Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Week Together - Part 1

What a wonderful, busy, enjoyable, and eventful past week this was! I have so many photos from our times together with Ashley and her family so instead of doing one big post, there will be several 'smaller' ones . . .

Our first full day together was pretty relaxing with Sunday morning and early afternoon being spent with brothers and sisters in the Lord which was a blessing and encouragement. And then the rest of the afternoon was spent out at Ryan's place looking at everything (everyone but Leah and I, that is, as we stayed home to put together dinner.) This was the first time that Ashley and her family had seen the house 'in person', so it was exciting for everyone!


Monday the guys spent most of the day out working while we ladies and Sawyer spent the morning visiting local antique stores. We have somewhat of a 'tradition' that whenever we get together, we try to fit in at least a little bit of antiquing. :) And as usual, we had so much fun! We also went grocery shopping to get some things for an unexpected trip . . . Saturday evening, which was the night the Castlebury's arrived, we received word that our Aunt Frances (my Dad's aunt), who we were quite close to, had unexpectedly passed away. So Dad and Mom were going to go up to the funeral and Leah and I decided to go with them. It's a nine to ten hour drive one way, so we went up on Tuesday and came back on Wednesday after the funeral and luncheon (and there will be more about all that in a later post.)

After all of our errands were run on Monday morning, we brought lunch out to the guys . . .

Break time!
Ryan and Ashley going for a walk together

And now back to work.
Thank you Mr. M for all of your help this day!

Tuesday and Wednesday

While we were gone, Ashley took some photos of the work done on the house, and now the metal roofing is all on! Talk about exciting!!! Great job, guys!

Sayre and Ryan up working on the roof

Ryan, Sayre and Mr. Castlebury working on the porch roof

Mr. Castlebury and Sayre working on cutting the metal roofing (it was so loud that they had to wear ear protection while doing this.)

Up goes another sheet!

Ryan screwing down a piece of metal roofing


Just about every day while the guys were out working, we ladies would bring out lunch for them and spend some time out there. Mom and Mrs. Castlebury were usually the ones to put it together . . .

And when we weren't out at Ryan's place or out antiquing/running errands, Leah, Ashley and I had such wonderful times together doing things like taking care of outside chores, talking together (what wonderful conversations we had!) and playing piano duets . . .

And of course, playing with Sawyer and reading him stories, too. :)

And in addition to all of this, Mrs. Castlebury helped me do 'surgery' on an old Montgomery Ward sewing machine that I had gotten for hardly anything at a garage sale. The motor and all ran smoothly once Ryan had tightened up the belt, but something was wrong with the bobbin/shuttle area. After some work and research on the internet, we figured out the problem . . . a broken gear! (Thank you for your help, Mrs. Castlebury, in figuring this out!) I also had finished the mock-up for my bridesmaids dress, so Ashley and Mrs. Castlebury took a look at it to see what changes needed to be made . . . now it's time to start on the 'real' dress!

Then, of course, there were all the wonderful conversations, the laughter and teasing, the walks, taking care of the animals, and much more! And for Ryan and Ashley, lots of wedding planning, house planning, and things along those lines, too. :)

To be continued . . .


  1. What a wonderful and exciting time you all had together! Thank you for sharing a bit of it with us :).

  2. What a beautiful time Sarah!
    Thanks for sharing all the pictures :)
    Playing piano duets. . . that sounds like fun! I think I want to eventually learn how to read notes so that way I could play a duet or another piece of music. . . maybe sometime I will get a few lessons :)
    I really like your new picture! Did you sew the lovely blouse you are wearing?? It is SO pretty! I like sleeves like that so much!
    Looking forward to the rest of 'the visit' posts!

  3. Looks like a fun week! Lookin forward to part 2!!! :D

  4. Lovely photos, especially those two smiling Moms. Sounds like you are having a great time together.

    Blessings Gail

  5. Sarah...what is a "mock-up" of a dress? Is this something you sew before you sew the real dress?

    The metal roof is an interesting idea. I'm wondering if any other material goes over it? If not, would that make it very loud inside when it rains?

    Looks as though quite a few of the Castlebury's were there. I'd be interested to know how you arranged things to accommodate everyone.:-) You must have lots of cots or sleeper sofas?

    ~ Betsy

  6. It sounds like a wonderful time for you all. I am pleased you managed to fix the sewing machine.

  7. Dear Leah~these are very special photo's~especially of Ashley and your brother! The Lord has truly brought them together~it gives me encouragement and hope that even if 2 Christians live so far away from each other God can bring them together for His good! Has Ryan ever thought of submitting these photo's of building the house to a Christian magazine? Or maybe writing a manual on it? It looks and sounds like Jesus has blessed each and every one with true friendship and now a soon to be new sister! Have a wonderful day, Rose

  8. I can imagine how excited Ashley was to see the house....sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting.
    I am so sorry to hear of your Aunts passing Sarah.

  9. You’re welcome, Anna! :) And thank you for your comment!

  10. Thank you for your comment, Hannah! And you’re welcome. :) There will be more photos coming soon!

    Playing piano duets is so fun! My sister and I have been playing them since we were little, and now it has been so nice to have someone else to play them with as well. I’m sure that you would enjoy playing them once you learned how to read the notes!

    No, I did not sew the blouse – it was a thrift store find :) (I love shopping at thrift stores!) I do hope to draft a pattern off of it, though, so that we can make some more of them sometime!

  11. It was, Taylor! Part two will be coming soon! :)

  12. Thank you, Gail! Yes, we did have a great time together. :)

  13. A mock-up, Betsy, is simply a ‘practice’ dress to check the fitting, and it’s made out of either muslin, or in my case, a cheap wal-mart fabric. :) By doing the practice one first, all the altering can be done prior to starting on the real dress.

    No, there is no material that goes over the metal roof and as the roof will be insulated underneath, it won’t be very loud inside when it rains. Metal roofs have been becoming more and more common around here the past several years!

    As far as accommodations, floor and sleeping bags work great! :) A friend of ours had also loaned us two cots which was nice as well.

  14. It was a wonderful time, Suze! Unfortunately, the machine isn’t fixed yet, but at least we know what it needs now! :)

  15. Thank you for your sweet comment, Rose! It is encouraging to see how the Lord worked to bring them together. What a comfort and blessing to know that He will work in our lives if we trust Him and seek His will!

    No, Ryan hasn’t thought of anything like that before . . . I’ll share your thoughts/ideas with him! :)

  16. It was a wonderful time, Ellen! And yes, Ashley seemed pretty excited to see the house. :)

    Thank you for your kind words of sympathy . . . they were appreciated!


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