Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Days

September is one of my favorite months of the year as it marks the first day of fall, is the month of our annual Family Reunion, is when the leaves begin to change colors and fall from the trees, is the time of evenings with the windows open and cool, pleasant breezes coming in along with the sound of singing cicadas . . . it is also the time for goldenrod. While most commonly known as a cause of unwelcome allergies, goldenrod also dries wonderfully and then can be used in arrangements. So with the warm sunshine shining down upon me, clear blue skies above, and the companionship of Lassie, I cut goldenrod and a variety of wild grasses as well . . .
The goldenrod amidst other wild plants (and weeds! :)

All cut and ready to be brought inside to be hung up and dried

Lassie - she seemed quite glad to be out to wander at her leisure as shortly before this, I had groomed her and she does not especially care for that!

The goldenrod and grasses hanging upside down to dry

And while the beginning of September usually indicates the end of the vegetable garden each year, the garden has continued to produce some things in small quantities which we have been enjoying . . .

Green peppers, a few tomatoes (from a volunteer tomato plant :), one summer squash, some cucumbers, and the last of the watermelons (the big one on the left weighed 32 1/2 pounds!)

The marigolds in the garden have also continued to bloom profusely, and it seems a bit strange to see the vibrant colors of their flowers and the lush green leaves amidst the dying pumpkin plants which are near them . . .

I have been harvesting the seed heads from the marigold plants and am saving the seeds so that we'll have some to plant next year . . .

Doing this brings back memories, as when I was a little girl (eight maybe?) we had a bunch of marigolds planted in the front of our house, and I decided that I was going to harvest the seeds from them and save them. I worked and worked pulling off the seed heads, opening them up and removing the seeds, and eventually ended up with a pint mason jar just about filled with seeds. While I did not get that many this time, there will be plenty to plant in the vegetable garden next year . . .

And so the lovely September days will continue . . . and we will continue to enjoy the cool evening breezes, the smell of the crisp air in the morning, the changing colors of the leaves, and the different activities and events that fall within this month. And likely before we know it, October will have arrived!


  1. What an enjoyable post, Sarah!

    I love Fall!! It is without a doubt my favorite time of year!!

    I am looking forward to the blustery days coming ahead! I just love windy weather, don't you??

    Goldenrod is a lovely plant! Is it considered to be part of the flower family??

    Your harvest from your garden is amazing! What lovely melons! I am guessing you had a large smile on your face when you saw them growing!!

    How fun to have a Family Reunion! I bet that is exciting and your looking forward to it! What do you you usually do, for it?

    Have a lovely rest of the day, Sarah!

    October will be here soon! Just think, in less than a month.. it will be a year since we first met!! My how time flys!!

    Love and Hugs!
    And yes, a reply is coming to your email....*smile*

  2. The watermelon makes my mouth water.

  3. Such nice pictures! Down where I live we don't get the seasons. But I love pictures from them!

  4. I love September too! Goldenrod is a beautiful plant. Marigolds can be used for dyeing wool and wool products. I believe it makes a yellow.
    I gotta go now and help prepare chile for dinner!

    Can I put you blog on "my favorite blogs" list? Or would you rather me not?
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Goldenrod is such a pretty flower. I don't have it here. So you dry it and then make a tea out of it? Thank you for the lovely photo's~I also love the fall~God bless,Rose

  6. I too enjoy the month of September, especially this years! To me, this particular month is when the temperatures cool down and things become more fall like. The past several years have had 'hot' Septembers, so this years has been a real treat with cooler temps. and lovely weather!!

    The first summer we moved out here, I collected marigold seeds from the tiny plants that were scattered around our back drive. The next spring I planted them... they produced some of the largest and quickest growing/flowering plants that I have ever seen!! I saved seed from those plants, but they didn't germinate the next spring. I love marigolds... just love them!! I do hope yours sprout for you! :o)


  7. The watermelons are picture perfect Sarah.
    I too love Fall....just sad to see my herbs starting to fizzle as I do enjoy them fresh (dried are yummy too of course)
    I enjoy dried flowers..always have. I have some statice(maybe not spelled correctly) from several years ago that still looks wonderful. :)

  8. Yes, September is a beautiful month. Ours are little colder than yours, I would think, but still beautiful. I have heard before that goldenrod is not at all at fault for allergies. It is actually ragweed, which is very similar in appearance. Have you ever heard this or do you know if it is true?

