Friday, October 2, 2009

A Girls Group Tea Party

Awhile back, a dear lady who found out about our girls group, blessed us by sending a big box of tea party items to us so that we could have a tea with the girls. We were so thankful to her for her generosity and were greatly looking forward to when we could do this with the girls! As it was going to be such a special time, we decided to save it until our girls group 'anniversary.' (August 31st marked three years since we first began! Though we were not able to have the tea party until this week as we wanted to wait until every girl was able to be present for it.) What fun Leah and I had preparing for this! Using the tea party book that was included with all of the other things, we made some special treats for the day . . .

Hmm . . . what could all this be for?

Little hat cookies! Which were favors for the girls to bring home

Leah frosting the hat cake . . . we had made the brim and crown of the hat the day before so it was all ready to frost the day of the tea party.

Then came the decorating! This is the first cake that I have ever decorated using special 'tools' so it was kind of an experiment, and it was fun to do!

As little by little, things were crossed off of our long 'to-do' list, excitement began to build even more! Leah and I were a bit curious how the hat cookies and hat cake would turn out given our very lacking decorating experience, but thankfully, they turned out okay!

This is what was set up by each girl's plate . . . a hat cookie and a namecard

The finished cake (the flowers are 'fake' ones . . . I did not make them with frosting! That is quite a bit too far beyond my capabilities! :)

Finally, everything was ready and waiting . . .

The table

The little sandwiches (we used my small pastry cutters to make these into stars, leaves, hearts, and other similar shapes)

When the girls began arriving, we first gathered in the living room and gave the girls their new journals . . .

Some of the new notebooks

They have had their old ones for several years now and many of them were getting very full! Leah designed the covers for the new journals as well as came up with the great idea to put dividers in them . . .

The dividers

Then it was time to go over proper table etiquette, and once we had read and discussed each of the points on the etiquette sheets that we had made, it was time for the tea!

The table once more only there is something new added now . . . Some of the girls brought adorable little pumpkin muffins which were a wonderful addition to the tea!

The girls filed into the dining room, found their seats, and we began . . . unfortuna
tely, we were having such a wonderful time during the tea, that I forgot to take any photos until near the end! Well, you can just imagine the delicate lifting of the tea cups, the enjoyment of the treats, the pleasant conversation, and the smiles and laughter that were intermingled with it all. :)

All of the girls (save one who was unexpectedly not able to come this day)

After the tea was finished, we went through the rest of the etiquette sheet and the girls wrote in their journals . . .

The front of the etiquette sheet

Writing in her journal

. . . we went outside and took our annual 'group photo' . . .

. . . and we then began a game indoors. . .

I wonder what she could be drawing?

They're wondering, too! Eventually they figured it out. :)

In past times with the girls, we have played a game where they can either draw something that we have done in girls group on the board and the other girls have to guess what it is, or they can think of something from girls group and the rest of the girls have to ask 'yes' or 'no' questions until they discover what it is. We played this for awhile and had so much fun!

Our couple of hours with the girls were flying by quickly, but there was yet one more thing to do . . . one of the things included in the special box that we had received, was little bags to be used as 'button bags' for the girls. We had put some buttons in each of the bags, and then the girls chose which bag they would like to have (they were all different colors.) The girls loved the little button bags!

Before long, it was time for the girls to gather up their notebooks and their 'favors' and then say our goodbyes. What a special, special afternoon it was, and thank you so much Miss Lila, for making it possible! The girls, as well as Leah and I, had such a wonderful time and now have many special memories of this day!


  1. Oh I LOVE tea parties! Me and My friend Haley would have them all the time when she lived here in MI. We would dress up all prim and proper and rub our cheeks to make them pink! That was a few years ago, but when we see each other we always make sure we have a tea party!
    I have been thinking about doing a tea party this winter, but I don't know if I will yet or not.
    I like the hat theme...and I think you did a lovely job on decorating!
    It looks like you and the girls had a wonderful time together!

  2. It looks like all of you had a lovely time! Tea parties are so much fun!

  3. Hi Sarah~what a nice group of girls you have coming to your house for Bible study and a Tea party, too!! How fun! I received your beautiful blouse that you made me with the scrunchie and tie for my hair~it is lovely and fits perfectly. I am going to wear the whole outfit either tomorrow or the next day on my Feelin' Feminine Challenge. I have worn the skirt you made me for the last 2 days~it is so warm and cozy feeling. God bless you, Rose

  4. What a fun wonderful time and what a huge blessing of all the things that the lady made for this to be.
    I love seeing the pictures and smiles as the girls check it all out.
    I can see the girls will talk for years to come and to one day their own kids of these special times and all they learned and did.


