Monday, August 8, 2011

Vintage Crochet

When we found out that Ryan and Ashley were expecting a little one, Mama, Leah and I had fun figuring out what we would each like to make for baby. It didn't take me too long to decide as I had just recently picked up a vintage pamphlet of baby crochet patterns at an antique store. I planned to make both a boy and a girl set, but thankfully, I started out with the girl one as it turned out that that was all I ended up having time to make before baby arrived and baby was a girl!

This project was so special to work on, and during the months before Adelyn's birth, many an evening found me, along with Leah, working on our crochet projects down in the living room. And the last little bit
on mine was finished just days before the baby shower . . .

The little booties

And the complete set

Crocheting these tiny things was so enjoyable, and especially knowing who they were for. Often as I crocheted, I would think about the precious new life that was coming into the world and would pray for baby as I worked. And now she is here! Much loved and still . . . much prayed for. It will be wonderful to see her grow and change in the coming months and years and to see how the Lord works in her young life!


  1. Your work is so beautiful! It must have been so exciting working on them and thinking about the sweet little one who would soon enter this world...:)

    In Christ,

  2. Sarah---the set is darling! I can imagine how fun it was knowing that your sweet little neice would be wearing them.

  3. What exquisite work, Sarah. My grandmother used to do similar work and I still have a tiny matinee coat that she did for one of my long grown up!

  4. Oh Sarah, that is beautiful! You did lovely work and I'm sure it will be a blessing to Adelyn (and her Mommy) to have these sweet baby things! Thank you for sharing the photos with us.

    It is so much fun to make things for a new baby isn't it? Before my two youngest sisters were born I started making each of them a baby blanket. Faith's quilt actually isn't quite finished yet, but hopefully it will be soon :)

    I hope that you and your family are doing well, Sarah! Many Blessings!


  5. Thank you for your kind words, Shannon! And yes, it was quite exciting to work on them. Knowing who they were for made it all the more special!

  6. Thank you, Ellen, for your sweet comment! It was indeed fun! And it will be even more so once it cools off enough that she can wear them. Hopefully they won’t be too small by then as she is growing fast!

  7. Thank you for your kind comment, Elizabeth! How special that you still have the tiny matinee coat that your grandmother made for one of your children. What a treasure!

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment, Amy! It brightened my day to see one from you.

    Yes! It is so fun making things for a new baby. How special that you made (or are in the process of making :) a baby blanket for each of your two youngest sisters! I know that they will treasure those – especially as they get older. I hope that finishing Faith’s quilt goes well for you!

    We are all doing well, Amy, thank you, and I hope that you and your family are, too!

  9. I declare, Sarah...with your love for antiques, old-fashioned stories, old hymns, and all things vintage, it's sometimes hard to remember that you are only 24 or 25 years old! Even your speech and vocabulary is devoid of the colloquialisms and modernisms that characterize many young ladies of your generation.

    I believe you could probably singe-handedly begin a cultural movement among your peers, back to a more refined, articulate, thoughtful, wholesome, and lady-like way of life, such as you so often exhibit!

    I would be curious to know how you have managed to remain so unsullied by the "modern-ness" of our culture (for lack of a better word.) Has it been easy for you? Or was it a challenge? Either way, I find it very refreshing to see in a young person!

    And by the way, the set you made for Adelyn is just beautiful! I can imagine how sweet she looks wearing it all!

    ~ Betsy

  10. Your work is exquisite and I love that you prayed for the baby and family as you worked it. I am sure Adelyn looks beautiful in her layette.

  11. Aww it's so cute Sarah! I love it! Hopefully Adelyn will fit in it in time before she outgrows this outfit. I hope you will take a picture of it when she's wearing it and show it to us.

    You reminded me of my sister. She also crocet too but she knits more often than crocet. I can't really tell the difference. I know it has something to do with needles. Anyways, she likes to make things for her nieces, nephews and her friends' children too. She makes blankets, animal hats, clothes, etc. Twice she made me a sweater and a purse. Loved it.

    I know Adelyn will appreciates hers when she's older.

  12. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment, Betsy! To tell you honestly, I’m not really sure how to answer your question. :) The things that you mention are simply the type of things and the lifestyle that I enjoy and one that was cultivated by my parents, by being homeschooled, by having a love of homemaking, by the books and literature that I have read . . . and of course, my faith had a part in some of it as well. With all of that, it kind of just ‘happened!’ Does that answer your question at all? I hope so!

    Thank you also for your sweet comment regarding the set for Adelyn!

  13. Thank you so much, Suze, for your sweet comment!

  14. Thank you, Leah! I hope that she fits into it before she outgrows it, too. :) I think she will! And when she does wear it, I’ll try to get a photo of her in it.

    That’s wonderful that your sister does so much crochet and knitting. I am sure it is a blessing to those that she makes the things for. She sounds talented! And I am sure it was special for you that she made those things for you. Much love and care goes into a handmade item!

    Thank you again for your comment!

  15. Sarah, this is so beautiful! It looks like so much work and love went into it. I'm sure it will be a treasured gift.

    When Elyse was born a good friend of mine made her a crocheted dress, bonnet and booties. I LOVED that gift!

    The same friend also made a christening/baby dedication gown for Abigail when she was born. It was all heirloom sewing on white batiste. So beautiful, and so treasured.

    I'm thankful I got photos of both the girls as babies in their handmade gifts. :)

  16. Thank you, Joy, for your kind words!

    Oh, what treasures you have/had in the little crocheted dress, bonnet and booties that your good friend made for Elyse when she was born and also the baby dedication gown for Abigail. They sound lovely! Gifts like that are always so special. And I know both of them will be grateful that you took the photos, too!

  17. Oh how beautiful! And something she will cherish after she gets older! Your work is exquisite! :o) Thank you for sharing your talents with us to see! :o)


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