Friday, April 2, 2010

Girls Group

It has been quite a long time since the last girls group post (I am hoping to get back to posting girls group posts more regularly now!), and yesterday I sorted through photos from our times together over the past month or so. How enjoyable it was to see them and to remember back to the fun afternoons spent together! To catch-up a bit, this post will be about our time together this week, and then the post right below this one is of photos from the four previous weeks.


Our time together with the girls this week was such a wonderful one! Three of the girls (who are sisters) arrived a bit early, so we had some time to spend visiting with them which was really nice. One of the sisters had also brought a special treat to share with everyone . . .

It was so thoughtful of her to think of the girls, to make these cupcakes for them, and then to bring them!

Awhile later, Leah and I were blessed yet again when one of the girls and her little sister (who doesn't come to girls group yet as she is still a little too young) surprised us with these flowers that they had picked for us . . .

So all that made for a wonderful beginning of our wonderful afternoon together!

Before going further and in order for our project and lesson that we did this week to make sense to you all, I need to back up a bit . . . awhile back, I found out about a website from a good friend of mine that had a large number of articles on scriptural topics as well as a bunch of lessons used in Sunday school type of settings. This gave Leah and I an idea . . . would these lessons perhaps work for girls group? They would be something a little different, and perhaps having something to read and to follow along with would be helpful to the girls. So together Leah and I perused the website and were excited with what we saw! Thus, about a month ago, we began with a series of lessons on topics such as growing in the Lord, repenting of sin, and the one that we are currently working through: reading and studying our Bibles. So far the girls have really enjoyed doing this! And now with having these lessons, Leah and I are planning to intermix them with the lessons that we come up with ourselves which will add variety and a different perspective as well.

With that all explained now :), our project for the day was making these . . .

The girls chose the color of paper they wanted, put on the white piece in the middles, decorated around the edges making a 'frame', and then wrote the ten main points given in the lesson that we are slowly working our way through (we're going to be doing number seven next.) The girls worked so carefully and the time flew by!

Hmm . . . which stamp to use?

Writing out the ten points

We loved seeing the girl's finished sheets and their creativity! Once the sheets were all done, we talked about how we can use them as reminders to us for when we read our Bibles. Then we gathered in the living room and finished number five (read inquisitively, asking questions - who? what? when? where? is this a command? a promise? etc.) and then we began number six (reading lovingly recognizing that this is the word of God that He has given to us.)

By the time we were finished with the lesson, there was just enough time to enjoy the cupcakes together before saying our goodbyes . . . So continuing work on the potpourri sachets will have to wait until next week! :)


  1. You do have some lovely ideas for your group.

  2. I can almost-but-not-quite read the reminders on your whiteboard, of how to read the Bible. Would you mind posting them? They look very good.

    ~ Betsy

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth! :)

  4. I do not mind at all, Betsy! I should have thought to do that right at the beginning. :) Here they are:

    1. Read Regularly
    2. Read Slowly
    3. Read from Beginning to End
    4. Read Carefully
    5. Read Inquisitively (Asking Questions)
    6. Read Lovingly
    7. Read Prayerfully
    8. Pass It On [i.e. share what you learn]
    9. Meditate On It
    10. Live It Out

  5. A beautiful post, Sarah! I also copied them down for my girls to write! God bless, Rose

  6. Thank you, Rose! :) I hope that the ten points will be a help to your girls!


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