Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today . . .

~ . . . Dad and I went to town and picked up animal feed (including some for a couple of new additions!) ~

~ I set up one of the cucumber trellis's that we used last year ~

~ Planted pickling cucumbers, dill, basil, lettuce, and spinach, and then planted marigolds around the tomato and pepper plants (which were transplanted into the garden last week.) ~

Seeds to be planted . . . including some green onion seeds that I saved last year (they're in the cinnamon jar.) It will be interesting to see how those do!

Marigold seeds

~ Watched the honeybees bringing in pollen . . . it has been so fun watching the activity at the hive entrance! ~

Can you see the ones bringing pollen into the hive?

Busy worker bees returning from foraging

~ Made Creamy Cherry Cheesecake ~

~ Planted some flowers in the little garden by our front door ~

~ Leah and I covered our 55+ tomato and pepper plants as we are expecting a frost tonight. (Which is very late in the year for here . . . our average last frost date is April 12th!) ~

~ And today, Daddy also finished setting up the area for our new animal additions! As of yesterday, our little farm has increased to include three New Zealand Red rabbits! ~

Leah carrying the little doe to her new cage

And me with the buck

And for introductions :), here are our three new rabbits (who are as of now, still nameless) . . .

The buck . . . he is so sweet, and I've already enjoyed holding him in my lap indoors several times. He loves to be petted!

The big doe . . . who is a little bit temperamental. She's sweet most of the time, but then can be a little cranky at times, too. She's also pregnant so in a few weeks, we should have a litter of baby rabbits!

And last but not least, here is the little doe. She's the most timid of the three, but Leah's working on taming her down and already the little doe is much calmer and friendlier.

So there is a glimpse into some of the happenings around our little farm today!


  1. A delightfully productive, Proverbs 31 woman-ish kind of day, Sarah!:-) I like your trellis--it looks sturdy and attractive. Have you published that Creamy Cheesecake recipe before? It looks divine! The rabbits are adorable. I make it my personable habit not to name anything that I plan to eventually eat, so perhaps they can remain nameless for you?:-)

    ~ Betsy

  2. I can see the pollen on the bees legs!! That is so exciting! They have been very busy little bees, haven't they? (But then, so have you and your family!)

    It looks sunny in your area now, so perhaps all the rain you received last month has moved on and the soil has dried out a bit. Hopefully no fungal problems! The soil in your garden looks so rich!

    I hope those green onion seeds will germinate nicely for you. It will be fun to see how the bees start pollinating your vegetable garden when the time comes.

    That cheesecake looks scrumptious!

    I do hope your tomato and pepper plants were not damaged by the cold weather you received.

    Those little rabbits look so sweet! It was so nice of your father to set up a place for them.

    I do so enjoy reading about all the activities on your farm. Spring is such a busy time for you all!

    How are the little chicks doing?

  3. Oh thanks for sharing what you have been doing, Sarah! I enjoyed reading it all!

    My mom wants to start working on our garden next week. I'm so excited. We are mainly just planting things for salads like lettuce, tomatos, peppers etc. I hope we can plant some cucumbers because I like them a lot. Hopefully the deer won't interfere with our plans though!

    Marigolds are so pretty! We don't have any now, but use use to have a big bed of them. I like all the bright red, yellow and orange colors!

    That must be neat to watch the bees! We've never had them before, so I don't know what it's like. Do they sting at all?

    Mmm...that pie sure looks good! As I'm sure it was!

    Aw...I like the little flowers! They are so pretty! I like flowers that have two different colors in them :)

    Whoa! That is a late frost. I don't think we've ever had it frost in May before!

    Your rabbits looks so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed them all. Have fun, when the bunnies arrive {oh, and please share pictures!}

    I hope you have a wonderful day, Sarah!

    Blessings, sweet friend!
    Bethany Joy

  4. Hi Sarah looks like you've been busy as usual ~ so glad to catch up with you. I am sending you an e mail.

  5. Oh, Sarah, your rabbits are just beautiful! They look so soft and sweet!!

    Are rabbits hard to care for? My family has thought about raising rabbits off and on for a few years, but we don't know much about their care, besides what we find on the Internet. What do you plan to do with the babies?

