Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Children's Book Sale

Twice a year often finds us sitting in the library parking lot about ten minutes before it opens . . . the reason? The biannual children's book sale! (And you have to get there early in order to get a parking spot!) We love this sale as it has books for ages ranging from baby to just about adult . . . children's fiction, golden books, young adult fiction, books on history, science, math, crafts, etc. (in all age ranges), old books, new books . . . the sale has just about everything! And you can't beat the prices at 25 cents for paperbacks and 50 cents for hardbacks.

This past Saturday was the library's spring sale, and armed with bags to put the books in, Mama, Leah and I spent about two hours at the sale. The result was not only a fun and enjoyable time, but we also found a wealth of wonderful books! Not quite as many as this past fall's sale, but we were still pretty pleased. (Mama already has her books put away so I didn't get any photos of hers to share here.)

Leah's stack of books . . . she was pretty excited to find two antique children's readers!

One of the pages inside of the Dick and Jane reader that Leah found

In my (and Leah's) season of life right now, it is a perfect time to be gradually building up a collection of books for children. One reason for this is that we don't need the books right now so we can be quite selective and also very economical in acquiring them . . . and the book sales are wonderful for this! And by slowly collecting books at sales such as these (and garage sales and thrift stores), my children's book collection has been growing, and I am looking forward to adding more as the years go on. The children who come over to visit are also glad for the book sales as that means that there are more books for them to look at when they come!

Some of the little children's books that found their way into my bag . . . an alphabet book, number book, and more

And here are two of my favorites of the books that were found . . .

Inside "Kirsten's World"

And another page from it . . . I have already read it now and found it to be very interesting!
(we try to read every children's book that we get in order to 'edit' it . . . that way we can see if it is a book worth keeping; or if there are a few questionable things in it, we can simply white them out. [The white-out idea was shared with me by Joy, and it has been such a help. Thank you, Joy! :)]

This book is full of such wonderful information, projects, crafts and more. I have loved paging through it, and am very much looking forward to using different ideas from it with some of the children that we know.

There are usually more things than just books at the book sale, and last year, I got a set of addition and subtraction flash cards. This time I found these . . .

So now I have a complete 'set'! I remember when I was in school how very helpful flash cards were to me, and they were primarily how I learned to add and subtract. Plus, they are fun to use, too. :)

Now with this book sale over, we're already looking forward to the fall one!


  1. How neat Sarah! I missed/ forgot about our library's book sale they had last month. They were moving to a new location and selling a lot of books.
    My MIL and I were just discussing what books she used to teach her kids to read, as Tyrel is coming up quickly on that age! She loved the Pathway Readers and has most of them. I want to read them to Tyrel just as stories for entertainment, but with the way he learns I could see him doing what my Great Granny did. Memorizing them, and then I may not realize he couldn't REALLY read. My Granny was in the Third Mcguffy Reader before anyone realized that she could not actually read, but had memorized the whole books from listening to her older siblings reading aloud as they learned!

  2. Oh what great finds you found! ;o) I have a few of those books in my stash of books! :o) I am always searching for books at thrift stores! ;o) I have found a good amount of great books for as little as .10 each! :o)

  3. I would have been in my element with you Sarah, I love secondhand books. You found some very nice examples, and I can see that you will be able to use many of them.

  4. It looks like you found some real treasures! I used to love going to our library book sales back when we lived in Illinois. It is always so much fun looking through the books and you sure can't beat the prices! :)

  5. I used to love Golden books. How I loved reading. So many joyful memories of having my mother, brothers or grandmother read to me.

    You seem to have come away with many wonderful treasures and I'm sure they will be enjoyed for many years to come!

  6. It was, Becky! We just love these sales. :) How nice that your library has book sales as well. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to the next one!

    I have heard of the Pathway Readers before, and I think we might have read out of one when we were young. The story that you shared about your Great Granny made me laugh! She must have had an amazing memory! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Have fun teaching Tyrel how to read! He is growing up so quickly!

  7. We were pretty excited about them, Nabila! You sound like us with your love for books and thrift store shopping. :) We have found some books for 10 cents as well . . . it’s always exciting to find those!

  8. It would have been fun to have been able to have you with us, Elizabeth! Secondhand books sure are fun to ‘shop’ for. :) And these ones we are looking forward to using!

  9. We did, Emily! How nice that you had the opportunity to go to library book sales when you lived in Illinois. I am sure that was a blessing! And I would agree with you, it is always fun looking through all of the books!

  10. What special memories you have, Miss Linda. :) Like you, I love to read, and when I was little, the golden books were some of my favorites. It has been fun to be building up a collection of some of my favorites of these books!

    I was pretty happy with what I found, and I am looking forward to utilizing them. That’s one nice thing about books . . . they are timeless!

  11. Dear Sarah,

    I so enjoyed going to the book sale with you and Leah. I almost felt like I relived the experience while reading your post!! I look forward to our next shopping adventure!



  12. Sarah...I just LOVE yours and Leah's taste in literature! These "old-fashioned" books are exactly the kind that always catch my eye at booksales. At our library sale, I recently picked up "The Boy with a Drum," "Amazing World of Ants," "Blaze and the Lost Quarry," "My Little Red Story Book," and "Best Loved Selections from Children's Classics." At another sale, I added "The Little Medicine Carrier" and "The Weed with an Ill Name." Finding these treasures is such fun! And from the looks of your selections, you and Leah have wonderful books with which to home-educate your own children someday. From what I perceive about you, I'm guessing this is your plan for them.:-)

    By the way, I hope you will someday come across the book, "The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake" by Sam Campbell, if you haven't already. All of our children LOVED this book. I highly recommend it!

    ~ Betsy

  13. Thank you so much for your comment, Mom! :) It was so fun going to this sale together with you and Leah (as always!), and I am glad that you enjoyed the post about it!

  14. Thank you for your sweet comment, Betsy, and for sharing all of those book titles! How excited you must have been to find all of these wonderful books! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the ones you mentioned. One of the titles that you shared is one that I have already been looking for, “The Boy with a Drum” . . . my sister has that one and I really like it. Would the “My Little Red Story Book” be an old children’s reader? The title seems familiar.

    Yes, Leah’s and my plan for the ones we found would be for if, Lord willing, we have children of our own someday. :) So you guessed correctly!

    I’ll have to keep an especial look out for “The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake” :) . . . your recommendation of it certainly makes me curious to see what it is about!

  15. Sarah, I will try very hard not to be jealous that you are able to go to such great book sales! You always find the neatest things! When I told David about this post, he was jealous, too (as we are both book lovers, especially of antique or vintage books). :)

    Such beautiful pictures of lovely books!

  16. By the way, I just noticed your note about the white-out...I'm so glad that was helpful to you! :)

    We have a "Kirsten book" that we got at a used book store some time ago. It's a craft book, and there are some really neat pioneer-type crafts in it. A few things that we wouldn't use, but several fun things. :)

    Hope you're having a nice day!

  17. Thank you for both of your comments, Joy! And I wish that we could somehow share these booksales with you. :) I know that you would love them!

    The Kirsten book that you have sounds so nice! It's always fun to have different old-time craft ideas such as the ones that would be found in it. I hope you all enjoy them!

    Thank you again for your sweet comments, and I hope that you have a wonderful day as well!


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