Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After a Storm

Last week after one of the storms that came through where we live, the setting sun peeked through the dark clouds and lighted up the trees. I headed outdoors with my camera to attempt to capture some of the beauty in photos . . .

This is right along our neighbor's pasture in our front yard, and you can see the beehive way in the back on the left (though it's taller now as I added the second hive body on Friday), and then part of the vegetable garden is in front of that. The fenced in area on the right is where we generally let our chickens roam, but they're free ranging now.

Moving a little more to the left now . . . the garden is on the right side of the photo and Leah's and Mom's flower gardens are in the center. To the left in the back, you can see the pallet compost bins. (And the bucket in the foreground is for putting the 'foreign objects' that we find in the garden into. There must have been at one point in history a trash pile in the vicinity as we often find pieces of old glass jars and bottles, buttons, pieces of old farming implements, pottery, etc. in the garden . . . I even found a baby ring and a wooden button out there once! So every year after the heavy spring rains, more things turn up so into the bucket they go.)

Moving even further to the left . . . this is facing east and the sun was really lighting up the trees here! The vegetable garden is in the foreground and the flower gardens are behind it.

And after photographing the scenery, I photographed some of our neighbors as well :) . . . .

An adorable little calf that was intently watching me for awhile

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence . . . or in this case, the leaves are! She was stretching out her neck and her tongue as far as she could reach in order to get leaves on our side of the fence!

Peacefully grazing in the lush green pasture . . . what a beautiful sight.


  1. Sarah, your pictures are so beautiful! I wish I could go along with you on one of your peaceful walks! But being that we would be outside and bees tend to hang out this time of year, I would have to borrow your bee keeper suit of course....;)

    Take Care!

  2. I love that "magic" light that sometimes follows or proceeds a storm.

  3. Reminds me of the other morning when I went out and the neighbor cows were eating on the fence ;o) Beautiful pics of the sun peeking through! ;o)

  4. Thank you, Brandi! Wouldn't that be fun if you could join me on one of these walks? But since that's not exactly possible, at least you can enjoy them through the blogging world :) And then you don't have to have the trouble of wearing the bee suit either! ;)

  5. That sounds so pleasant Nabila . . . glad you could enjoy that! And thank you!

  6. Oh, Sarah! Your property looks so nice, with that beautiful light! Your flower garden also looks neat and tidy!

    Aw...the little calf looks awfully cute :)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, Sarah!
    Bethany Joy

  7. AnonymousJune 04, 2011

    Hi Sarah,
    You've been busy in your weed-free garden too! Everything looks so clean and green after the storms, doesn't it?
    Blessings to you,
    Miss Anne♥

  8. I am going to try again to leave a comment on this post. Blogger has not been cooperating with me the last few days!

    Everything looks so lush and green after the storm. I hope you didn't have too much damage. I loved the pictures of the cow, especially the little calf watching you intently. I wonder if that was the same rascal that got into your chicken pen?

  9. Thank you, Bethany! I love it when the light shines through like this . . . it is always so pretty. And thank you for your kind words regarding our place! Glad you enjoyed the photos of everything. And I would agree with you regarding the little calf. :) It's sure nice having them as 'neighbors'!

  10. We have been a little busy in it, Miss Anne! Though, unfortunately, the garden is not quite as weed free as it looks in the photos. :) We're making progress, though! I would agree, everything does look so clean and green after the storms, and so fresh as well!

  11. Once again, Miss Linda, I am glad that your comments went through this time! No, we didn't have much damage from this storm. We did have quarter sized hail from one of the storms which put a nice crack in the windshield of our truck, but thankfully, that very minor damage is all that we have had so far.

    I am glad that you enjoyed the photos of the calf and cow! I am sure you would love to see them 'in-person' as well. They are so fun to watch! Hmm . . . it very well could be the same calf that broke through the fence onto our place. I hadn't thought of that! Maybe that's why he was looking over here so intently . . . "I wonder how I can get through this fence again . . . " :)


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