Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Weekend Adventure

A new experience took place for us this past weekend! With an open few weeks, Daddy decided we would focus our efforts on putting in and finishing the larger goat pen that we had been working on. But since it has been so dry here with only a few rain showers here and there since sometime in June (and those didn't even dampen the ground underneath the trees), the ground is about like concrete and there is NO way a regular post-hole digger would get through it.

So, we rented a two-man gas-powered post hole digger for a weekend. Dad ran one side of it, and then Mom and Leah took the other side. Since my shoulder is still healing, I did the light work of being the gofer and running and getting the things they needed, etc. Even with the machine, it was very difficult to make the post holes as the ground was just so hard. Plus, running that machine was very tiring and hard . . . but they did a great job and persevered!

"Are you ready?"

A hole in progress . . . they had to keep lifting it up and putting it back down over and over until the hole was deep enough. And with a machine that weighs around 150 pounds, it was very tiring!

Still smiling after drilling quite a few holes

Partway through the afternoon, Ryan and Ashley stopped by to pick up the flat bed trailer, and then Ryan helped do several post holes while Mom and Leah took a break and we ladies and Adelyn enjoyed time together . . .

Leah and Ashley with Mom and Adelyn in the background

Mom and Adelyn enjoying some time together

Almost done with another hole!

Meanwhile the goats relaxed in the shade, little knowing all of the effort that we were going through for them! Speaking of the goats, Leah and I had been trying to come up with suitable names for them and so far, hadn't. So Leah asked Ashley if she had any ideas and after just a bit of thought, she suggested "Chloe" and "Sadie." Those names fit perfectly! (Thanks, Ashley! :) So Chloe is the oldest one with the white blaze on her face, and Sadie is the one with the entirely brown face.

After Dad and Ryan had done three holes, Ryan and Ashley were needing to head for home, but before that, they wanted to weigh Adelyn on the scale (which is Ryan's actually, but he's been letting us use it for putting up produce, meat, etc.) We set our big roaster pan on the scale and then nestled Adelyn inside of it . . . she made quite the picture! And rather enjoyed it until it was time to be lifted out . . .

Isn't she cute?!

After they left, it was back to wrangling the machine for Dad, Mom and Leah . . . after using it, they described it as feeling kind of like what they would think riding a bull would be. :) That thing bucks and jerks and is overall hard to manage. And I have to say, as the watcher, it made me a little nervous observing the process!

All the way down . . . another hole finally finished! The ones along the pasture fenceline were especially difficult as the ground was so hard and there were so many roots.

Taking a little break before the next hole

Me - the photographer, gofer, and moral support

Saturday came to a close with over half of the holes dug, and three very tired people. But it was a happy tired as we were all pleased with the progress! Sunday, our gathering with brothers and sisters in the Lord was at our home, and we enjoyed a wonderful morning of teaching and fellowship and an afternoon meal, and then Mr. W. and Ryan went and helped Dad do the rest of the holes! It was so thoughtful of them, and it really was a blessing to us.

Meanwhile, we ladies enjoyed visiting together and Leah and I spent a lot of time with the children as well with showing them all of the animals, letting them go into the pens and pet the goats, taking out the rabbit's nestbox so they could see the babies (and to show the mothers as well), and they even got to help some with the fence! As the day neared its close, the ten year old girl told Leah that she hopes she can live on a farm someday. :) I am so glad that they enjoy it so much and that we are able to share what we are blessed with with them!

Finally, the last hole was dug - a total of 17 - and the tired, hot, and sore workers came in for a break before calling it a day and heading for home. Goodbyes were said all around, and our hearts were full with thankfulness for the kindness of our friends! We couldn't have done it without them.

And now with the holes all dug and the machine returned . . . it was time to clear out all of the loose dirt from the holes (they were each about half-filled) which Mom, Leah and I have been working on. It takes quite a long time to do, but we only have 6 left now! Our work was delayed a bit, though, as yesterday it rained! Yes, real rain! Not just a brief shower, but a rain that lasted for hours, and then began again at night and lasted some of the nighttime hours. How thankful we are for it!!! And since the ground was so dry and hard, the holes weren't damaged by the rain at all (in fact, they're still dry inside.)

So putting up fence will be filling our days for the next little while. It will be so nice to have it finished, and hopefully the process will go quickly and smoothly!


  1. Sarah, what a job that was! I'm sure you were relieved when the men could take over and finish off the holes.
    Sweet Adelyn!

  2. It was, Elizabeth! And yes, we were very relieved when the men could take over and finish the holes. What a blessing that was!

    Glad you enjoyed the photos of Adelyn! :)

  3. Wow! You have such a hardworking family, Sarah. No wonder you have been able to make a go of your "farm dream," and many other things on your dream list. You are all willing to do the hard work necessary to achieve one's dreams and goals. Thank you once again for such an inspiring example.

