Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Reunion Weekend - Part 1

This past September marked our annual family reunion which is always a much anticipated event! Our family and Ryan, Ashley and Adelyn met early on a Friday morning and began the trek to Nebraska. We met at a truck stop while the sky was still quite dark, talked for a bit, and then headed out in the darkness with Ryan and Ashley following us. Our route was going to be rather different this time due to all of the flooding and consequent road closures along the way, so it made it even more of an adventure than it already would have been!

So instead of the usual interstate we would have taken about mid-way of the drive, we took country highways instead . . .

We didn't follow the marked detour because Mom had planned our route in advance choosing a little bit shorter one instead. So there wasn't a great deal of traffic on the narrow highway, though there were a lot of semis!

An old restored depot in a tiny little town

As we drove along the highway, we began to see a wind farm in the distance . . .

It was huge! We drove along with wind turbines in sight for a long time. I had never been up that close to the turbines before, and I was amazed at the size of them . . .

Event though we were quite a distance from the major flooding, there was still some along the road in places such as here.

Part of the enjoyment of carvanning with Ryan and Ashley was the fun in the many stops we took . . . getting out, walking, talking, playing with Adelyn . . . it certainly made the trip more enjoyable! In fact, this trip there was one of my favorites we've ever taken. :)

Mama and Adelyn having a 'conversation' during one of our stops

Finally we were in Nebraska, and our first stop there was to visit Grandma and Aunt Marci. It was so nice to see them again! This was their first time seeing Adelyn and meeting Ashley as well so it was quite a special visit. And just looking at the below photos brings back many wonderful memories . . .

Grandma and Ryan - it had been quite awhile since Ryan was last in Nebraska so Grandma was very glad to see him again!

This photo was taken shortly after we arrived - special memories!

Grandma holding her great-granddaughter for the first time. It was so sweet watching them! Adelyn laid contentedly in her arms for the longest time just looking into her face and 'talking'. Grandma had the perfect touch with her!

~Four generations ~

Ashley and Ryan and Grandma holding Adelyn

Aunt Marci and Adelyn - although her face doesn't quite show it in this photo, Adelyn liked her great-aunt! :)

We had such a wonderful visit there, and sadly, the hours passed all too quickly before it was time for us to load up again and finish the last leg of our journey. And our destination: a tiny little town in the rolling hills of Nebraska - where one can see for miles across the beautiful prairie under wide open, brilliant blue skies.

And there will be more to come about our reunion weekend, so stay tuned!


  1. What a joy for your Grandma to meet her first great grandchild. You can tell from the expressions on both the faces that they have a bond together.
    I love reading about your family trips, and follow you on my map of USA!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful family time.

  3. This must have been a wonderful trip for you and your family. I'm sure your grandmother and aunt enjoyed it too. Nebraska is a beautiful state, gently rolling and beautiful sunflowers in the summer. :-)
    Blessings to you,

  4. Thank you for your sweet note, Elizabeth! Adelyn isn't quite her first great-grandchild, though, as there is a bunch ahead of her! :) This was Grandma's first time to meet her, though. :) Yes, they did seem to have a bond together right away - it was so special watching them!

    How fun that you follow us along with your USA map! And I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about our trip . . . there will be more about it coming soon!

  5. It was a wonderful trip, Mrs. Anne! I am so thankful that we were able to go.

    You must have visited Nebraska before. :) I have heard many people say they dislike the state calling it flat and boring, but there is so much beauty there! Especially as you move westward and northward in the state. I am sure the sunflowers must be beautiful! There weren't any of those blooming when we went through, but there were so many lovely wildflowers - it was so picturesque!

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  7. Love the 4 generation pictures. I have a few of those with my mother and her birth mother, my daughter and me. :o) Timeless treasures!

  8. Welcome to my blog, Serenity, and thank you for your comment! I look forward to visiting yours. :)

  9. Thank you for your comment, Nabila! And how special that you have a few four generation photos as well. As you shared, they are treasures!

  10. How sweet that your grandma got to meet Ashley and Adelyn! I'm sure that was so special for her. That's wonderful that you were able to get a picture of the four generations, also!

  11. It was special, Joy! We were so glad that we were able to have that time all together.


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