Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maramec Spring Park

This past Sunday was a little different than normal for us! One of the men in our home church had suggested awhile back for all of us to take a trip to Maramec Spring Park, and this past Sunday was the day. After a morning of teaching and fellowship, our church family caravanned together to the park (which was a fun trip by the way), and what a very wonderful afternoon we all enjoyed together! Family, friends, spending time in God's beautiful creation, enjoying history . . . all ingredients for a very memorable day. Then add in warm sunshine and a temperature around 70 degrees, and it was near perfect!

When we first arrived, the ladies laid out the picnic lunch which we all enjoyed together . . . sandwiches, chips, chili, fried chicken, fruit . . . and don't forget the delicious poppy seed cake and chocolate chip bars! (Sorry, Ashley, I cannot remember the real name for the bars. :)

Daddy holding Adelyn, Phyllis, and Ryan

As you can see, we had quite the spread of food! Just the picnic itself was so fun, but the day was just beginning . . . .

Adelyn had a lot of willing arms to hold her . . . and it's always special seeing these two together!

Adelyn and I enjoying some time together before starting out on the walk . . . and the big smile on her face is the result of her Mommy talking to her and trying to get her to smile. It worked!

Getting ready for the walk! Adelyn loves being in the carrier . . . and she really loves when Mommy talks with her and teases her. Ashley can almost always get a smile and a laugh out of Adelyn! (As can Ryan . . . all Ryan has to do is smile at her and Adelyn will just grin right back. It is so sweet!)

Have you gotten an idea yet who might have been the
center of attention during lunchtime? :)

Once the remaining food was all packed back into coolers and loaded into the vehicles, we started off . . .

Mr. and Mrs. W., Phyllis, and Mrs. M.

The first stop was the Iron Works, and for this lover of history, it was amazing! I really enjoyed seeing everything here, and found myself wishing I could rewind the clock about 180 years and see this amazing structure being built and then used . . .

Some of our group walking around the furnace

Daddy and one of the children looking into one of the arches

Isn't it impressive?!

Moving on now, we came to some other displays such as this . . .

I didn't have any idea what it was until looking at the signs, and even then, I am still not exactly sure how it would have worked . . .
What I sight it would have been, though, when the water mill was there and it would have been working!

A dear little friend and I . . . I think she felt sorry for me with my shoulder (I had that arm in a sling), and she walked with me like this with her arm around my waist for a long time which just warmed my heart.

The "Run Out Forge"

Looking inside

Phyllis, Leah and Mr. M. enjoying time together

A wagon that they would have used . . . from the picture on the display, it looks like it would have been pulled by six oxen

Daddy and Mr. W. looking at what I believe was a charcoal wagon

A Red-Headed woodpecker was spotted by Leah and I up in the trees, and here Leah is pointing it out to one of the little girls

At about this point, we were getting to one of my favorite parts of the walk . . . I could have stayed here for so long photographing and enjoying the beauty all around! Moving water has always held a fascination for me, and I loved listening to the sound of it as it flowed . . .

It was so enjoyable photographing here and trying different settings on my camera as well as different angles, etc. I ended up with a lot of photos from here!

The happy little family (Mom took this photo of them as well as a few other ones in this post.)

Watching the trout in the water

As we were trying to see the fish in the water, Mr. M. let us use his sunglasses as you could see the fish really well through those. When I looked through them, my first thought was, this would make a great camera filter! So at spur of the moment, Ashley held up the sunglasses while I snapped this photo through them . . .

And it turned out! :)

Another beautiful place . . . we took a number of photos of the children on the fence here which they enjoyed

Me with some of my favorite little people :)

Little by little as we walked along, we were getting closer to the reason for the park in the first place . . .

. . . the spring itself . . .

Isn't it amazing how much water flows out of it?!

One of the children got adventuresome and climbed up the steep hill quite a ways . . . it sure reminded me of the family vacations we used to take and how Ryan would always clamber up the rocks!

