Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Week Together - Part 3


Saturday was our last full day together, and we enjoyed it to the fullest! And stayed up rather late, too. :) But that wasn't anything unusual! I think we got to bed after eleven just about every night and were up around 6:00 every morning. One night, Ashley, Leah and I even stayed up until after one o'clock talking as there was so much to catch up on!

The dear mothers

Ryan and Ashley

"You're not really taking a photo . . . are you?"
Meanwhile, Sayre, avoids the camera by hiding behind me :)


Leah on the stairs (which were just installed!) leading to the upstairs

Ryan and Ashley upstairs by the window that the guys had put in that afternoon (and this window was the last one that needed to go in! Exciting!)

Having fun together :)

Looking out the upstairs window at Leah, Sayre and Sawyer

The stairs and opening as viewed from the downstairs (the kitchen/living area is on the right and the bathroom and bedrooms are on the left.)

Mr. Castlebury finishing putting sheetrock in the pantry

The house from the front/side view (the big porch is so nice! Perfect for a porch swing or rocking chairs. :)

And from the side/back (the window upstairs is the one they had just put in.)

The deep hole that Sayre dug for the waterline

Sawyer and I having some snuggle and play time together the last evening that they were here

Sayre figuring out how Leah's metronome works (we went to a garage sale that had some antiques, and she found this for a dollar!)

And thus concluded our last full day together . . . it was sad to say goodbye, but there are now so many special and wonderful memories that we all have! And the next planned time when all of us will be getting together will be July for the wedding . . . how very much we have to look forward to and plan for!


  1. Very sweet. The house is really coming along. It's neat that the Castlebury's got to help, and that Ashley got to help choose some colors. You should do a post on how your families met.

  2. Once again, thank you for sharing a little of your time with us! It is so exciting to see how everything is coming. How many brothers does Ashley have? How old is Sawyer? He is a very sweet little boy; I especially like what you said about him in the last post, how he was sticking around you! The photos of Ryan and Ashley are wonderful, a reminder of God's perfect ways.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time together, Sarah! Sawyer looks like such a sweetie. :)

  4. This has been a perfect week. Thankyou for sharing it with us.

    Blessings Gail

  5. Hi Sarah~the house is beautiful!! I see Ashley and Ryan are very happy together~I see your mom and Leah are enjoying themselves also with Ashley's mom. You really take wonderful photo's~they are so inspiring and encouraging. God bless,Rose

  6. The house is so lovely! I am so happy for you brother. Do you plan to do a post on how this relationship stated and and where it has gone? The little boy looks so sweet:)


  7. Dear Sarah~

    We really enjoyed seeing all the photos from your time together! It looks like you had a wonderful and productive time!

    It's so exciting to see the new house coming together, too!

    I had to comment on how CUTE Sawyer is! Especially how he called you "Sawah!" I think he and Faith are the same age (she's four), and she still can't say her "r's" and it is so cute! We all love to hear her little voice and the funny things she says!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing all your sweet photos! Ryan and Ashley look so happy together! :)

  8. Sawyer is just the most adorable little to my Josiah, of course!:-) Ashley's marriage is wonderful and yet bittersweet as well...he is going to miss his big sister when she moves so very far away. I remember my brother was Sawyer's age when I moved away to boarding school, and he missed me so very much! Ashley--and his two NEW big sisters--will need to be proactive in staying in touch with him, as well as with the rest of the family.

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures and memories!

    ~ Betsy

  9. Thank you for the comment, Anonymous! Maybe sometime I’ll post more about how our families met and the events that followed. :) In a very brief nutshell, though . . . Ashley had come across my blog after following a series of links, and then after visiting it for awhile, she left a comment. So that’s how we all first ‘met’! :)

  10. I notice that Sayre is quite crafty at not getting his photo taken. :)
    Sawyer looks like he loves the my littlest..she always smiles when she sees the camera.
    The house is really coming along will be great to see it all finished...our side porch has a tin roof and I love that sound when it rains. :)

  11. Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comment, Anna! Ashley has five brothers – the oldest, Trevor, is twenty-three (he's the one who Ryan, Leah and I went down for the wedding for in March of last year) and the youngest, Sawyer, is four. Then there is Tristan, Collin and Sayre in between. Yes, Sawyer is very sweet! I love the times I can spend with him. :)

  12. Thank you for your comment, Amy! It was good to hear from you again. :) We did have a wonderful time together, and yes, Sawyer is a sweetie!

  13. You're welcome, Gail, and thank you for your comment! :)

  14. Thank you for your kind words, Rose! :) Yes, Ryan and Ashley are very happy together . . . it is wonderful to see how the Lord has worked in their lives!

  15. Thank you, Desiree! :) Hmm . . . I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be doing a post sometime about how their relationship started and all . . . I’ll likely just let them do that together if they would like to sometime!

    Yes, the little boy is sweet! :)

  16. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Joy! I’m glad that you enjoyed all the photos. :) Yes, it was a wonderful and productive time, and it was so exciting to see all that was able to be accomplished on the house!

    I would agree with you . . . Sawyer is really cute! Like Faith, he is four so they are the same age – the little voices of four year olds are so sweet and fun to listen to!

    You’re welcome in regards to sharing the photos, and thank you again for your comment! :)

  17. Your comment made me smile, Betsy! Sawyer is pretty adorable. :) Yes, Ashley’s marriage will be wonderful and bittersweet as well . . . I am sure it will be difficult for her family to have her living so far away! But at least we live in the day and age when travel is pretty quick and easy. Not like the wagon train days! We will all make sure to stay in touch with little Sawyer! (as well as the rest of Ashley’s family. :) Thank you for your wise advice!

    You’re welcome, Betsy, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! :)

  18. He is, Ellen! :) And he sure brings a lot of fun and laughter to our lives. :)

    Sawyer does like the camera . . . as soon as I point it his direction, he either smiles or starts acting silly! He’s definitely photogenic!

    It must be nice to hear the sound of the rain on your all’s tin roof . . . it is such a pleasant sound! And one that I am looking forward to hearing sometime on Ryan’s porch roof. :) Thank you for your encouraging words about the house! Little by little progress is being made!

  19. I must say that I have really enjoyed these posts, Sarah!! The photos have been terrific and you've even managed to capture quite a few of the 'real Sayre'!!!

    My family and I immensely enjoyed our time spent with you and your family. I find the fellowship between our two families simply amazing and so very encouraging! What a blessing y'all have been to us! Thank you sooooooo much!!!

    Only ten weeks till the next 'visit'!!! :o) :oD


  20. Aww . . . thank you so much for the comment, Ashley! Did it ever bring a big smile to my face!!! Thank you!

    We, too, so enjoyed our time with you all! You all are such an enjoyable, fun, special, and encouraging family to spend time with. Your family is a blessing to us as well! So thank you!!! :)

    Only two months and 9 days and counting . . . . :D


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