Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Rehearsal and Dinner

In the weeks prior to heading to South Carolina for the wedding, Mom, Leah and I had such fun together planning for the rehearsal dinner. It took a bit of strategy considering the need to transport food over 800 miles and keep it cold for several days before the actual dinner, but with Mom as the strategist, everything came together so well!

All of the food items and table decorations made the trip safely, and on Friday afternoon, our family headed over to the church to get everything set up. There was a separate little building off to the
side of the church that had an area with tables and then a really nice, large kitchen, and this was the place where the rehearsal dinner was going to be. Upon arriving, we unloaded everything and then set to work. Mom started off in the kitchen unpacking boxes and getting the cold items transferred from the coolers to the fridge . . .

And while she worked on that, the rest of us decorated the tables . . .
First came white tablecloths, followed by smaller square pink tablecloths (prior to going to South Carolina, Leah had cut the long pink tablecloths into smaller squares) . . .

Leah trimming the pink tablecloth so that it was flush with the bottom edge of the white tablecloth

Then the flower arrangements were pulled out of their boxes, rearranged a bit (they got a little smashed in transit :), and then placed on the tables . . .

Trimming the ribbons that were tied around the vases

A finished table! Many years ago we had picked up punch cups at a garage sale and haven't had much opportunity to use them . . . for the rehearsal dinner, though, they came into use as 'bowls' for the mints! :)

Given the long transport and storage time, plus the fact that it is hot in South Carolina in July, for dinner we opted for a simple meal of deli sandwiches, macaroni salad, coleslaw, and veggies and dip. And of course, lots of cookies. :) Mom had made three different kinds prior to us leaving and had frozen them, so they were nice and fresh tasting the night of the rehearsal. After the tables were decorated, we all gathered in the kitchen to get the meal put together (though the macaroni salad and coleslaw had already been
made that morning so they just needed to go into their serving bowls.)

Dad putting meat on the buns which was followed by cheese . . . then when people went through the line, they had the option of adding a spread and/or lettuce

Ryan and Leah cutting up the vegetables

Everyone busy in the kitchen!

After we were finished, we changed and got cleaned up and waited for the others to arrive. First to come were Thelma, Ashley, and little Isabella (Thelma's daughter), and we all promptly began deciding 'what to do' with the church sanctuary . . .

Thinking and figuring what all needed to be moved and where (there were chairs, a pulpit, a table, etc.)

We finally figured out what needed to be done and then came the moving of everything! By the time we were finished, others began arriving, including the arrival of most of our home church family from Missouri . . . it was so special having them there for this time! Thank you all so much for making the long trip!!!

Once everyone had arrived, it was time for the rehearsal to begin (and I have very few photos from the actual rehearsal so there aren't many to share here!) . . .

For the wedding music, a friend of Ashley's, Prentiss, played the harp and did a beautiful job! The music added so much to the wedding and really set the 'tone' for the wedding

My turn to walk down (Leah went first, but we didn't get a good photo of that!)

And then came Sawyer, the ring bearer, and Jared, the Bible carrier - it helped to have two little boys going down together instead of just one!

The guys
Ryan, Trevor and Tristan (the groomsmen and Ashley's brothers), Sawyer and Jared, and Trevor is holding his daughter, Isabella
(It looks like Sawyer was having too much fun when this photo was taken! :)

The girls
Leah and I with the flower girls, Haviland and Victoria

And then . . . here comes Ashley and her Dad!

Collin standing in for Mr. F (who was unexpectedly detained and wasn't able to make it to the rehearsal) . . . he did a great job!

Mr. Castlebury, Ashley and Ryan practicing the vow sequence of the ceremony

After a number of run throughs, we all felt like we had it figured out so we headed over to the rehearsal dinner. Mom and our dear friend Mrs. M. had left the rehearsal a little early to get the food out of the fridge, etc. Thank you so much for your help, Mrs. M! :)

Mrs. M. and Mom

So this is what greeted us when we arrived . . .

The tables all set up

The food all ready and waiting

The dinner was a pleasant time, and we all enjoyed visiting with everyone and meeting new friends and seeing the 'old' again. There weren't any photos taken during the rehearsal dinner, but I did remember to pull out my camera later in the evening after it was over and the clean-up was done . . .

Leah and Victoria - these two formed a fast friendship, and it was so sweet on the wedding day as Victoria fell asleep on Leah's lap after the wedding and towards the end of the reception.

Sayre Castlebury

Daddy with one of our little friends from Missouri (her Mom and Mr. M. (her grandpa) are in the background)

Sawyer and another of our little friends from Missouri

The last few remaining people after the rehearsal dinner and clean-up . . . Ashley and Ryan writing out their vows, Sayre keeping us all entertained, another friend from Missouri having fun watching it all, while Mom, Mr. M. and Leah enjoy visiting together.

