Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Sunset, Birds and More . . .

Awhile back, our family drove out to one of our favorite conservation areas on a beautiful, peaceful evening. And as always, my camera stayed busy, and I so enjoyed photographing the beauty in God's creation . . .

Two American White Pelicans that flew overhead . . . while most of these birds have moved on since this post, there are still a few remaining

A Great Egret

Turkey Vultures feeding on dead fish (the water had gone down in this pool leaving some fish up on the banks.)

A Red-Winged Blackbird . . . or as we have shortened it: RWBB :)

Deer in the distance . . . we later saw several groups of deer with the largest being at least 19!

A Great Blue Heron . . . and its reflection

This was neat to see and hear! The two Great Egrets with their wings out were fighting with one another. Pretty amazing to watch!

What I think is a Water Moccasin . . . but I am not for sure as snake identification is not even close to being one of my strong points. :) This particular snake was content to sit on this branch while I walked up fairly close for the photo.

The sunset was so beautiful this evening!

The purple and blue hued hills, water and trees

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's . . . umm . . . not quite the flying object that we were out looking for. :)

Yet another view of the setting sun

A small flock of pelicans flying across the evening sky

"Thou, even Thou, art LORD alone; Thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and Thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth thee." (Nehemiah 9:6)

" . . . marvelous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." Psalm 139:14


  1. Dear Sarah,

    How beautiful! We are having fun with all the birds seen in our yard lately, but we'd love to see water birds, too!

    I agree that the snake looks like a water moccasin, but I'm still learning what all the snakes look like, too. :)

    Thanks for sharing your outing with us; what a glorious world we live in!



  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. Also, thanks for your kind words on my blog. I have just enjoyed another visit through yours. You are such a beautiful, talented young lady. I wish I had you here in NC to help me with a quilt.

  3. Oh how beautiful! I love sunsets! :o) Nice to see that some of your bird *friends* are still around and you are able to still appreciate them and share them with us! ;o)

  4. How wonderful to see all these lovely animals, birds and vistas! The "RWBB" :) looks so beautiful. Egrets are among my favorite birds, and it must have been extraordinary to see two of them sparring a bit. I love the picture of the egret in flight. It's hard to imagine a more graceful sight.

    You have such sharp eyes to see a water moccasin (or whatever that is) in a tree! *shudder*

  5. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    Are you anywhere near flooding? Been thinking about you in regard to that as I know you are close to some rivers.

  6. Good morning, dear Sarah. Would you please convey to your mother my warmest and heartfelt wishes for a joyous and blessed Mother's Day? :)

  7. I am sure you all are enjoying the birds in your yard, Marqueta! Your family seems to enjoy nature so much, and backyard birding is a wonderful way to enjoy and learn more about it. Maybe sometime you’ll be able to see some of the water birds as well! If I am remembering correctly, there are some nice conservation areas around where you live that have large bodies of water . . . you might be able to see some waterbirds at those places during the spring and fall!

    I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, and I would agree with what you shared . . . we live in a glorious world . . . a beautiful reflection of the greatness and power of the Lord!

  8. You’re welcome, Marie, and I am glad that you enjoyed them! You’re welcome in regards to my comment, and thank you for your sweet comment. :) It was a blessing to me and brightened my day! Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived closer and then not only could I pass on the bit of quilting that I know, but I am sure there is a great deal that I could learn from you as well! I have been impressed and inspired by so many of the projects that you have shared about on your blog.

    Thank you again for your comment!

  9. Aren’t sunsets so beautiful, Nabila?! The heavens truly do declare the power and glory of God.

    Yes, it has been nice to have some of the birds still around . . . we certainly enjoyed seeing them, and I am glad that you enjoyed the photos of them!

  10. I am glad that you enjoyed seeing them all, Miss Linda! I love the Egrets as well . . . they are so beautiful and graceful. Yes, it was really interesting to see the two sparring a bit. We had never seen anything quite like it before!

    It was fun being able to spot the snake . . . and while they are neat to see, I would agree with the sentiment that you expressed. :) They aren’t one of my favorite animals, that’s for sure!

    Thank you so much for your second comment for my Mom! That is so very sweet of you, and I will pass it on to her. :) Thank you again!!

  11. Thank you so much for your concern, Anonymous! No, we are not near any of the flooding, thankfully, though I feel so bad for those who are. It has been a rough year weatherwise for so many. Thank you again for your care and concern!

  12. Such great nature photos! I love the pelicans flying across the evening sky. Such a beautiful sight!

  13. Thank you, Joy! I am glad that you enjoyed seeing them all. :) It was really a beautiful sight to see the pelicans flying across the sky with the sun setting behind them!

  14. Hi Sarah,

    I know this is a little late but I just started following your blog and I was trying to read some of the past posts to catch up when I came across this one and got really intrigued by your snake picture.

    The snake you photographed looks to be a Northern Watersnake ( A snake that is commonly mistaken for a water moccasin but is really harmless to humans. Nonetheless this is an awesome picture. Great Job with the blog btw thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Ed, and welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy your visits here. Thank you also for sharing about the snake and for the link to the photo. It does look like it could be that, and I appreciated you sharing!


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