Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The honeybee delivery date is getting closer! Only a week and a half now as they are due to arrive on April 30th . . . so exciting! I still had some work to do in preparation so one recent morning, Leah helped me put together the hive stand and then I painted the hive pieces that needed to be painted (and put on the second coat today) . . .

The hive stand in progress . . . Leah pre-drilled the holes, I put wood glue in the joints, and then she screwed them together while I held the pieces in place.

Leah pre-drilling the last corner

Once the hive stand was finished, I brought all of the pieces that needed to be painted outdoors and painted them there which was fun to do . . . and exciting as well as it is just one step closer to getting the bees!

Certain critters were a little curious as to what I was doing so I had an audience while I worked . . .

I was glad to see that our neighbors had moved their cattle from the upper pasture to the one right next to us! Cattle are my favorite animals, and I love having them right 'next door'. It is so peaceful watching them graze in the pasture, lie in the shade to chew their cud, seeing the little calves scamper around, and then of course, seeing their curious faces as they watch whatever I am doing.

One of the adorable calves

Whenever the cattle are moved next to us, I try to tame them down a bit, but these ones are pretty skittish so I can't get very close to them (yet. :) I remember awhile back, I got them so tame that some of them would eat corn out of my hand!

A cow and her calf

The days here have been rather rainy lately so planting more in the garden has been put on hold until it can dry out a bit . . . and it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon! In the meantime, I am hardening off the peppers and tomatoes, and hope to plant those next week . . .



Now today we had another adventure . . . picking up some free pallets! And there will be more about that and the reason for it in an upcoming post . . . . :)


  1. You're posting while I'm commenting! :)

    I can't wait for your bees. Your pepper and tomato plants look very nice. I hope they continue to thrive. :)

    Hope you have a lovely evening, Sarah!

  2. How exciting that you are nealry ready to house your bees. I can imagine that maybe later in the year you will be potting your own favourite!
    I wonder if you know the many properties of honey, for example its ability to heal?

  3. Wow, honeybee!! I never see it but it'll be amazing!! Blessings and I hope you recolect a lot of honeybee :) Jireh

  4. So excited to see how the bee adventure goes! The children and I often visit a friend to help with his bees in exchange for some of the honey. We have not done bees at our house yet but continue to think about it! Our 8 year old boy loves to help with the smoker.

  5. I was, Joy! After I published the post, I went to my dashboard and saw 5 comments!? I wasn’t expecting that! I always love when you stop by and leave comments. :)

    I can hardly wait for the bees as well . . . one week from tomorrow!

    May you have a lovely day as well, Joy!

  6. I know, Elizabeth! I can hardly wait! Not only for the bees themselves, but as you shared, for the honey as well. I have done some reading on the many benefits and uses of honey (as well as other honeybee products), and it is amazing! This is definitely something that I would like to look into more.

  7. It will be, Jireh! And even though you may have never seen anything like this in real life, you’ll be able to soon through blogging. :) Hope you enjoy!

  8. Welcome to my blog, Lady Patriot, and thank you for your comment! It will be exciting to see how the bee adventure goes . . . I am very much looking forward to it! How neat that you and your children are able to go visit a friends’ apiary. That would be a great opportunity as well as a great learning experience!

  9. How exciting to see the preparations for the little bees! ;o) Behind our house there is also cattle. They come up to the fence and our dog "talks" to them it's pretty funny. ;o) It's so fun to watch animals interacting. ;o)

  10. Thank you for sharing in my excitement, Nabila! Only a week now until they arrive . . . . :)

    How fun that you have cattle next door as well! And that's funny about your dog 'talking' to them. I would agree with you, it is so fun to watch animals interacting! Such as our dogs with the cows, and the dogs with the chickens . . . the chickens are always so curious when one of our dogs comes up by their pen to 'investigate'. As long as the dog doesn't bark or try to chase them that is. :)

  11. It looks like you are very busy with spring preparations around your homestead. It is so exciting to see you work on your hive preparations! It was also very funny to see the pictures of those handsome cows watching you! Those pictures made me smile.

    I do hope you will be able to get your peppers and tomatoes in the ground soon. And I'm praying there will be no fungus and no deer decimating your plants this year!

    Also, I look forward to learning more about why you need pallets! Sounds exciting! Don't you put beehives on pallets?

  12. We have been, Miss Linda! There always seems to be so much to do this time of year. I am glad that you enjoyed the photos of the cows! They are rather entertaining and so fun to watch. :)

    It looks like it might stop raining for a few days after today so I am hoping to get some things planted in the garden. We’ll have to see what happens!

    Yes, beehives are often put on pallets, though that isn’t what these particular pallets are for . . . your curiosity should be satisfied before too terribly long as I hope to have a post up this week about them. :)

    Less than a week now until the bees arrive . . . I can hardly wait and am looking forward to sharing about that adventure!


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