Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Harvesting from the Wild

As of now, I know very little about what is and is not edible in the wild . . . but I am slowly learning. At least, I have figured out what some of the edible fruits are! Wild plums, blackberries and mulberries to name some of them. Our wild plums generally are not ready to harvest until August, and sadly, no blackberries could be found on our place this year, but our mulberry tree was producing abundantly the past few weeks.

Unfortunately the tree is way too tall for me to reach the berries with a ladder, so underneath of the tree, I spread out a number of sheets to catch the falling berries . . .

With doing that and going out morning and evening for several weeks to pick them up, I was able to gather well over a gallon of berries and put them up in the freezer. (The chickens and squirrels enjoyed a bunch of them, too, before I could get to them!) Then the other day, we were able to enjoy our first mulberry pie of the season . . .

Another taste that summer is indeed here . . . and what an enjoyable season it has been so far!


  1. Yum, mulberry pie is great!

  2. How wonderful!! That tree must really be producing if you were able to harvest 1 gallon even after other animals got to the berries.

  3. How wonderful! The pie looks delicious...I'm sure it was =) Last year we discovered that we actually have a mulberry tree in our backyard. I haven't looked at it this year...mostly the birds enjoy it ;)

    Blessings to you, Sarah!

  4. That pie almost looks too pretty to eat! I love the look of lattice crust pies...they are more work to make, but so aesthetically pleasing. I'm sure it tasted delicious as well.

    So...you're going 'round the mulberry bush so early in the morning?:-) I must confess, Sarah, that when I saw your picture of the sheets under the tree, I wondered aloud, "Is this worth it for about five mulberries?!" But then when you told how much you have actually gathered, I had to rebuke myself. Oh, me of little faith! You are once again an inspiration of what observation, ingenuity, and diligence can accomplish!

    I do greatly admire your wanting to educate yourself about eating what God has provided in the wild. I was reminded recently that there will come a day when the world's food supply will be controlled by an evil antichrist, who will not allow people to buy or sell unless they receive his mark. It is sobering how much government agencies are already attempting to take control of our food supply. (for a long but interesting article that demonstrates this, see the following link: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/07/06/ron-paul-vs-the-fda-milk-police.aspx) Anyway, it is a very wise strategy for you to learn as much as you can about what is and is not edible in the wild! God has provided so much for His children!

    ~ Betsy

  5. I would agree, Miss Anne! It's one of our favorite kind of pies.

  6. The tree did produce very well, Miss Linda! I was so pleased . . . especially since last year I missed the mulberry season, so we were thankful to be able to have some mulberries in the freezer again.

  7. Thank you, Amy! The pie was delicious . . . and it didn’t last long. :) How nice that you have a mulberry tree in your backyard! The birds sure do like the berries, don’t they?

    Blessings to you as well, dear friend!

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment, Betsy! And it made me laugh, too (and my sister got a laugh out of it as well . . . she was just reading the comments as I am working on replying to them.) My Dad made a similar comment as yours (in fun :) when I would come in with only ¼ to 1 cup of berries at a time (and generally it was closer to the former) . . . “are you sure it is worth all of that effort?” Well, perseverance paid off, and we’re going to be able to enjoy quite a few mulberry pies now!

    What you shared in your last paragraph is sobering, and it is similar to many of the thoughts that we have had as well. How thankful I am that we as believers in Christ will not be here during that time of great tribulation, but even before then, things will likely get pretty bad. And who knows how difficult it will be to get food in the coming years. Thank you for sharing the link to the article. We’ve been reading similar things,too , and it is sad, and a little disturbing, how much the government is taking over the food supply and saying what we can and cannot eat. All of this is one of the reasons why we are moving more towards self-sufficiency, plus it’s such a wonderful lifestyle, and the food is so much more healthy and delicious, too!

    Thank you again for your encouraging words, Betsy. Your comment really brightened up my day!

  9. Oh I bet it tasted great. This reminds me when I was younger and we would climb up mulberry trees and pick berries turning all kinds of great colors of purple :o)

  10. It did, Nabila! What a fun memory of climbing up mulberry trees and enjoying the berries. They do turn fingers a nice shade of purple, don't they?! :)


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