    I also think it's wonderful that your family works together to help each other with these hard projects...and even with easier ones. Many hands make light work...or at least lighter!:-) You are also forging strong bonds of friendship as you work together, and that's an excellent bonus.

    Sarah, a couple of questions. I may have asked this before, but does your Dad work from home? It seems that he is there and available a good bit of the time. I think it's wonderful when men can be with their families a lot!

    Second...and this might be a slightly uncomfortable question...what are your views on working on the Sabbath? It's something that we've thought about and studied on a lot over the years. I'd be curious what your family's views are on this--I hope you don't mind my asking. Thanks, Sarah!

    Oh, one more thing...I love the picture of Adelyn and your Mom. Adelyn looks quite a bit like Ashley in that photo, in my opinion. She's lovely!

    ~ Betsy

  4. That looks a bit of a dangerous machine, Sarah! I must have been hard work for your mother and Leah. It must be nice to have it done, however. :)

    Adelyn always looks so very sweet – such a little cutie!


  5. Oh goodness seems like a lot of work. How wonderful to have it done. We have also finally gotten some good rain here! So nice to enjoy the freshness it brings. Are the cooler temperatures settling in there yet? It's supposed to be kinda chilly for us around here for the rest of the week. :o)

  6. What a blessing to have help with such a difficult project! I am glad you got some rain even if it did cause a slight delay!

  7. Nothing makes a work day go by better than a visit from a sweet babe and her parents. She is growing so fast.♥

    I can imagine, even using the digger that it was indeed quite a bit of work. What a blessing that you had wonderful helpers.

    I didn't realize that your area had been so short on rain this season. Out here in the East we seem to have been blessed with an abundance, tonight included as we had pretty hard showers.

    The goats are so beautiful. Have you ever made soap? (I think I have asked you that some time before) I have but never with goats milk which I understand is quite wonderful for the skin.

    Have a blessed day Sarah!

  8. Wow, that looks like hard work! I can understand your feelings as you watched...as I watched my husband making holes for our fence this spring, it almost "hurt" me to watch him! We have a layer of "shelf rock" just under the soil on our property, and that makes digging holes very difficult if not impossible! What a blessing that the men were able to help y'all.

    Adelyn sure is getting big! :)

  9. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment, Betsy! We really enjoy working together, and it has been so fun these past few weeks with all of the ‘team work’ . . . working happily together makes just about any task enjoyable! And as you shared, it gets done faster, too. :)

    Yes, my Dad does work from home which is a great blessing. And I don’t mind your asking your second question at all! This is an area that we have studied quite a bit as well and we see in the Scriptures that as believers in Christ, we are not under Old Testament law, and therefore, not under the laws that govern the Sabbath. We are under the New Covenant of Christ and have a permanent 24/7 Sabbath rest in Him (Hebrews 4.) So that’s it in a very small nutshell! We do generally take Sunday as a day of rest, though, simply for the fact that our bodies and minds need that rest (as the Lord knew. :)

    I think Adelyn looks quite a bit like Ashley, too. But then other times she reminds me a lot of Ryan at that age . . . I think she might be a mix of both of them!

  10. Doesn’t it, though, Anna?! That was my thought as well and especially when seeing the blade whirring around. Yes, it was hard work for my Mom and Leah, and they were real troopers. They had fun doing it, though!

    I would agree with your thoughts about Adelyn . . . she is so sweet!

  11. It was, Nabila, and we are so glad that it is finished. So glad that you all have gotten some rain as well! And yes, the freshness after a rain is nice . . . though here it has turned rather chilly and windy (only in the mid-40’s yesterday). It will warm up a bit for the next few days which will be nice!

  12. It was, Elizabeth! We were so thankful for the help and for the rain!

  13. Very true, Ellen! And yes, she is growing fast . . . it has been fun seeing her personality developing!

    It was a blessing having the help digging the post holes, and it is so nice to have that part of it finished now. It’s kind of funny about the rain as the town not far from us is only a few inches shy of the normal rain fall totals from July to now. But most of the times when around us got rain, we didn’t get any! It was like we had this ‘no-rain zone’ over us. :) I am glad that you all haven’t had a lack of rain!

    No, I haven’t made soap yet, but once we start milking and if we end up with an excess, I would really like to try making some goat milk soaps. I hope that will work out!

    Thank you for your comment, Ellen, and I hope that you have a blessed day as well!

  14. It was, Joy! My, I am sure that was difficult putting in fence for you all what with shelf rock just under the soil! I can’t imagine. I think I’d rather have our rock-hard clay than that. :) Hopefully you were able to get your fence in without too much trouble!

    Adelyn is getting big! Every time we see her it seems that she has grown and changed. This is such a fun age!


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