    Thank you for sharing your pics! Your garden looks lovely. You're always so busy! :-)

    Love in Christ,

  6. Hi Sarah

    I have enjoyed so much reading all of your post,Thank you so much for sharing with us, I love the cucumber trellis, I think I will try to put one together like that,
    And I love your bees, I have been wanting to get some but I'm still doing my homework on them, Now are
    the rabbits meat rabbits, and is that why you are rising them, We also have rabbits, but they are pets, and I wanted to start selling them, but I have been thinking about getting some meat rabbits, and trying that. I also love you compost bins, that was a great idea.

    May God bless you

  7. I loved this post, Sarah! So much sunshiny happiness!

    I love your trellis and your seeds in the basket and the cinnamon jar! I think it would be so fun to save seeds. We've done it on a small scale before, but I'd love to do it even more.

    Your bees are wonderful! They look like they're being busy bees. :)

    I.want.that.cheesecake!! I'm definitely going to try to make this sometime. Cherry is my all-time favorite.

    Love your new flowers. Wow, that was a lot of tomato and pepper plants to cover! We have had strange weather this year, haven't we? I had already put all the winter clothes away in early April (after a very warm week), and then the cold came back!

    Are those cute little bunnies meat rabbits? Won't it be so hard to kill them?! :) They're just so cute!

    I hope you have a great day, Sarah!

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment, Betsy! Yes, I have posted the recipe for the cheesecake before, and if you hover over the name of it in this post, it will be a link right to the page with the recipe on it. :) It is a delicious dessert!

    Like you, we don’t generally name the animals destined to be dinner . . . though, these particular rabbits will be breeders, and as we won’t be butchering them, we might end up giving them names. :) We’ll just have to see!

  9. Your comment made me smile, Miss Linda! Isn’t it exciting to spot the pollen on the bees’ legs?! The first day when they were out flying around, I didn’t see any, but then the next day I sat out there for awhile and then saw first one and then another and another bringing in pollen, until eventually, there was almost always a bee coming in with a pollen load. It was quite exciting! Yes, they have been busy little bees! :)

    It has been sunny here lately which has been nice and has allowed things to dry out a bit. Until today, that is, as it is cloudy and rainy. But we needed the moisture this time to water the plants in the garden and the newly planted seeds as well. Tomorrow it will be back to sunshine, though!

    Thank you for all of your kind words regarding everything that was shared in this post!! I am glad that you enjoyed it so much. :) And to answer your question, the little chicks are doing very well and are growing by leaps and bounds. I hope to have some more photos up of them soon!

  10. I am glad that you enjoyed the post so much, Bethany! And likewise, I very much enjoyed your comment. :)

    How exciting that you all might be starting your garden soon! We’re quite behind in getting ours in, but now with the very late frost the other evening, we’re glad it wasn’t all planted. With the May days quickly flying by, though, we really need to finish planting it! I hope that your all’s garden does very well for you this year! Mmm . . . cucumbers fresh from the garden are so good. And for those, the deer won’t be bothering them. :)

    It is really neat watching the bees! The honeybees will sting when threatened, but so far, we haven’t had any stings. When working the hive today, the bees were so calm and didn’t even act like they wanted to sting. When the fall harvest time comes around, though, that will likely be a different story!

    I will be sure to share photos of the baby rabbits once they arrive. :) Already we have been enjoying the rabbits as they are so sweet!

    Thank you for your kind comments, Bethany, and may you have a wonderful evening as well!

  11. It was so nice to see a comment from you again, Marie! And thank you for your e-mail as well. :) It was wonderful hearing from you! I look forward to visiting your new blog!

  12. Thank you, Vicki! They are really soft and sweet, and will often start falling asleep as we pet them. It is so nice having rabbits again! No, rabbits aren’t difficult to care for at all. In fact, they are one of the easiest animals that we have raised so far. I am sure that you would enjoy them! If you were seriously considering getting them, a book that might be good to read is Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits. It is full of good information! (Though, we don’t follow everything that is in it. :)

    As these rabbits are a meat breed, the babies will either be raised up and used for that or we might sell some as well. So they're not really ‘pets’ per-se, but are more livestock. The adults, though, we’ll be keeping as pets and breeders!

