Friday, October 7, 2011

Little of This and That

It has been unusually warm for the beginning of October as the past few days have had highs in the mid-80's! While we have already had our first frost of the season here, for me, the warmer temps are a pleasant change. I'm not quite ready for the cold weather yet! During these warmer days, I have enjoyed some time outdoors hauling branches (with one arm :), cleaning up around our place, visiting the goats, hanging laundry on the line . . . and with how windy it is, it dries very quickly!

This afternoon I couldn't help but smile with happiness as I hung up the laundry and
the wind was whipping the clothes all around, there were leaves falling in swirls around me, and the air smelled so fallish. It has been a wonderful fall so far here on our little farm, and each day there seems to be something new that adds pleasure to it . . . or perhaps a little fun. :)

Things like Dixie and Danny Boy escaping out the door of their pen in their eager haste to
reach the grain that I had set down outside of their pen . . .

The two guilty parties

Going to check the chicken's feeder and finding this down inside of it . . .

Whichever hen has chosen this as her nesting spot is a great layer as there has been an egg in the feeder for six days straight!

Walking outdoors with Daddy on a beautiful morning and getting a glimpse of a lone coyote out in the pasture . . .

Can you see it in the distance?

Petting (or should I say more accurately: scratching/rubbing :) our Boer goats and seeing their eyes close because they're enjoying it so much . . .

Sewing on a little Annie doll for a customer for a little girl that just got adopted from China  . . .

Almost finished!

Curling up on the couch in the evenings with a good book in hand . . .

Some of my recent reading material

Early mornings alone with the Lord as I read His Word and spend time in prayer . . .

My typical Bible reading spot

Enjoying the twilight of the evening while finishing up the last few animal chores.

Planning the two week menu with Leah and then making the grocery list . . .

We've been trying some recipes out of these cookooks and have been pleased with them so far

Answering the phone and finding it was Ryan calling and enjoying visiting with him for a bit . . . always a treat!

A sweet note from a
compassionate little friend . . .

Harvesting the Great Northern Beans . . .

These all came from about 12 little seeds that I had saved from last year - that was all that the deer had left me! (They still need to finish being winnowed and be sorted.)

Watching the busy bees taking advantage of the warmer weather as they bring in more pollen and nectar . . .

Yes, these fall days have certainly been enjoyable . . . and how grateful I am for the life I have been blessed with! It's a simple one, but filled with oh! so much joy and happiness.


  1. Yes, it is the little, daily, blessings that fill our lives with so much joy! Let us lift up a thankful heart to the Lord for these gifts...

    The fall is so beauitful, and from your picture of your walk with your father I can also see the beautiful red leaves that decorate the woods this time of year. How wonderfully our Creator made everything! May the joys of fall fill you and your family each day...

    Blessings In Christ,

  2. I have been enjoying a lot of the same things! :o) Except all that animals ;o) Love fall time! Such a blessing!

  3. They are indeed, Shannon! The Lord has given so many blessings and gifts, yet sometimes we forget to recognize all of the little blessings that are showered upon us. As you shared, may we truly be thankful for all that He has blessed us with!

    Yes, the leaves have been changing here, and it has been beautiful! Fall is such a pretty season . . . though, it would be a little more so here if we weren’t so dry, but I am thankful for the colors that we do have. I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful fall as well!

  4. I am glad that you have been able to enjoy this beautiful season and some of these same things as well, Nabila. :) Fall is a wonderful time of year!

  5. I loved getting a glimpse into daily your life in this post, Sarah! I read it right after you posted it, but then I got interrupted before I could comment on it (something that regularly happens here!)!

  6. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Joy, and thank you for your comment! (Even if it does come a little after you first read the post. :)


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