Friday, August 28, 2009

A Cross-stitch

Evenings in our home generally find us gathered in our living room and reading, writing, or working on some project. All of these have been occupying my evenings as of late (depending on which I feel like doing at the time :), and the project that I am currently working on is this cross-stitch . . .

The front of the pamphlet

We found the leaflet at a garage sale awhile back, and it was put on my list of 'cross-stitches to do'. And as my last cross-stitch is now finished . . .

Finished and ready to frame

It is time to begin another one . . .

In Progress . . .

This one has been enjoyable to work on so far, and I look forward to many pleasant evenings cross-stitching!


  1. What lovley work & one of my favourite verses ~ I can't wait to see your next finished project. Jo

  2. Hi Sarah

    Your finished cross-stitching
    is beautiful, and I know the one you are working on will be to.
    I love to cross-stitch but can't find the time to do it.Also I'm not very fast at stitching.
    How long does it take you to do
    one like that?


  3. Howdy Sarah!

    What lovely cross-stiches! You are very good! I tried when I was younger, but I was not very good! Maybe one of these days I'll find myself doing it.

    Sewing is more my thing! I planned to make two pairs of curtains today, but then the serger wen down, so I only made one. I guess I'll make them later!

    Have a very special day, my special friend!

  4. That is very pretty.
    Stephen's Grandmother Bettye was a great cross stitcher. She had started teaching me, and was very glad I wanted to learn, as none of her grandkids were interested. But since she lived so far away she didn't get to show me much. She passed away right before I found out I was pregnant with Tyrel.

  5. Oh Sarah....they both are lovely! I enjoy cross stitch so much. I have attempted to crochet and sew but never with any luck (perhaps because I needed a good teacher?)
    Do you plan to frame your completed work?

  6. WOW, that is so pretty!! I cross stitch also, but I still learning, so I do ones that are not very hard. I am working on one that has a church in it and says "I can do all things through Christ who strengths me." My mothers teaches me. But You should see my moms!! She has a couple ones that have a eagle one it and has Isa. 40:31, one with ducks on it and has Phi. 4:8, she also has one with the Fruits of the Spirit, they are all so beautiful and very skillfully made!!:)

  7. Your finished cross stitch turned out beautiful, Sarah!! And the one that you're working on now is really really nice as well! You have some of the nicest cross stitch 'patterns' that I've ever seen!

    I ran across some cross stitch 'patterns' at a local thrift store recently, and picked them up as I felt I could 'tweak' them enough to suit my likings! Hopefully it will work! :o)

    Have a wonderful day, Sarah!!


  8. Just beautiful~It always touches my heart in such a happy way when I see God being praised through His scripture verses. I saw a cross-stitch book of Paula H. at JoAnn Fabrics the other night and I was just about to buy it when the saleslady told me it was $20.00 I am going to wait for my coupon and then rush there to pick it up~from what I see of the photo~it is just lovely! God bless, Rose

  9. Welcome to my blog, Jo! :) And thank you for your kind comment!

  10. Thank you for your encouraging words, Terry, and welcome to my blog! :) Cross-stitch is enjoyable to do, but it is time-consuming. I am not very fast at cross-stitching either, and as I do not spend a great deal of time on it, it usually takes me six months to a year to finish one (or somewhere around there. :). No matter how long it takes, though, it is always exciting to finish one!

  11. Thank you, Ashley, for your sweet comment! That is neat that you tried cross-stitching when you were younger. :) I learned when I was quite young as well, and I was not very good at it then either! It takes time and practice, and also being older helps, too. :)

    That is wonderful that you are going to sew curtains! Have you been able to make the rest of them yet? What colors are they?

    I hope that you have a special day as well! :)

  12. Thank you, Becky! :) How special that your husband’s grandmother began to teach you how to cross-stitch. What precious memories you must have of your times together doing this!

  13. Thank you, Ellen! :) How wonderful that you also cross-stitch! I enjoyed seeing the one on your blog that you are working on. :) It does help when learning new skills to have a good teacher, and maybe someday you will be able to have one who could help you with the crochet and sewing. Thankfully there are quite a few good instruction books out there that can help a bit as well. We’ve made good use of our library!

    Yes, I do plan to frame the cross-stitch, but I am not sure when. Hopefully soon! :)

  14. Thank you, Desiree! That is wonderful that you are learning to cross-stitch, and that your mother is teaching you as well! I am sure that you have some wonderful times together doing this. :) The cross-stitch that you are working on sounds very nice! And your mother’s cross-stitches sound lovely! Thank you for sharing about them. :) Where do you all get the patterns for your cross-stitches? I am always on the look-out for Scripture cross-stitches as these are my favorites to do!

  15. Thank you, Ashley, for your sweet comment! :) That is wonderful that you were able to find some nice cross-stitch patterns at a thrift store recently. Stores like that as well as garage sales are pretty much where all of our patterns have come from. It is quite hard nowadays to find new patterns that are the type that we would like to make! Have you ever come across any of Paula Vaughn’s cross-stitch patterns? She has quite a few books and leaflets that are very nice (and has a whole quilt series of cross-stitches which Leah’s last one and the one that I am working on are from.)

    I hope that you have a wonderful day as well! And I look forward to seeing either your cross-stitch patterns or the completed cross-stitches someday! :)

  16. Thank you, Rose, for your encouraging comment! That is exciting that you will be getting a new cross-stitch book soon. :) Those Jo-Ann coupons are wonderful aren’t they?! Have fun cross-stitching!

  17. Well, most of them she saw just as a picture and she added the verses. But my mom says that to look at a craft store (Michael's) or here is a site Hope this helps:)

  18. Thank you for answering my question, Desiree! And thank you for sharing the link . . . I look forward to looking at the cross-stitches! Thank you again! (and please thank your mother for me, too. :)

  19. Hi Sarah!

    The Curtains are navy blue on either side, and in the middle is a lace white curtain, which I did not make. Unfortunatly, I have not been able to use the serger yet, but I hope to get it working soon!

    Have a lovely evening, Sarah!

  20. They sound pretty, Ashley! I hope that you will be able to get the serger working soon so that you can finish the curtains. Have fun making them!


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