What a fun and special night it was, and it ended with us all very much looking forward to the next day! Two people especially. :) And thank you to all of you who helped with the last minute meal preparations and the clean-up as well! What a blessing it was!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Breaking the Silence

Well, this past week has been a bit different than I had originally planned! Thus the reason why this blog has been rather quiet lately. :) It has been quite busy here, and then when you add in being sick for over a week now and also having an ear infection, spending much time on the computer (or even having the 'head' for it!) hasn't really been something that has happened much lately! But little by little the rehearsal post is coming together, and I hope to have it posted soon. :) So . . . stay tuned! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Wedding in Photos!

At long last, here are some photos from the wedding! Hope you all enjoy! :)

~Preparations ~

Saturday morning dawned bright and early as we all gathered at the church and prepared for the wedding . . . we girls had such fun together and thankfully things went smoothly overall! Time sure did fly by, however, and before we knew it, we were off for photos and then back to the reception area for just a few minutes before it was time for the wedding to begin.

The Bride, Bridesmaids and Flower Girls enjoying special times together just moments before the wedding . . . the excitement was definitely building at this point!!!
~ Me, Ashley, Leah, Victoria and Haviland~

The cake in the process of being decorated

Me finishing getting ready for the wedding

Father and Son

Mom and Dad

~The Wedding Ceremony ~

As mentioned earlier, the ceremony went so well and was beautiful! And a big thank you goes to Mr. W. who so kindly took photos during the ceremony for us . . . Thank you so much! :) And here are a few of those photos that were taken . . .

The groom and groomsmen have entered, then came the bridesmaids, followed by the ring bearer and Bible carrier, and the flower girls . . . and then, the moment that we were all waiting for (and especially Ryan!), the harp music climaxed and Ashley, the beautiful bride, came down the aisle on her father's arm.

After the giving away of the bride, Mr. M. (one of the men in our home church) gave a very beautiful and convicting message on love. Part of which was comparing marriage to a triangle, with God at the top and the husband and wife at the bottom, as they grow closer to God, they will grow closer to each other, but if they grow away from God, they will grow further apart. He concluded with an exhortation to Ryan and Ashley to seek the Lord first and to always have Him as the foundation of their marriage.

Mr. F. (a friend of the Castlebury's) then gave an excellent message that was on love as well, which included an exhortation to the new young couple to seek the Lord first and foremost in their lives. Much was spoken of also regarding God's character, the beauty of how He brought Ryan and Ashley together and much more. When listening one could not help but give thanks to the great and wonderful God that we serve! Mr. F. also gave a convicting and passionate gospel message to those who were in attendance.

Then it was time for the vows . . .

The exchange of rings . . .

A touching and beautiful concluding prayer which Dad gave . . .

And . . .

The presentation of the new married couple

~ The Receiving Line ~

Mr. and Mrs. Castlebury, Ryan and Ashley, and Dad and Mom speaking with each of the guests. It was enjoyable to watch and photograph the interaction of everyone!

Daddy and Sayre (one of Ashley's younger brothers who we always have a lot of fun with!)

~ The Marriage License ~

Ryan and Ashley visiting with the photographer who was so fun and also an excellent photographer!

Signing the marriage license

~ At the Reception ~

Sawyer Castlebury, the adorable ring bearer - he did such a good job!

Ryan and Ashley cutting the beautiful cake

Ryan and Ashley finally having a moment to sit down . . . here they were enjoying visiting with a dear lady that is a good friend of Ashley's

Me holding Trevor and Thelma's (Ashley's brother and sister-in-law's) precious baby girl. She is such a sweetie, and I could have held her all day. :)

~ Photos ~

Both sets of parents with the bride and groom

Our family!!!

Ryan and Ashley at the mercy of all of her protective brothers! It was quite entertaining listening to them and watching them get set up for this photo!

~ Farewell Ryan and Ashley! :) ~

A quiet moment together before leaving

Amidst birdseed and well wishes from the remaining guests, Ryan and Ashley depart!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home from the Wedding!

There is so very much that could be said and shared about this past weekend . . . what a very special, wonderful, meaningful and joy-filled time it was! Words cannot adequately describe the holiness and beauty of what took place on Saturday. God has been so very good and has poured out His many blessings, and it is with great thanksgiving and joy that we present to you . . .

~ Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Pelc ~

On July 10th, 2010, Ryan and Ashley exchanged their vows before God, family and friends and were united in marriage. What a time of great joy this was! And yes, tears, too . . . tears of happiness and joy as we watched and heard Ryan and Ashley pledge their love and commitment to one another. What great blessings the Lord has given, and how very much we have to thank Him for in bringing Ryan and Ashley together and to the point where they are now . . . husband and wife for as long as they both shall live.

The wedding was so very special and was so beautiful, and now the two newlyweds are off on their honeymoon and then will be making the trek back to Missouri to their "little house on the hill." I have many photos to sort through and edit, and over time, I hope to share (and am looking forward to sharing!) more about this special day and the time that preceded it (wedding rehearsal, etc.)

And before I bring this post to a close, thank you all so very much for your prayers, your encouragement, and your kind words regarding the wedding and marriage of Ryan and Ashley. They are and were a great blessing to us (as you all are, too!), and the Lord answered your prayers in many, many ways. Thank you!!!

*Just a note . . . the wedding photos that are shared on my blog were taken by my family and I and not by the professional photographer. :)