Daddy surprised us, too, by climbing up after him. :) I sure love my Dad!

Looking back towards the spring head and the rock overhang

A trout in the water

Mr. M., Ashley, Ryan and Adelyn

A little visitor that delighted the children (this is another photo that my Mom took)

The little adventurer . . . she was so cute with her walking stick that her brother found for her!

Dad and Mom enjoying a peaceful moment together watching the water flow

"How cold is the water?" was the question that prompted this! And the answer: "Cold!"

Mom photographing

Another of my favorite places along the walk

A common sight along the remainder of the walk . . . trout fisherman.

Underwater plant life
Three special ladies ~ Phyllis, Mrs. M., and Leah walking and visiting
(Dad and Mom and one of the little girls are behind them)

Mr. M, Ryan, Ashley and Adelyn waiting for rest of us on the suspension bridge (we all got kind of spread out during the walk!)

Leah and I on the bridge with one of our little friends up ahead of us. Can you see that the leaves are beginning to change color now?

Would I sound like a broken record if I said that this was another of my favorite spots? It was just so beautiful! And it is places like these that just fill me with awe for the Creator. What beauty He created for us to enjoy! And all of His creation does indeed praise His name.

More underwater plant life

Heading back on a different trail

A tiny little flower that Dad pointed out to me. I really like the contrast between the deep purple/blue of the flower and the green leaves

This sweet girl (who has been my special buddy since she was about three) and I, took a little side path together which went right along the water. We had so much fun together laughing, exploring, examining different plant life . . . definitely memorable. :)

Eventually we made our way back to where we began, and the children played on the playground while the adults visited for awhile. Then we loaded up and headed for the scenic overlook where the next few photos were taken . . .


And Leah and I - not only sisters, but best friends

Shortly after this, there was an excited voice of one of the children calling us over to see something . . .

Daddy picked up the something, and it was a walking stick! It was really neat to watch it and the children especially enjoyed it.

Though, the two oldest were the only ones brave enough to hold it. :)

One last thing remained to see before we headed back for home, and that was the historic drive. Along it were signs explaining who lived there, etc. (the drive went through where the iron workers had lived with their families). This one still had the chimney remaining . . .

This was certainly an enjoyable day for us all, and I am thankful that the Lord blessed us with being able to spend that time together and to visit such a beautiful and fascinating place. Thank you so much everyone for the special day!


  1. Sarah, I almost feel I have been with you on that very beautiful day. Fascinating to step back into history like that. It is wonderful to see how little Adelyne is growing1

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Elizabeth! It was such a wonderful time, and as you shared, fascinating to step back in history. Adelyn is growing so much, isn't she?! She's such a sweetheart and brings so much joy to our lives!

  3. What a beautiful day! The phots were such a joy to browse, seeing the beautiful creation and the joyful hearts of others. Our Creator has given us so many wonderful glimpses of His majesty...

    Blessings in Christ,

  4. It certainly looks like you all had a lovely and very special day together, Sarah. Thank you for sharing some of it with us; I enjoyed all your lovely photos! :) Adelyn has grown so much, and she has such a lovely smile!

    I am so sorry to hear about your arm. I do hope and pray that it gets better soon!


  5. Thank you for your sweet comment, Shannon, and I am glad that you enjoyed the photos!

    I really like how you phrased this: "Our Creator has given us so many wonderful glimpses of His majesty..." So true!

  6. We did, Anna! And I am glad that you enjoyed all of the photos. :) Adelyn has grown so much! It seems like every time I see her she has changed . . . she's discovered her fingers and toes now and it's fun to watch her 'play' with them!

    Thank you so much for your prayers, Anna. It seems like my shoulder is getting better now which I am thankful for!

    As always, it was so nice to hear from you!