    I am glad that you enjoyed all of the photos, and thank you for your kind comment! It was nice to hear from you again. :)

  13. Thank you for your sweet comment, Terry! It always brightens my day to hear from you. And I am glad that you enjoyed the post! The cucumber trellis isn’t too difficult to make, and it has worked well for us. In fact, I hope to build two more of them for this year’s spring garden. It helps having all of the trees that we sawed down as there are lots of branches to choose from!

    I am sure that you would enjoy keeping bees! It is wise, though, to learn as much as you can about them beforehand, though, as it is pretty complex. There is a lot to learn and a lot to remember, but it is so fun and definitely worth it!

    Yes, the rabbits will be for meat and that was the reason for getting them . . . though, I should clarify that by saying that the three in this post will be breeders and more like pets, and the offspring we get from them will be for meat.

    Thank you again for your comment, Terry, and may you have a blessed week!

  14. Your comment brightened up my evening, Joy, on this chilly, dreary and rainy day! Thank you for all of your kind words regarding what all was shared in this post!

    I haven’t done much seed saving yet either, but I am hoping that will change this year. I’ve got a number of different types of vegetables that I would like to try to save seed from. It will be interesting to see how it all goes!

    Your comment about the cheesecake made me laugh . . . if I could, I would send you a slice! But, it’s kind of already gone. :) It’s so good and never seems to last long!

    We have indeed had strange weather this year. A lot chillier and wetter than normal, though we haven’t had as many severe storms which is nice. Because of the weather, we are quite late getting our garden in, and I am thankful about it now as we got a very late frost the other evening. Even with the plants covered we lost a few tomato plants and a pepper plant. By the forecast, though, it looks like spring might have really arrived this time, and we’re planting the rest of our garden now, regardless! :)

    It would be a little hard to use these three rabbits for meat, but thankfully, they’re our breeders. (If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have been taming them down as much as what we have. :) Their offspring, though, will be for meat, and we’ll be raising them up with that mindset so it will be easier.

    Thank you again for your comment, Joy, and may you have a wonderful rest of the day as well!

  15. Oh how lovely! LOVE your new additions! We also got a new rabbit ;o) Are you going to be using their manure for composting? I hear that it's the best out there! ;o) I just planted some cucumber seeds today and I hope it's not too late to get them going. This year I have been trying to take time to pray a blessing over my garden. I did with my roses that I planted that they would bring beauty forth and that they would be blessings to others as well with their beauty. :o) So far they are...God is good! ;o)

  16. Glad that you enjoyed them, Nabila! How exciting that you all got a new rabbit as well! Do you know what breed it is? Yes, we’ll be using our rabbits manure for compost . . . rabbit manure is one of the best ones to use as it can be applied directly in the garden without having to compost at all. I am sure your garden will appreciate the extra fertilizer!

    That's great that you were able to plant your cucumber seeds . . . and I doubt that it is too late for them to get going. We still have a lot left to plant in our garden (as in, most of it is still left to plant!), but with how long our growing season is, it should still all work. Like you, I pray for our garden as well . . . that the Lord would bless its health and production and that it may provide for our family, and that no matter what happens with the garden, that we will learn and grow through the experience.

    How wonderful that your roses have bloomed so beautifully for you! It’s such a blessing to have flowers to add brightness and cheer. As you shared, God is so good, and He gives us so many blessings!

  17. Have you named your rabbits yet? Has the mama had her babies? DO post pictures of them! We're waiting for a possible litter from Donut.

  18. So far they are still nameless, Mrs. Mobunny. :) The babies haven't been born yet, but are due in about a week and a half. We are very much looking forward to that, and I will be sure to post photos of them!

    I am sure that you all are excited about your possible coming litter . . . enjoy the babies when they arrive!

  19. I do so love rabbits... We're down to our last one after raising more than 18 over the last ten years. It'll be so sad when "Twitch" leaves us, but they're so much fun to have around!

    I hope you get to bond with the daddy and mommy bunnies... Quick tip, to tame a shy bunny really quick, we're found two great ways: stick it in a cage, box, etc with a treat and ignore it while you make a nice long phone call (it adjusts really quickly to the sound of your voice and comes to see it as nonthreatening) and rather than pick them up, get down on the ground with them and let them hop around you. ;)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)