit in the late afternoon to enjoy the beautiful near 60 degree weather!

Dad cutting grooves into the ramp that goes up to the new chicken door

Yesterday afternoon, Dad and Leah worked on setting up a little outdoor pen on the front side of the chicken coop which is the first step in letting the chickens free-range. This project has been "in the works" for awhile, but for various reasons, they were not able to finish it until yesterday. As Leah had made a new chicken door on that side, the chickens need to get used to going in and out of it before we let them out into the yard. So now they have a new little outdoor pen to enjoy for about a week, or at least until they get used to the new door. Then we'll start free-ranging them! That will be so nice!

Leah preparing to set up a latch for the door

My afternoon was busy with finishing up making rolls with Leah, laundry, etc., but I did have the opportunity to go outside and spend some time with Lassie. She had a wonderful time as did I! One of her favorite things to do once she gets out of her kennel is to roll . . .

It is quite funny to watch her!

Lassie and I

Mom enjoyed some time outdoors yesterday, too, and took a brisk walk (unfortunately I was not outside at the same time so there is no photo of her to share!) And after Ryan got home and Lassie was put away, he had fun working Maggie. She loves to have bumpers thrown for her! She definitely is a retriever through and through . . .


  1. 60 degrees! That is warm! It looks like you all made good use of your warmer weather. We used to let our chickens free range, too. It was fun.
    Have you trimed your hair recently? It looks shorter (maybe it's just me :).

  2. Dear Sarah,

    What a beautiful day you all had! I'm sure your chickens will be so happy to be able to free range. They're so fun to watch when they're out.



  3. Wow, Sarah, your property is beautiful!! So much space! How's the weather???

    I like the picture of you and Lassie!


  4. You and Leah are brave young ladies indeed, to wear such lovely white sweaters for outdoor work and play!:-) Congratulations on staying so neat and clean.

    Speaking of clothes, I love the way you and Leah dress. Your clothes are feminine, yet attractive and stylish. You are both not only lovely on the inside, but on the outside as well.

    ~ Betsy

  5. I do believe that your Thursday was warmer than our was, Sarah! Go figure... :o)

    That picture of Lassie is a hoot! I would have never pictured her doing that but I guess, I pictured wrong! :o)

    Have a terrific Saturday!

  6. It was warm, Anna! The weather is quite different today as it is 17 degrees out now!

    Yes, I did have my hair cut recently (my Mom and sister did too.) You are observant! :)

  7. Chickens are fun to watch when they are out, Marqueta! It should not be much longer now as they are adjusting to their new door quickly. :)

  8. I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, Ashley! :)

    How’s the weather here? Cold!!! After the delightfully warm day Thursday, we woke up to a temperature of 6 degrees and a -7 windchill this morning. And it looks like we’ll be getting some snow Sunday or Monday which I am looking forward to as cold weather is much more enjoyable with it! :)

  9. I had not even noticed what color of sweaters we were wearing, Betsy! :) The one I am wearing is an older one that has now been relegated to work and play use so if it gets a bit dirty, I do not mind. So far it hasn’t though! :)

    Thank you for your encouraging and kind words! They were a blessing to us!

  10. That seems strange that our Thursday was warmer than yours, Ashley! I am sure that that is not the case today, though, as our high is in the teens! Yes, it is cold in Missouri again. :)

    Lassie does have some interesting traits to her personality! She generally seems so laid back and quiet, but as you saw in the photo, she can be quite silly sometimes. :)


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