  7. What a beautiful place to take a walk and fellowship! Thank you for sharing your photos!

  8. Adelyn is so cute. She reminds me of my cousin Nora. She is almost four months old now. Thank you very much for your comment on my blog!


  9. Thank you, Sarah, for this post. It was wonderful to look at the photos and reminisce about the day that we spent at Meremac Springs! How thankful I am that we were able to spend the afternoon enjoying God's beautiful creation with very special people!


  10. It was indeed, Elizabeth! And you're welcome in regards to sharing!

  11. Thank you for your comment, Annah! It was nice to see one from you here. :) And you're welcome for the one left on your blog! Aww, what special times you must have with your cousin, Nora. Adelyn is about three months now so they are close in age. It's such a fun age, isn't it?!

  12. Thank you for your comment, Mom! And thank you also for letting me use some of your photos in the post! It is so fun to look through all of them . . . what a wonderful day that was. And I am so thankful that we were able to enjoy it together as a family and with dear brothers and sisters in the Lord!

  13. Sarah, this was an amazing post! I would give just about anything to be able to hike through such a gorgeous park! And the photos are incredible. It seems that being in God's wonderful creation compels one to capture its beauty somehow--whether in a photo, or a song, or a poem, or a painting. The means of expression are almost as unlimited as the sources of inspiration! Anyway, I think you (and your Mom) captured this beauty very well through your photos. Thank you both for taking time to really look, and then help us to see.

    The picnic and fellowship time with your church family looks like a lot of fun. Was this everyone in your church group, or are there others?

    ~ Betsy

  14. That looks like such a nice park, and such a beautiful day! I love the photos of you with your little friends and also the ones of Adelyn!

  15. I am glad that you enjoyed it so much, Betsy! It really is a beautiful park, and we so enjoyed going there. It was our family’s first time, and we definitely would like to go back sometime. Yes, I would agree, that being in God’s creation does compel one to try to capture its beauty. I was going to try to not photograph much due to my shoulder, but I am afraid I didn’t do so well with that! There was just so much beauty around just begging to be photographed. :) And thank you for your kind words regarding the photos!

    It was so special having this time with everyone! And yes, all of the ‘regulars’ in our church family were able to go which was so nice.

  16. It is a really nice park, Joy, and the day was lovely! I am glad that you enjoyed those photos!

  17. Looks like a great day. It reminds me of when we lived in OK and some of the walks we would take. :o) I also love moving water there is such tranquility in it! :o)

  18. I enjoyed your wonderful pictures. Glad you are better!

  19. It was, Nabila! And I'm glad it could bring back pleasant memories for you. :) That is a good way to describe the moving water . . . tranquil. For some reason it just seems so peaceful to watch and listen to it!

  20. Thank you, Marie! And I am glad that you enjoyed the photos. :)

  21. I'm going to have to make a trip to Maramec. We go to Montauk quite a bit and Alley Spring. They are just a little more south of Maramec. It's so beautiful there. I love walking around the spring and finding all the different kinds of wild flowers and things that grow in the woods around the springs. We took many "field trips" there. There is trout fishing and an old mill at Montauk, and Alley Spring has an old school house, mill, a nice place to swim in the creek and picnic area. Meramac has a lot more to see...looks interesting.
    Thanks for sharing,

  22. I know you would enjoy it there, Mrs. Anne! And thank you for sharing about those other places. I can just imagine how much fun you all must have had there. I am unfamiliar with them, but I am looking forward to googling them and then maybe sometime we can take trips there as well. :) They sound like places we would really enjoy!

  23. Wow... God's creations are so amazing! That looks like it was a wonderful, fun time with family and friends. Adelyne is adorable! :) Another miracle in God's miraculous world. Thank you for sharing your pictures and experience, Sarah!

    In Christ,

  24. I would agree, Mikailah! The more I see of creation, the more I am in awe of its Creator. And as you shared, especially the miracle of babies like Adelyn. :)

    I am glad that you enjoyed the post, and thank you for your comment!


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