Monday, July 4, 2011

Giving a 'Tour'

For awhile now, we and some friends of ours (a mother and her four children) had been trying to find a time when they could come out to our place for the children to see all of the new additions to our little farm . . . the bees, the chicks, and the baby rabbits.

Overlooking our neighbors' pasture

Each time, though, something else came up, and it kept being postponed. Well, one day last week just happened to
work out for everyone, and in the morning, our friends' van pulled into our driveway. Eager children with big smiles on their faces came running up to the house so excited to be there and excited to go see the baby bunnies first thing!

After enthusiastic greetings and hugs, we headed to the rabbits first, but as the rabbits are housed inside the chick pen, we needed to go through there to get to them. The children (especially the three
year old) were a little intimidated by the chicks, and I can see why as they are rather inquisitive little creatures as this photo attests to . . .

The chicks crowding around my feet during a recent chore time . . . it's not the easiest thing walking through there without stepping on any little feet as the chicks crowd around your feet the whole time!

Once the children were assured that the chicks wouldn't hurt them, they enjoyed throwing some wheat to them for them to eat.

Some of the chicks

Then we moved on to the rabbits which the children had been looking forward to seeing for a long time! They loved them, and spent quite some time petting them . . .

Taking turns petting the rabbits . . . the youngest one still wasn't sure about the chicks so appreciated the safety of Leah's arms!

Two of the little baby rabbits with mama in the background . . . this photo was taken several days before our friends came, and the babies have grown so much since then!

I loved seeing the children's excited faces and voices as we moved from one place to the next . . . the chicks, rabbits, the hens, the bees, the dogs, "Bobbie Kitty" . . . every new animal was met with delight - and lots of questions. How? Why? were the predominate ones we heard! It was so fun answering all of their questions and seeing the wonder on their faces as they learned and saw so many different things!

Feeding wheat to the hens . . . the girls really enjoyed this!

A walk out to the beehive came next, and this was perhaps where most of the questions were asked . . .

I answered their questions and explained to the children about the bees and their hive, and then also brought them one by one up closer to the hive so they could see more of what it was like at the entrance. From that distance, they were able to see the bees fanning the entrance which they thought was really neat. And the oldest, a boy, guessed correctly that the fanning was for ventilation . . . he does a lot of reading and already knew a lot about honeybees!

After leaving the bees, one of the girls commented to me . . . "I didn't know that bees were so fascinating!" Indeed they are . . . fascinating little creatures that, along with all of the other animals we saw that day, are reflections of the wisdom of God.

The request to see 'Bobbie-Kitty' came next so we walked over to where she lives. The littlest girl has loved Leah's cat, Bobbie, since before she could talk. Once she began talking, when she would come to visit one of the predominate words in her vocabulary was 'Bobbie-Kitty' . . . so that name was 'adopted' by not only her, but by all of her siblings as well. Bobbie loved all of the attention and especially the treats of grass that the children gave her!

After enjoying Bobbie for some time, the question of "Can we see Lassie?" was made . . . I let Lassie out of her kennel, and she went right over by the children and sat (and eventually laid) down. She is so good with children, and they petted her for quite awhile. The little six year old was especially enthralled with her and was so gentle in her petting . . .

At one point, she looked up at me with her sweet little smile and told me that she was keeping the flies out of Lassie's face for her. (There were some little gnats buzzing around that were bothering Lassie.) Lassie also got lots of hugs from the children and was told many times "I love you!" After a bit, I asked the girls if they would like to brush Lassie to which the answer was a definite 'yes'. They enjoyed brushing her for quite awhile, and Lassie enjoyed all of the attention!

It was starting to get rather warm outside so we headed indoors . . . glasses of water were poured and we gathered around the dining room table for a nice visit together. Eventually, the oldest asked if he could see one of Leah's taxidermy mounts. She brought out a coyote that she had been working on, and after the children's (and their mother's :) many inquisitive questions about the mounting process, Leah brought out some of her supplies and gave a lesson on "How to mount an animal" . . . the abbreviated version. The children were fascinated!

Before long, our very pleasant visit together came to an end and goodbyes were said and hugs given until the next time we see one another! (Which wasn't very far away as we see each other every Sunday. :)


  1. What a delightful time you all had! I am amazed at how big the little chicks have grown, and the kits as well! I enjoyed peeking over your shoulders as you took this lovely family on a tour of your homstead. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! :)

  2. I read so many of your posts and kept asking myself the same question. How do you guys find the time to do everything: sewing, gardening, bee hiving, cooking, antiquing, spending time with the family & friends, etc all in one day. I'm curious to know what's your schedule is like for everyday.

    I have 2 questions for your sister Leah. 1) What made her interested to do taxidermy mounts? (I had to look it up to learn what taxidermy mounts means and was surprised.) 2) As a Christian, is it ok to work with the dead animals and keep them as a display in your home? Does God approve of this? Just wondering. I hope I hadn't offended you with these questions and if I did, I'm extremely sorry and understands if you don't want to reply me back. No hard feelings between us?

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment, Miss Linda! I always love signing into blogger and seeing new comments from you. We did have a wonderful time together, and I am glad that you enjoyed ‘peeking over our shoulders’ and ‘coming along’ with us.

    The chicks and kits are growing quickly, aren’t they? It seems like on a daily basis they are getting bigger and looking more and more like minature adults instead of babies!

  4. I enjoyed all of the comments that you left, Leah! It was nice to hear from you again. To tell you honestly, sometimes I don’t know how we get everything done in a day either! Though, getting up early and working diligently on the labors of the day helps considerably. And also with all four of us working together, it helps balance the work load well, too. During the busier times of our lives, however, some things need to be set aside until things slow down again. This is where it can become difficult at times in knowing what to put on hold and what to keep working on!

    You did not offend in the least by your questions! In fact, they are good ones, and I will do my best to answer them. Leah became interested in taxidermy as it is a business that my Dad has. He has been doing taxidermy since he was in college when he worked for the science department mounting specimens for the college museum. In answer to your second question, there is not anything in Scripture, that we have been able to find, that would indicate that taxidermy would be wrong for a believer in Christ to do. It can actually be used for the Lord’s glory in using the mounted animals to show the design in God’s creation, that these animals did not evolve, but were indeed created, and also to allow people to see up close and personal animals that they likely may never have the opportunity to see even at a distance. That is a pretty simple reply, but I hope it helps to answer your question! And if you have any more, please feel free to ask. :)

  5. Oh goodness the bunnies are too cute! :o) Loved the tour through your farm ;o) I felt myself being excited with the kids :o)

  6. Aren't they, though? I am glad that you enjoyed the 'tour' so much, Nabila!


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