Friday, August 12, 2011

Preserving the Bounty

The past few weeks have had one predominate theme . . . putting up produce! Just about every day it seems something is being done in the kitchen to store away some of the garden's bounty to be enjoyed later in the year. Though, there were those days where other things occupied our time such as when Leah and I went out and helped Ashley with some cleaning and things (and of course, we held Adelyn, too. :) So that made for a much enjoyed and fun day!

On one of our preserving days this week, we pulled out my camera and to
ok a few photos while we worked. This day I was canning pickles and Leah was cutting up yellow squash and putting it in the freezer. We've never done the latter before, so it will be interesting to see how it works!

Some of the produce - and there was more on the other counter, too

Leah chopping yellow squash

. . . and a lot of it. :) 
Meanwhile, a Blackwood Brothers CD was playing in the background, and we were having a great time together talking, laughing, and singing along with the CD from time to time as well. Spending time with sisters is the best! And little by little our fridge was being emptied of the produce that was in it . . . only to be filled again later with more from the garden. Such is life during the summertime!

And speaking of listening to the Blackwood Brothers, I uploaded a few more videos from the concert . . . and I hope you enjoy them!

(And again please pardon all of the movement of the video camera - at times I would forget that I was holding it, and well . . . it kind of wandered around sometimes. :) And also, the "next video" that youtube shows at the end are not mine - I wouldn't recommend clicking on them!) . . .
Learning to Lean


  1. This is such a busy time in the garden, isnt it. I am still working on processing tomatoes into sauce/soup and other things. And the Courgettes (zucchini) never stop coming!

  2. It is a busy time, Elizabeth! And it sounds like you are staying busy as well. I am sure your tomato sauce, soup, etc. is delicious! I am glad that you mentioned that the courgettes are zucchini. I have another English blogging friend who had mentioned courgettes to me, and I hadn't known what they are. And now I do! It sounds like your plants are being rather prolific. :)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)