Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out at Ryan's

The highlight of yesterday was driving out to Ryan's place in the morning to remove the covers from off of the fruit trees. (The past several nights, we had been covering them as we had temperatures at or below freezing.) It had been quite awhile since I had been out there, and things are a lot greener now! We had such a pleasant drive out, and as Leah had brought Mandy along, it added another 'element' to the drive.

Once we got there, Dad started uncovering the trees, Leah played with Mandy, and I took a few photos before g
oing to help Dad. The little fruit trees are looking so nice! Their trunks have thickened up quite a bit since when we planted them last spring, and they are getting their new leaves for this year. And with the big, new cages around them, the deer will not be able to bother them like they did last year! When looking at these little trees, it is hard to imagine that in only four years or so, we'll be enjoying our own "fresh from the tree" fruit . . . we are all looking forward to that!

Dad shutting one of the cages

Leah petting Mandy after one of her (Mandy's) races across the pasture

The rest of the day was a profitable one for me as I was able to sew a skirt for my Mom in the morning and then spend the afternoon outdoors working on various things such as picking up the fallen branches and sticks in our yard, cleaning up along the fenceline, and picking up the sweetgum tree 'balls' that had fallen in our yard over the winter. The sweet-gum tree 'balls' (as we call them :) are actually the tree's seed pods . . . they are round, spiky things that litter the ground come spring, and are not the easiest things to walk over (and they are unattractive too!). So with a five gallon bucket and a rake, I went to work. By the time I was finished, I think I had hauled away ten or so bucketfuls . . . there were a lot of them!

Today it is back to overcast and dreary skies and as rain and more rain is in the forecast, it looks like we'll be doing mainly indoor projects for the next little while . . . and we have plenty of those to keep us busy!


  1. Hi Sarah!

    Sounds like you had a lovely day at Ryan's property! What fruits is he growing? How many trees are there? I'm so glad you had a nice time!

    How nice that you were able to finish that skirt for your Mama!

    Wow, that is quite a name? Sweetgum tree balls! I have never heard of them! What do you do with them?

    Hope you have a lovely day, Sarah! Thanks for sharing! I love you lots!

  2. We did have a lovely time, Ashley! Right now the fruit trees that he has planted out there are two plum, four apple, and one cherry (there were two, but one died). He/we plan to plant a replacement cherry tree this spring as well as a few more fruit trees. (We also have two peach trees at our place that we planted last year.)

    It is an interesting name! The tree is called "Sweetgum" and "ball" is what we call the seed pods due to their shape. As of yet, the only thing that I have done with them is dump them in our sinkhole (a place where a cave is underneath the ground which causes the ground to 'sink' making a depression or hole) to help fill it up. My Mom asked me if maybe there was a craft or something that we could do with them, and so far, I have not come up with anything! :)


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