Monday, August 22, 2011

New Additions

After a long time of waiting and hoping, we have finally added a new kind of animal to our 'farm'! Two goats that we got for the purpose of being companions to another goat that we are picking up at the end of this week (and there will be more about that after we get her. :) As goats are sociable animals and need companionship, we knew after we found out that we were getting her, that we needed to find another goat (or goats) to keep her company. Then when an ad came up on craigs list for some very reasonable little wethers, we jumped at the chance . . . .

Both of them investigating my camera :)

My little boy

They are four month old wethers, and are so cute! Dad, Leah and I went and picked them up on Friday and as they had not been handled much at all, but had been out on pasture with their mamas, they were very skittish. We put them in a small chainlink pen for starters so that we could work on taming them down, and we have made great progress so far! In fact, they have gone from running away from us in a panic every time they saw us, to running up to greet us when we walk out to their pen. And today, they have even let us pet them a bit.

Leah's goat - I love their little feet!

And with them being much more friendly today, it was a bit difficult to photograph them! They like to get up close and personal now :) . . .

My boy trying to get up in my lap when I was kneeling down to photograph them

We are really liking these little guys, and it is so fun to go out to their pen and spend time simply watching them or feeding them. And it didn't take long to find out that they love redbud branches! They come running when they see us with those.

Enjoying some redbud leaves

It is exciting after dreaming about it for years to finally have goats! Something that we have looked forward to and have worked towards for a long time . . . and sometimes it's a bit hard to believe that it's really happened . . . that we have goats! And we'll have another one by the end of this week, and I look forward to sharing more about that later!


  1. How exciting, Sarah! They are so cute! Have you named them yet? If you have, I'd really enjoy hearing what names you all have chosen :)

    Also, it's been a little while since we've seen any pictures of Adelyn *hint, hint*...I'm sure she's already grown quite a bit...

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. Aww they are so cute! I would love to get goats and maybe a few sheep as well.

  3. They are so adorable! What a joy it must be for you and your family!

    In Christ,

  4. At that age they have such sweet little faces! They will become real pets.

  5. Sarah they look so cute!!!! You're menagerie of animals is certainly expanding! Have a wonderful week Marie x

  6. They are so cute Sarah! My husband wants goats for our back yard, my daughter is really backing up the idea ;). If we ever do get goats and I need advise, I will call on you!

  7. They sure are cute, and they love people too! In no time, you will become great friends, and they will follow you around anywhere.
    Have a good week,
    Anne ♥

  8. Ummm...I almost hate to ask, seeing as they're so cute and all, but being wethers, were you buying these for chevron? Or will they be pets?

    Either way, your little farm keeps growing nicely...I imagine the animal duties keep you busy these days!

    ~ Betsy

  9. Congrads on getting the new goats. They are so cute! :-) God Bless. Dorinda

  10. It is exciting, Amy! We are so enjoying them. Well, we have been tossing some names around, but we don't have definite names for them yet. I have been thinking of calling mine "Danny Boy" (after the Irish song - I don't know the words, but the melody is beautiful), and for some reason a name like that just seems to go with his cute little face. But I'm still not for sure.

    I hope to have more Adelyn photos to share soon! I have been negligent in the photography department in regards to her lately . . . whenever we're together, I just forget to take any! I will be remedying that, though. :) And yes, she has grown quite a bit. She's starting to follow us with her eyes now, and she can hold her head up some now, too. It's so fun watching her grow and change!

    I hope that you have a wonderful evening as well!

  11. I would agree, Emily! That would be wonderful if you were able to get goats and sheep sometime. Maybe someday!

  12. I think so, too, Shannon! And yes, it is a joy! We are thankful that it finally worked out for us to get some.

  13. They do indeed, Elizabeth! And they are so sweet. They are getting tamer by the day, and today they let us pet them quite a bit - progress!

  14. Aren't they, though, Marie?! I just love their faces. And yes, our little farm is expanding which we're exited about! I hope that you have a wonderful week as well!

  15. That would be fun for you all to get goats sometime, Brandi! They make great pets - as well as help to keep brush down. I am not sure if you would want to call on me for advice, though! I'm still in the learning stages of goat keeping, and I have already decided one of my winter projects - to research goats and read lots of books on them. So far, Leah has been our main 'goat person', and I have a lot to learn!

  16. They are indeed, Miss Anne! And they are getting friendlier by the day. Today my boy finally stood still for me and let me pet him for quite awhile. Little by little we're making progress!

    I hope that you have a good week as well!

  17. I was wondering if that question was going to come up, Betsy. :) As things are now, once these wethers are grown and once we have our dairy doe and her kids (and can then be making pets of them), these two likely will be for meat. If we get too attached to them, though, we might sell them or keep them as pets instead. We'll just have to see when the time comes!

    Yes, our morning and evening chore times keep getting longer and longer! Leah and I really enjoy it, though. And we're excited about when we can add in milking to the chore time, too!

  18. Thank you, Dorinda! And I would agree with you . . . I think they are so cute, too! :)

  19. Oh, how fun and cute! It looks like you're really enjoying them. I wish we could get some, too, as I'm sure the children would love them. I'm still hoping some day to get a dairy goat.

  20. Thank you for your comment, Joy! And yes, we are really enjoying them. I hope that someday you will be able to get goats! I know that you and your children would love them. They are so sweet!

  21. The little goats certainly are cute. :) They also look cheeky! Pets are so much fun – I always enjoy hearing about your little 'farm'.


  22. You are right on both points, Anna! They are a lot of fun, but they have a little ornery streak, too. :) We are really enjoying them!

  23. Congrats on the goats! They are so cute!!! I can't wait to watch them grow through your lens ;o)


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