Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Outing With Friends

Last Thursday, some of our church family and my parents, Leah and I carpooled together to a place about two hours away from us for a fun day spent together. We enjoyed lunch at a cafe and then toured a small Ford museum which was really neat . . .

The row of the oldest cars

And one of my favorites . . . the tire spokes and the steering wheel are made of wood

The wooden steering wheel

Dad and some of our friends looking at the back of one of the cars

This one was the most popular of our group . . . most everyone liked it!

Mom and Leah in front of the pickup. There's nothing like the old Fords! This sure would be fun to use around the farm, and then haul produce to the farmer's market in it. :)

This was on the side of the pickup, and I found it quite interesting. Times sure have changed, haven't they?!

A taste from the 'good ole days'

After enjoying the museum together, we went on a tour of the goat and cow dairy barns. The goats were by far the children's favorite! Which was largely due to the fact that they were able to pet the kids . . . .

Inside the dairy goat barn

Some of the to be mama goats

An adorable, tiny baby kid that was in the barn

Dad and Leah having fun watching the goats . . . they (the goats) were entertaining at times!

One of our friends and her little daughter watching the goats. There was a mama and her baby in the back corner which the children enjoyed seeing.

Mom watching the goats
(and some of the photos in this post are courtesy of her . . . she has a camera now and is enjoying taking photos!)

And Mom is not the only one with a new camera . . . this little girl just recently got one as well, and she had so much fun taking photos of the goats.

Daddy with some of the kids . . . they love to suck on fingers!

Me with five curious little guys that were very interested in my fingers!

Dad and one of our young friends with Mom in the background taking pictures

Leah and two of the girls petting some of the littlest kids in the barn

After thoroughly enjoying all of the kids, we were off to the dairy cow maternity barn! We only stopped there briefly . . .

And then moved on to watch a most interesting process . . . something we had never seen before (other than a video online that some of us saw before we went on the outing) . . .

Watching through the glass . . .

A cow carousel! The carousel has many stanchions on it with milkers at each one. Just about every stanchion has a cow in it and the carousel slowly turns around while the cows are being milked.

And each time a stanchion hits the 'beginning point' again, one cow backs out of her stanchion, and another walks in. It is really interesting to see how well trained the cows are and how smoothly this works!

How many pounds of milk a particular cow had given at the time she moved past where we were standing

We watched the milking process for awhile before enjoying some cheese that had been made at the dairy. All of this sure makes me eager for when we will hopefully be able to get our own dairy animals!

We ended our time at the dairy by stopping by to see the little calves . . .

And then we headed homeward. The return trip was fun with all of the visiting together and playing 'car games' with the children. Friends are such a blessing, and we were thankful that we were able to enjoy this time together!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    It looks like you had a fun day!
    Goats are such people friendly animals. :-)
    I have two of those little magnets on my fridge from 1952 and 1953 with the cost of things at that time. Amazing isn't it?
    Have you ever been to Bo's Hollow?
    You can ride in a Model A if you like. :-) It's on a short cut from where we live and where we going trout fishing. We stop there for lunch on the way home. :-)

    It's a cute place. :-)

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Welcome to my blog, Naomi, and thank you for your comment! Yes, it was a lot of fun. :)

  3. We did, Miss Anne! Goats are friendly animals which makes it fun to spend time with them . . . and especially for children. It also helps that they are more 'childsize', then say, a cow!

    How fun that you have some of those magnets as well. It is amazing the difference in the cost of things! Times sure have changed.

    We haven't been to Bo's Hollow before, but it looks like a fun and enjoayble place to visit. Thank you for sharing the link to it! If we're ever down that way, we'll have to see if we can stop by there. :) Thank you again, and I hope you have a good weekend as well!

  4. What a wonderful outing!! I just *loved* the truck with the milk cans in the back!!! I truly enjoyed the pictures you shared. It looks like you had such a wonderful outing. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  5. It was, Miss Linda! Isn’t the milk can truck, neat?! It was my second favorite after the one with the wooden wheels and steering wheel. I am glad that you enjoyed all of the photos, and you’re welcome in regards to sharing!

  6. How fun! :o) This reminds me of a few trips I took when I was younger. Loved the trucks! They have such an elegance to them and a touch of class that we miss out in the cars/trucks these days. :o) And it's interesting how it looks like when riding in them you would be able to enjoy the out of doors better then a lot of the cars we have now. :o)

  7. It was, Nabila! Aren’t the old vehicles, neat?! They do have such an elegance and class about them that is largely missing in the 'modern' vehicles of today. They sure don’t make things like they used to!


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