  9. I've had a nice time visiting your blog again Sarah. It's been awhile since I last stopped by.

    This is such a lovely time of year:). I really enjoy fall.

  10. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Ashley! Fall is one of my favorite times of year as well, though, spring is at the top of my list of favorite seasons! Yes, I do enjoy windy weather . . . and it always is more common in the fall which is another reason why appreciate this season. :)

    Goldenrod is a wildflower, and it blooms about this time every year. I noticed a lot of it today when we were out driving around!

    Yes, I did often have a smile on my face when looking at the melons while they grew. :) I have wanted to grow watermelon since I was a little girl, and it was exciting to be able to have the opportunity to grow it this year!

    At our family reunion, we usually spend a couple of days together with family, talking, reminiscing, and enjoying time together. We also have several potluck meals, and then a yearly tradition that we have is going out to my great-great-grandparent’s homestead. Some of the buildings are beginning to fall down, but it is always so interesting and fun to go out there and look at everything!

    I hope that you have a lovely weekend as well!

  11. Well, if you lived closer, Amy, I would share some of it with you! :)

  12. Thank you, Desiree! I am glad that you enjoyed the photos. :)

  13. I did not know that marigolds can be used for dying wool, Hannah! Have you done it before? Is it difficult to do?

    You are more than welcome to add my blog to your favorite blogs list! Thank you for asking. :)

    I hope that you have a wonderful day as well!

  14. It is, Rose! I love the vibrant yellow of its flowers. :) The goldenrod that I dry, I use in flower arrangements and things like that. I have never made tea out of it, and have never heard of doing that before! It sounds like an interesting idea. :)

    I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, and I hope that you all have a delightful fall!

  15. This September has been a more pleasant one here in Missouri as well, Ashley! Cooler and more ‘fallish’ feeling . . . I love it!! I am glad that you also are enjoying such lovely weather down there. :)

    Thank you for sharing about your Marigold seed harvesting! I enjoyed hearing about it. :) Hmm . . . I wonder why the seeds did not germinate for you . . . that is curious! I love marigolds as well!! And I am really liking having them in the vegetable garden as they add quite a bit of cheer to it. Though, I am not so sure that they actually helped keep any squash bugs away! :)

  16. Thank you, Ellen! Yes, it is sad to see the herbs finishing up for the season. I was looking at mine the other day and all that is left that looks harvestable is some parsley and thyme (and maybe some basil.) What types of herbs do you grow?

    I, too, enjoy dried flowers! And statice has to be one of the prettiest dried flowers. We tried growing some several years ago, but were not successful at it, but I want to try growing it again as its flowers dry so beautifully!

  17. It is, Anna! Yes, I would imagine that your fall season is cooler than ours! Hmm . . . that is interesting that goldenrod may not be at fault for allergies. I had not heard that before! Thank you for sharing. :) I do know that ragweed is a great cause of allergies, and thankfully we do not have as much of that around as what we used to!

  18. Thank you so much for your comment, Emily! It was wonderful hearing from you again. :) And I would agree, fall is a lovely time of year!

  19. Hello Sarah,
    Sorry I took so long to answer your question.
    I have never dyed wool with marigolds myself. I am sure it is not too hard to do. Me, Mama and my sister Grace all want to start doing the natural dyes from plants instead of commercial dyes. So I have read about using marigolds but have not done it yet!
    Have you ever dyed yarn, wool, or anything else with dyes from plants? If you have, I would be interested I hearing how it worked for you!
    ~ Hannah

  20. That is fine, Hannah, that it took awhile for you to respond! I understand. :)

    How neat that you and your Mama and your sister are wanting to start using natural dyes from plants! I have never done anything like that before, but it certainly sounds interesting. I hope that it goes very well for you all!


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