Saturday, June 18, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

My computer is up and running again! (Thank you so much, Ryan, for fixing it, and Leah for installing everything back on to it. :) So . . . now the few photos that had been taken before the 'crash' and that had been sitting inaccessible on the hard drive, can be shared . . .

One of Mama's flower gardens . . . I love all of the blooming daisies! Sadly, they're finished for the year, but the coneflowers and black-eyed susans are blooming now.

Leah weeding around the summer squash plants in the part of the vegetable garden that is right behind the flowers. With how much the plants have grown, we're just about to the point that we'll be able to harvest yellow squash again . . . we're all looking forward to that!

Mama pulling weeds in the green beans . . . and they have grown considerably since this photo was taken. In fact, they are crowding over the walkways now and are just about ready to begin flowering. Green bean picking is right around the corner!

A Tiger Swallowtail on some of the flowers

And another one of the same species

Meanwhile, while we ladies worked in the gardens, Daddy worked on making sides for the trailer. Once that was finished, another load of composted horse manure was hauled in for the garden . . . it's amazing how much the manure has already improved the soil.

So there's a little photo catch-up on some of the happenings that had taken place around here awhile back!


  1. I'm so sorry you had computer problems but happy you have Ryan who is obviously skilled and knowledgeable in such matters. I have enjoyed reading all about the activities you and your family have engaged in the last few days. Your garden seems to be burgeoning!! This time last year you were pulling up dead tomato and onion plants lost due to fungus, and putting the finishing touches on Ryan's home. I'm so very happy to see that your garden has not suffered so much from fungus this year!

    Is the electric fencing keeping out the unwanted four-legged "guests" as well? I hope so!

  2. Oops, I must have missed the memo that you were having computer issues. Glad they are all resolved. Guess what?! Your blog came up on our main computer today! Isn't that interesting?

    Everything looks lovely, productive, and busy around your place. Your mama is a brave woman...I don't know if I'd stay very clean weeding in a light beige skirt.:-)She must be more careful than I am.

    ~ Betsy

  3. It is so nice, Miss Linda, having a computer repair man in the family! And he is so good at it, too, as he can fix just about anything that can be wrong with a computer.

    I am glad that you have been enjoying the posts! Yes, the garden is growing by leaps and bounds! We are all really pleased with how it is doing overall . . . we aren’t having near the fungal problems that we had last year (though, there is some in the onions and I have been spraying those with an organic fungicide), and we have lost quite a few cucumber plants to the cucumber beetles, but other than that, things are looking great! We’ve been enjoying fresh salad and zucchini from the garden, and the yellow squash and green beans aren’t far behind. It’s always so fun when it is time to begin harvesting and putting up produce from the garden again.

    Has it really been only a year ago since we were finishing Ryan’s house and doing all of those things in the garden?! How time flies!! Like you, I am so happy that the garden isn’t suffering with as many things as it was last year!

    Yes, the electric fence is keeping out the four-legged “guests.” :) Though, it didn’t keep out the two legged ones (as in, the chickens), so we put a small garden wire fence around the perimeter to keep them out, and then had to clip the hens’ wings to keep them from flying over. Now, they’re staying out, though!

  4. Yes, my computer was down for awhile, Betsy, but now it is back up and running again! That’s strange about my blog and your computer . . . whatever the reason why, though, I’m glad that it is working again!

    Thank you for your kind comment about our place! And yes, my Mom is a careful weeder . . . and fast, too. I’m always amazed at how quickly she can move through a row!

  5. Loved these pictures. :o) Especially the flowers and butterflies! :o) So intricate and beautiful! It's so nice that you all each are able to help with everything around the house. It is sometimes hard being the only one working on the garden. I just have to do a little here and there. :o)

  6. I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, Nabila! We have had a lot of butterflies this year, and it has been enjoyable to not only see them flitting around in the flower beds, but to try to photograph them as well. As you shared, they are so intricate and beautiful!

    It would be hard being the only one working on your garden . . . there were a few years where everybody else was too busy to work much in ours so I was primarily the one who worked out there, and it was hard to keep up. So I can relate! It’s amazing though what doing just a little here and there will do . . . and before too long, your children will be old enough to begin helping you as well!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)