Thursday, October 13, 2011

At the Reunion - Part 2

Continued from this post . . . .

Friday night we pulled into our hotel, unpacked and headed for bed . . . it had been a long day with 14 hours passing from the time we left home to the time we finally reached our destination. Needless to say, we were all rather tired! But after a good night's sleep, we were up early the next morning and enjoyed a delicious breakfast that Mom had brought along (scrambled eggs and blueberry buckle that when heated up in a microwave, were delicious.) Then we headed down to the park where the reunion is held . . . how wonderful it was to see dear family again and to enjoy many hours of visiting together!

No photos were taken during the morning, but after a light lunch a bunch of us (maybe 10 vehicles of people?) headed out to the homestead and all of our cameras were put into use then! (The homestead was my great-great grandfather's and was later passed down through the family - sadly, it isn't in the family now, but the gentleman who owns it is kind enough to let us go out there every year.)

This is always a very enjoyable outing during the reunion weekend, but
even more so this time as it was Ashley's first time seeing it! And after all of the stories and photos that had been shared with her, it was neat for her to finally see it in person. And Ryan really enjoyed showing her around!

Daddy, Ryan, Ashley and Adelyn in front of the old farmhouse

Me and one of our relatives at the entrance to the house - I didn't go in it this year as the floor is beginning to rot and it isn't terribly safe anymore. It has been sad to see this beautiful house slowly deteriorate!

Leah looking at the inside of the house through the doorway - and no, she didn't go in either!

The barn is still standing, but it doesn't look like it will be for long . . .

It looks like about the only thing holding it up is two trees on each side. Again, this is sad to see! It was such a big, beautiful barn with so much history and memories.

You can kind of see the leaning walls in the back of the barn here. Even with how bad it looks inside, I still always enjoy seeing the amazing post and beam construction inside.

The best looking building on the place - the chicken house/corn crib

A very interesting latch inside the chicken coop - we had never seen this before, but Ryan (I think it was him anyway :) discovered it this time.

My cousin's little girls loved playing on the hay bales!

Love her face here! Leah is the one who captured this moment. :)

After spending quite some time at the homestead, we drove up the road just a bit to see the old schoolhouse that my great-great grandfather also had built and that my grandpa and some of his siblings went to school at. If only buildings could talk what stories it could tell!

Looking at the outside of the schoolhouse
The foundation of the schoolhouse was really neat . . . stones!

Dad and Pat leaving the schoolhouse after we had gone inside to look at it

Ryan and Ashley looking through one of the windows . . . and then at the request of their sister, obliged me by going back inside for a photo shoot!

Back at the park, the rest of the day was spent in visiting, laughing, reminiscing, and enjoying the big evening meal together. How special that time was! And I am so thankful that we are blessed with opportunities like this to spend time with family. Again, a lot of photos were taken, though I'll only share a sampling :) . . . .

Aunt Judy holding Adelyn
(she is my Dad's sister, and is so much fun! Love you Aunt Judy!)

Daddy and Uncle Jim (Aunt Judy's husband) visiting

Dad and my cousin's little boy, Ethan - it was sweet watching them!
(Dad hardly ever ends up in photos, but after looking through the ones from the reunion, he was the one in most of them!)

Great-uncle Howard and little Adelyn - he held her for a long time and Adelyn was just so content - but perhaps a little overwhelmed with all of the noise and people. :)

These little girls sure loved her! (They are my cousins children)

Great-uncle Otto who is 95 years young :) It was so nice seeing him again and visiting with him! His memory is so sharp and it is a real pleasure to sit down and listen to the stories that he has to share.
(and he is the husband of our dear Aunt Frances who went home to heaven last year.)

Leah and Aunt Judy visiting

This is one of my favorite photos from the reunion! Great-uncle Otto, and Mom holding Adelyn

Ryan and Adelyn - he is such a good Daddy!

Me with my cousin's adorable little girl . . . she was shy of me at first, but we were like this by the end of the weekend. :) She is such a sweetie!

Aunt Judy, Arnie (another of my Dad's cousins - and he's the one who gave us the tour of his farm last year) and Daddy

The weekend flew by all too fast, and before long, it was time to say our goodbyes . . . which always takes a long time. :) Finally we were on the road again and headed home by yet a different route . . . and there will be more about that adventure in the next post!


  1. How good that you have continued to visit the old farmhouse and keep a record of it in photos. When Adelyn grows up it may not be there, and she will need to know about her family history.
    Beautiful photos of a happy weekend.

  2. What great pictures of the homestead. :o) I love old barns so really enjoyed the barn pictures. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. :o)

  3. I am glad that we have the opportunity to visit it, Elizabeth! And as you shared, it will be nice to be able to share this history with Adelyn when she gets older. I highly doubt that the buildings will still be standing by the time she is old enough to appreciate them.

    Thank you for your kind comment!

  4. Thank you, Nabila! Glad that you enjoyed them. I love old barns as well, and it's always a treat seeing them (and photographing them. :) And this one is even more special since it was part of our family history!

  5. What an amazing opportunity to visit the place your family came from with so many family members! As a dedicated family historian, I would love a similar get-together with my own family. And, as the others have mentioned, taking photos will allow the little ones (and those yet unborn) to see places that may not physically exist later. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It was, Elizabeth! We are grateful that we have been able to have these annual outings out to the homestead. That's neat that you are your family's 'family historian' as well. :) It is fascinating researching one's own history and roots. And for me, it has helped me meet and develop relationships with so much of my extended family, too!

    You're welcome in regards to sharing, and I am glad that you enjoyed the post!

  7. What a special time! It is so sad to see old farmsteads deteriorate like that, especially when they are part of your family history...but at least you got to photograph them, as others mentioned.

    I especially loved the picture of Ryan and Ashley in the schoolhouse window! So cute!

  8. It was, Joy! And I agree with you about seeing old farmsteads deteriorating. I am glad that we were able to enjoy it, though, for as many years as we have been able to.

    Glad that you enjoyed the photos! And I love how that one of Ryan and Ashley turned out as well . . . it was a lot of fun taking those!


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