  5. Oh what huge fun for you all. I wish I belonged to your group. what a blessing you are.

    Some ladies here make teacup cookies. The start out like your hat bisuits but a handle is made out of half a life saver and a topping of some sort of sweet (we use Freckles in Australia) is added.

    May I steal the hat idea for my daughter's 13th birthday next week? It is always a difficult day as it is her brother's 18th that day too. So I need something easy and feminine and something masculine too.

  6. I've been a lurker for awhile, but I had to comment today! I LOVE tea parties. Your hat cake and favors are wonderful! What did you use for the crown of the hat?

  7. It sounds like you and your friend Haley had many fun times together having tea parties, Hannah! What wonderful memories you must have. :)

    A winter tea party sounds like a great thing to have during those cold days . . . a little bit of warmth and sunshine indoors when it is dreary and cold outdoors!

    Thank you for your sweet words! :) Yes, we did have such a wonderful time with the girls!

  8. It was a lovely time, Amy, and yes, tea parties are so much fun! :)

  9. Thank you, Rose, for your kind words! :)

    I am so glad that you like the blouse and the hair scrunchie and tie! I look forward to seeing a photo of you wearing them. :)

  10. Yes, it was a very great blessing, Kathleen, that the lady shared all of these things that made this wonderful time possible!

    Thank you so much for your comment! It was a blessing to me to read! :)

  11. It was good to hear from you again, Suze! Thank you for the comment, and for your words of encouragement. :)

    What a neat idea to make teacup cookies! I had never thought of that before, but what a creative idea it is. Thank you for sharing!

    You are more than welcome to use the hat idea for your daughter’s birthday! How very thoughtful that you seek to make your children’s birthdays special for them. :) I hope that they both have wonderful birthdays!

  12. Thank you so much for coming out of ‘lurking’ and commenting, Senkyoshi! :) It was wonderful hearing from you! Tea parties are so fun, aren’t they?!

    For the crown of the hat, we baked part of the cake batter in a round, oven-proof bowl. We had never done this before, but it turned out okay! Though, it was a little too tall so we had to cut it down to make it a little shorter. :)

    Thank you for your kind words! :)

  13. Would you mind telling us what different categories you have in the notebooks? They look interesting.
    Good job girls!

  14. I would be happy to, Anonymous! Right now the sections we have are for: Bible Study Notes, Journal (where they write about what we did that day), Gardening (for notes, reference sheets, etc.), Review Notes (which we type out occasionally and give to the girls), Crafts, Scrapbook, and Other . . . those are the sections that are in the notebooks now, but there may be more added later on if need arises!

    Thank you for the encouragement! :)

  15. Thank you for giving us the categories. We can use some of these ideas with our children. God bless.

  16. What a perfect tea party that was! Your baking was so attractive, I loved the little hats!

  17. Dearsest Sarah and Leah,
    How beautiful! It was just what I had imagined for you and the girls. You have honored me by carrying on this lovely tradition. The girls look like they had fun and I'm hoping learned a thing or two about table manners from you two. Maybe when they have little girls of their own they will remember this special day and carry on the tradition.
    Thank you both for such an uplifting blog. I look forward to it everyday and if I happen to miss it, I feel as though something is lacking from my day!

    Much Love to you, your family and to the girls!

    Miss Lila

  18. Wow Sarah!!! You and Leah did a great job on everything! The cake looks.... well, maybe you'll come down and decorate our next two birthday cakes???!!! :o)It looks terrific!

    I imagine that the girls will remember the tea party for many years. The care that you and Leah put into it is so evident!

    Have a great day!

  19. You’re welcome, Anonymous! I hope that the ideas work well for you and your children! :)

  20. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind words! :)

  21. Thank you so much for your comment, Miss Lila! We were so glad to hear that you liked the post!! We were hoping that you would. :) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the girls carried on the tea party tradition?! It was so fun that we might have to have another one with them sometime! :)

    Thank you also for your encouraging and sweet words! They were a blessing to us. :) I am so glad that you enjoy the blog so much! And I always enjoy your comments, too! Thank you!

  22. Thank you, Ashley, for your enthusiastic and sweet comment! It brought a smile to both of our faces. :)

    Me? Decorate your all’s birthday cakes??? That could certainly be interesting! ;) You know, photos can be deceiving . . . the cake did not look nearly as good when you got up close and looked at it!

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! And I hope that you have a great day as well!

  23. Sarah,

    Pip is so excited that you took time to reply! A few days to go. There are big plans afoot everywhere right now. God bless.


  24. I so wish I had had young ladies like you and your sister to lead us (my sisters and I) when we were growing up. These girls are very blessed! Keep up the godly work. :)


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