Monday, April 5, 2010

Life at Home

We have been continuing to work on clearing out the trees and have made quite a bit of progress! I'm not sure how many trees have been cut down total now, but it is a lot. And so little by little they are being sawed/chopped/broken up . . .

One area where trees were taken down . . . these trees were mostly dead so we just broke them up (except the big branches which Dad will saw)

Mom cutting up the smaller branches

Leah after we were finished up for the day

It looks kind of like a mess doesn't it?! But it is progress! :)

Once we got as much cut up and broken up as we could, Dad went in with the chainsaw and cut up a bunch of logs which I hauled away with the wheelbarrow and then stacked . . .

Did that ever bring back memories! Many years ago, we had an old wood stove (which we ended up needing to take out when I was about twelve or so for a number of reasons), and every winter we'd get a big load of chopped wood. Ryan's, Leah's, and my job was to stack up all that wood . . . what fun we would have doing that together! Though, it was always a long and tiring job and one that normally took us quite awhile to finish! I can also remember at least once where we had to unstack one of our stacks as we had made it so that it was leaning quite a bit one way. After that experience, we were much more careful to keep the stack straight while we were making it! :) Anyway, Dad still has a bunch of large branches and trunks of the trees to saw up so there will be a lot more hauling and stacking over the next little while!

Back in the area where I was stacking the logs, there is a beautiful view of the pasture which is always nice to see . . .

The grass is really greening up! And while you can't tell in the photo, many of the trees are heavy with buds and some have leaves out on them as well. I can hardly wait until they are all green again!

In the midst of all the outdoor work, much more has been taking place here including all the regular day to day tasks such as cooking, baking, cleaning, laundry and other related things. I have also started hardening off the tomato plants . . .

They have gotten so tall! (We started them inside a little too early I found, and also our spring came later than normal this year.) I am hoping to be able to get them planted out in the garden this week . . . then we can look forward to fresh from the garden tomatoes!

Leah and I have also been working on getting the vegetable garden all mapped out with keeping in mind crop rotation, sunlight, soil types and things like that. It has been fun so far!

Me drawing out the dimensions of the garden - it's a really strange shape so that was a bit interesting to do!

And throughout the day to day busy-ness, little things come up which add variety, interest, enjoyment and sometimes entertainment to our lives. Little things like a little baby squirrel (who's mom must have died) . . . we found it in our barn the other day and since then, it's been sticking around our back yard. It's pretty tame, and is so fun to watch! Though the poor thing was so hungry at first so we put out some sunflower seeds and some water for it which it has been enjoying. Isn't it cute?

Our little squirrel :)


  1. Hi Sarah!

    I loved all the photos from the last 4 or so posts you've done! Your little squirrel is so cute!

    It looks like you've been having a productive time with your girls group. You inspire me to want to get busy with my own girls...we've hardly been at home the past few days, though (still house hunting). As soon as things quiet down here I hope we can do more homemaking things again. That's so encouraging that the sisters went home and made a meal for their family! What a blessing it will be to them in the future to have learned to cook and sew and all the other homemaking skills you and Leah have taught them!

    Your daffodils look while driving we saw a whole field of them (completely full of them) and horses peacefully grazing in the midst of them. It was so beautiful, I wish I could have gotten a picture of it!

  2. Sarah you have been busy the little suirrel looks so cute!! I look forward to seeing your finished gareden.Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Have a great week. Marie x

  3. I love your and your sisters' hair...Do you ever cut it?

  4. When we had our sheep farm I used to collect and stack our wood for the fuel stove. My husband would cut a dead tree down and then cut it into smaller pieces and I would load the truck and then unload it when we got back to the house. I loved doing that and it kept me very fit as we did it about once a week. What I did not like was the occasional huntsman spider would run along the log I was stacking and I would scream and drop the log. I am terrified of them. But I to have very fond memories of stacking wood.

    Blessings Gail

  5. Y'all have most certainly been delightfully busy, Sarah! I bet the place is really beginning to open up as you bring down the trees and haul them off. It's going to look really neat once it's all done!

    The tomato plants looks really good! Just seeing them has me itching to get out in my garden (it doesn't take much these days... I'm afraid I finally caught 'the bug'/spring fever! :o)! We have plants that we are slowly beginning to harden off and plant outdoors... I love this time of year. It's simply wonderful!

    Have a wonderful day, Sarah!

  6. Hi Sarah and Leah~Your place is so beautiful! You all do so much~that's a good way to stay in shape and stay healthy. I love the tomato plants you are growing~I see your mom is out there, too. Enjoy this nice weather~I am so happy that the winter is gone and spring is upon us. God bless, Rose

  7. When I was little,my grandparents lived about 2 hours away. We would go to visit and when it was warm, there was a turtle who would come faithfully each morning to the back garden(a shade garden) and my grandmother would give him carrots. That little squirrel reminded me of that for some reason...:)

    The flowers are so pretty..I am a few posts behind but have enjoyed your pictures and seeing what you have been up to.

    We are very warm and things are budding early this year compared to is to be 91* today!

    Enjoy your day Sarah!

  8. Sarah...what does it mean to "harden off" tomatoes?

    ~ Betsy

  9. Thank you for your comment, Joy! And I’m glad that you enjoyed all of the photos. :)

    I would imagine with the house hunting and all, it would be more difficult to find time for all that you would like to do. :) Maybe soon you'll have the opportunity to do some homemaking things with your girls again! I’m sure you all would love doing that together!

    Yes, it was so encouraging that the girls made a meal for their family! Seeing them put into practice what their learning is always such a blessing. Thank you for your encouraging words!

    I can’t imagine how beautiful a whole field of daffodils would be! And with horses grazing in it as well . . . how very beautiful it must have been!

  10. Thank you for your comment, Marie! And you’re welcome. :) Hopefully we'll be able to get the garden planted soon so then I'll have photos to share of it. I'm really looking forward to having the garden all green with growing things again!

    I hope that you have a great week as well!

  11. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous! And yes, we do cut our hair. :)

  12. Thank you for sharing that memory, Gail! I enjoyed reading it! That’s nice that you have such fond memories of stacking wood with your husband. :) It sounds like fun! (All but the spiders that is! :)

  13. We have been, Ashley! It is really starting to open up now, and just think, you’ll be seeing it in person very soon! :)

    So you finally caught the spring fever bug! :) Like you, I, too, love this wonderful time of year. Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to put all your plants out in the garden soon!

    I hope that you have a wonderful day as well!

  14. Thank you, Rose, for your kind comment! :) We have been enjoying the beautiful weather, and I hope that you have been able to! Like you, I am glad winter is gone and spring is here . . . I just love this time of year!

  15. What a fun memory, Ellen, and thank you for sharing it! I’m sure you and your siblings had a lot of fun visiting the turtle. :) It sounds like he picked a good garden to call his home! :)

    Wow! 91 degrees! That sounds more like summer than spring. :) It doesn’t seem that long ago when you left a comment and said that you all were getting several feet of snow. It’s amazing how quickly the seasons can change! Enjoy your beautiful spring days!

  16. Hello Betsy! Hardening off tomatoes (or any plant for that matter) is basically slowly acclimating them to the outdoors. First you put them outdoors for a few hours and then as the days go by, you gradually increase their time outdoors. This helps them slowly get used to sunshine, wind, and varying temperatures . . . which are all things that were absent from their environment while being grown indoors. Once the plants are all hardened off, then they can be planted in the garden. I hope that helps to answer your question! :)


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