Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Visit to the Bulk Food Store

The wheat barrel was getting low, the gallon of honey was reaching its end, various spices were just about out . . . yes, it was time to make the trek down to the bulk food store again! Which is something that we always enjoy doing as not only is it an enjoyable drive through beautiful countryside, but it is also fun to shop at this store. We made an afternoon of it packing drinks and snacks in preparation, and then headed out . . .

An old silo amidst all of the lush green

Old farmhouses are my favorite type of house, and this one is one of my very favorites that I have seen. I love it! I can just imagine what it would look like with a new coat of paint and being fixed up a bit . . . .

A wheat field that is just about ready to be harvested

A not very common sight around here! A herd of dairy cows out on pasture

As always, once we reached the store, we had fun browsing through the aisles, finding the things on our list, plus some other things as well . . .

A box of some of our purchases

And some bags of wheat to refill our wheat barrel with

What a blessing it is to have a bulk food store like this not terribly far away from us! The products are wonderful, the prices are very good, the people who work there are pleasant, we are able to get things that we haven't been able to get elsewhere, and all the while, supporting a wonderful family business. So . . . now our pantry is restocked until it comes time to make another trip down there!


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2011

    Yes Sarah, I am blessed to have one a couple of blocks away. I am able to order the same wheat berries as you...

    Thank you for sharing your visit.


  2. Wonderful pictures! We have a bulk food store not too far from us, too, and it's always been a blessing to us. I love the way bulk food stores smell, don't you? :-)

    Now you make me want to pack up and head out there ...

    Love in Christ,

  3. I agree, that old farmhouse must have once been beautiful. Even in its (neglected) old age it has charm.

  4. Oh how fun! :o) I love old barns and farmhouses as well!! Is it a privately owned store? There are a few stores close to me but the one that I like the best is about 30 min away. I always love going there as well! :o)

  5. What a blessing that must be, Maria, to have a bulk food store just a couple of blocks away from you! And that you are able to order these same wheat berries as well.

    You’re welcome in regards to sharing! :)

  6. Thank you, Vicki! That must be nice to have a bulk food store not too far from where you all live. As you shared, it’s a blessing having a place like this close by! They do have a nice smell, don’t they?

    Your last sentence made me laugh . . . maybe you should take a trip out there! :)

  7. The old farmhouse does have a charm about it doesn’t it, Amy?! It’s sad to see beautiful old buildings like this abandoned and left to ruin. I am hoping someone will fix this place up, though, as it still looks like it is in pretty good shape!

  8. It was, Nabila! You sound like me in regards to old barns and farmhouses. :) They are beautiful and have such character about them! Yes, the bulk food store is privately owned. That must be nice to have a number of stores close by to choose from!

  9. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    Beautiful photos, Sarah! I love old farmhouses...we live in one! It does have siding, but is in desperate need of a bath. :-)
    The Montana White Spring wheat is my favorite too. It makes delicious bread.
    Miss Anne♥

  10. Thank you, Miss Anne! How neat that you live in an old farmhouse! They have such a charm and beauty about them.

    I would agree, Montana White Spring wheat does make delicious bread . . . and it’s our favorite to use, too. :)

  11. That old farmhouse was so beautiful! It would be so much fun to fix that up.

    I enjoyed reading all about your trip to the bulk food store. It sounds just like something I would really enjoy doing!

  12. I agree, Miss Linda, it would be so much fun to fix the farmhouse up!

    I am glad you enjoyed hearing about our visit to the bulk food store. And I am sure you would enjoy doing something like this . . . we would have loved to have you join us! :)


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