Friday, August 5, 2011

A June Day

When going through the photos recently that my Mom had taken with her camera, I came across some from a time when we went out to Ryan and Ashley's place before Adelyn was born. I hope that you all don't mind some 'old news'! :) . . . .

Ashley, Ryan, Me, Daddy and Leah looking at Ryan and Ashley's chicks. Ryan built the coop for them, and now the chicks are free-ranging instead of being in the chicken wire enclosure. They ended up with two cockerels and the rest are pullets . . . like us with ours, they are looking forward to when they begin laying!

Another addition to their little farm this past spring was some goats! A billy, two wethers, and just recently, two little doelings. Ryan had at first had them in this kennel to get them used to being in the area before releasing them into the large electric fence enclosure. In this photo, Ryan, Ashley, Leah and I were in looking at the goats together . . . and of course, visiting as well. :)

The two wethers (whose names I cannot recall right now) enjoying their grain.

And Sir Buckley . . . who for a buck, is still rather sweet. Hopefully he stays that way! Leah and I had gone along with Ryan and Ashley when they picked him up and what a fun adventure that was! Even the getting a little lost part . . . we learned that google maps and mapquest did not have the directions right to the address that we were looking for!

Leah, Ashley and I visiting together . . . such pleasant times.

When we left their place later in the evening, the sun was backlighting these clouds which was beautiful. (And it was much more dramatic in real life than what this photo shows!)


  1. Ryan and Ashley seem to have what is known here as a little 'fermette'. (A small farm!)

  2. It all looks so tranquil. I do wish them well.

  3. Dear Sarah,

    I love your "old news"! The goats do look very sweet, and the chooks have such a nice home there!

    I hope you're having cooler temperatures there today.



  4. No, indeed, I don't mind "old" news, as it is still news to us.:-)

    I've been have your bees been faring in the extreme heat?

    ~ Betsy

  5. Cherishing memoires is such a joy... especially when you can browse through photos as well. Thank you for shairng these lovely thoughts!

    In Christ,

  6. They do indeed, Elizabeth! And they have lots of plans for it, too. It will be fun to see what all changes take place out there in the next few years!

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment, Suze! It is indeed tranquil out there - a beautiful location and so peaceful.

  8. I am glad that you enjoyed the 'old news', Marqueta! And thank you for your kind comment. :) We are having cooler temperatures here now (though we had 97 yesterday!), but right now it is only 81. It feels really nice outdoors, and we sure have been enjoying it. I hope you all have been having some cooler weather as well!

  9. I guess that is true, Betsy! I am glad that you enjoyed the 'old news' then. :)

    The bees have been doing all right - we think the hive swarmed awhile back and so we left the hive alone for a couple of weeks in hopes that the bees would raise up a new queen. We'll be checking tomorrow to see if there is one, and I sure hope so! With the hot and dry month, though, the bees weren't really doing much of anything other than bringing in water to help cool the hive. It was just too hot for them to be working and the nectar wasn't flowing either. Which means they made quite a dent in their food stores that were supposed to be for winter. Hopefully this cooler and wetter weather will get the nectar flowing again and the bees can get busy again making honey!

  10. It does indeed, Shannon. Thank you for your sweet comment, and you are welcome in regards to sharing!

  11. It looks like you had such a lovely time!

  12. Oh what a nice time it looks like you had. It looks like their farm is coming along nicely! How wonderful for them to get so much pulled together before the little one arrived! :o)


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